Black Poetry : This is hot and fly and it will occupy some dumb eardrums and some fear come from being haters, need elevators to take them all the way up like FAT J

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May 11, 2006
This is hot and fly
and it will occupy
some dumb eardrums
and some fear come from
being haters, need elevators
to take them all the way up
like FAT JOE, need stat corrupt
with flow been at peace with garbage
ready to increase the knowledge
like a college until his brain
become full then maintain
a scope of learning
and hope to be earning
a degree and be turning
water to wine
and slaughter the minds
that are up to no good
must learn to flow hood
see a brown chick
he'll go downtown quick
mess around and lick
the frosting on her cake
after tossing some great
words in her ear now a headache
exist take aspirins red cake
as he reminisce with a kiss
so he take a bow then brisk
come about now this is Black Hip-hop in
VIRGINIA BEACH a brown girlfriend
with crown she make his world spin
around like a globe
got a renown wardrobe
“LOOK BOO need help your body produce
juice before I can get my belt a loose
so the cake double
that could make trouble
in the bedroom leave bubbles
on the mattress he dig cake
and it be ate on a plate
but he must first originate
or create a recipe and refrigerate
the flavor or it could spoil
to pay rent is mandatory
ready to invent a story
after eviction
a disaster being on restriction
so boo we date so my prediction
is I'm gonna get me some girlfriend
NAW PLAYER I have a queen's waist
boys call it beans and paste
I scream when they chase
and my panties are green lace
being on the street raggedy
could be a Greek tragedy
all loose
best call ZEUS
one boy I panic with him
after a romantic film
oh he was sprung
and wanted sum
and said yum yum
oh my head was throbbing
oh a Brown Soul Sista go
thru a lot in Virginia Beach
oh she was so hot down there
and wet like VIRGINIA BEACH
“LOOK BOO I come with flavors
from the neighbors
and dumb behaviors
don't exist
spoke to impress in garage
didn't cope with espionage
far as her breasts nope not large
when boys try suck then dodge
the groove in an affair
move through the air
like creatures with wings
and some features blings
so its sex among things
now this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH at the tip-top
girl you brown Soul Sista with sweaty
thighs, gonna stay around ready
for your playground the love is steady
NAW PLAYER my panties are hot
for real she's a boss queen
but like soft margarine
boys come on extreme
to spread her on bread
love to flow
in mud or snow
but right now stuck
and that somehow suck
oh wow gonna need a tow truck
so drop to a knee and pray
hop in the ride drive on freeway
have the scheme of a locust
and his theme is to focus
so she's in a math class
boy wanna find a path fast
his words the best
to serve guests
clever on earth
better or worse
got my shoes on wrong
and like an old song
they squeak too long
grow rhyme loose
and like lime juice
got flavor
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