Black Poetry : They play this is every club find out I'm very thug got a drop top whip like DOUGI FRESH bee-bop script grab a hottie at the party bar you in jump in


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May 11, 2006
They play this is every club
find out I'm very thug
got a drop top whip
like DOUGI FRESH bee-bop script
grab a hottie at the party bar you in
jump in the car and go for a true spin
my sincere facts on the news
screw haters here or whack dudes
to me you not deft CD's on shelf
not strong in health run save yourself
I get on my motorcycle throttle and rap
while other cats screwed off like bottle caps
at the campfire for protection
see I'm like a vampire reflection
sweaty winner with crew
ready for an interview
best call BRAD PITTS
do some mad hits
with fangs in my mouth
my slang come from down south
tongue pierce assume you suck
leave the room and drive a truck
in HIP HOP I'm a true survivor
from the tip top a screw driver
like PHILLIP tightening screws
and igniting schools with pools
of knowledge, threw words now
uncover MC'S under rubble somehow
now a need for blood to proceed in the club
dug for answers love pole dancers now hugs
await reach for the bubbly while they teach
me how to dougie, I'm a bug in love on the beach
and won't be swatted
run like Dalmatian and still won't be spotted
stoop down to a chick must've squatted
got much game just have to plot it
my hot quotes block throats so you
unable to talk you don't have a new
stable walk
ate a bagel and its not my fault
don't try and rap
need to apply a map
or you can get played
end choked off BEYONCE'S wet lemonade
a girl asked to be my fiancé but I'm afraid
drink red wine
drink red wine
but so far ahead of my time
my mom and dad haven't met yet
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May 11, 2006
Make a note in his diary
that his quotes are fiery
like that poison ivy
time to arrange his game
some words bring strange flames
and empty mind
is a symphony sometime
it plays onstage in a strong rage
see a girl her sex and breasts express
a mood and attitude so her text bless
“LOOK BOO I'm guided by fate
already collided with cake
life stay hard
so I pay regard
to HIP HOP has put
me here must keep my foot
in the door, feast in this vapor
but need a piece of paper
to jot down a hot noun that
is your address where you at?
Can have bitter flows by the ton
so wow consider the pro's and cons
my dew rag wet and it's like a magnet
attract iron with facts of a lion king but yet
to explode on a complex road to success
cats duck the best really wanna suck breasts
now I prevail to slaughter
and like a pail of water
girl your panties are wet
so don't spill the juice
even though they're still loose
get all sorts of clever words
from short letter that's absurd
crummy quotes lead to funny jokes
and outside sunny need a coke
“NAW PLAYER I do some strong talk
take hike itch at night for a long walk
know how to play doe
because I talked to JLO
this is Black Hip Hop all chocolate
and like a small rocket
it take off inside microphones
end up in bedrooms at home
this chick aim is to get a nickname
boys fiddle with the market
and aim for the middle of the target
which is full of pie oh shucks bullseye
wow best I pull my dress down
Puerto-Rician girl's breasts are hound
well i'm wet tonight
and boy set his sight
on that

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