Black Poetry : this divorce is final....MY FRIEND


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Mar 21, 2001
wrote this when i was 19 yrs. old working as a salesman in a
jewelry store...i finally know what it means!

i'll always recall~
...that no matter how many times
i attempted to make a place for you in my life
...and to show you why...i liked you
and wanted you there just broke my heart and spit in my eye
with nary an inkling to care
...go on old fool
what could've possibly made you think
..that I could've wanted to have anything to do with you!?

but i'm wiser now~
...and no longer will you
be able to boast about how HAD me clowned
just as you wanted..i'm outta yo' life don't have to worry about me
comin' `round ever again
...because....this divorce is friend!!


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