Black People : There Are Sequences To Be Used When Fighting For Our Liberation

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2019
The Natural Sequence To Be Recognized And Follow If Black Afrikans Are To Behave With Sense That Activates A Spirit Of Black Afrikan Unity!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Hell, Yes, We Black Afrikans Are In Need Of A Divine Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, And Here Is The Reason Why Beloved.

The Events that have caused Black Afrikans to frown on the action that requires Divine Harmony, Order, and Balance when in use of the Thinking Process of the Mind, are events that require the use of Common Sense to be qualified to innerstand them, the Prime Sense Black Afrikans been educated to know nothing about and therefore, such ignorance about the power of Commonsense use, is what have Black Afrikan People disrespecting the need of the use of sequential action that require the thinking of Common use of Divine Thoughtful sense, along with the awareness of the meaning and purpose of the Body senses, it is Common Sense that sit at the apex of the Body sense experience, most time the use of the body senses overshadow the present need of all time use of Soulful Common Sense, such be the need of Black Afrikans to know of and learn about the pyramid of the body use of the sense that is essential if Black Afrikans are to rise again with honor and self respect which is a sequence of the senses and it is Common Sense that must be leading the sense brigade in order to be necessary for the Black Afrikans to be acting Divinely to have Thinking to be an everyday mental performance to be experienced if there is going to be a United States Of Afrika Government and Afrika is to be again for the Black Afrikans to be in Afrika,

The Path that leads to Black Afrikans Liberation is Common **** Sense and as long as Black Afrikans put our Wants above the use of Common Sense, we will always be acting in our own individual interest of concerning wants and Wanting like believing is a Demon to the Soul ( Mimd ) of Black Folks claiming to be Afrikans but is not living using Common Sense, the five senses have been made to be active without Common Sense leading the way to our Black Afrikans Freedom and without Freedom being the primary goal of Black Afrikan people you are going to continue witness Black Afrikans putting our profane believing ways that satisfy the soul of the believer and there is no sequential Harmony, Order, and Balance to the way Black Afrikans organize the priorities needed to secure there be a United States Of Afrika Government and Afrika being for the Black Afrikans and for Black Afrikans to be with the use of Common Sense which is the path that Black Afrikans must travel to be a viable respectful Force of a Unified Black Afrikan Nation and in order for that to be, then the use of Common **** Sense is required to secure Black Afrikans and Afrika Freedom, beloved.

So today, for Black Afrikans to be talking about the end game to what is not yet ready to be dealt with, we acting as if there is nothing we need to do to qualify our Black Afrikan Behind in order to be able to present our Black Afrikan self being a revised, reformed, transformed self-corrected respectful in use of Common Sense Divine Cosmic Universal Black Being again, then and only then will we be Soulful ready to take on all who register as being in opposition to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Receiving their Enduring Reparation/Repatriation, which undoubtfully represents Freedom for the Black Afrikans to be in Afrika and for Mother Afrika as well, and there is a sequence of soulful awareness needed by Black Afrikans in order to get us where only Freedom for the Black Afrikans will ever reside, which is in Mother Afrika!!!

In Mother Afrika is the original Swamp that needs to be cleared and cleaned out of Afrika, all who do not desire for a United States Of Afrika Government to rise to be in Afrika to Govern The Black Afrikan people, they who represents the past and present Traitors of mother Afrika and Black Afrikan people, it is no secret who they are and is well recognized today in Afrika masquerading around in Afrika pretending to be Leaders of Black Afrikan people still living recognizing the phony Afrika Boundaries drawn up by the God of Evil, that Western European Noth America United States of America, all are allies in seeing to it that Black Afrikans are to live a life as religious believers, an indoctrination that has eliminated the use of Common Sense which has been submerged deep in the world of Black Afrikan people, we who now take instruction about the event of Life living from that well crafted Luciferian Human Being who now is in charge of Black Afrikans in Afrika and out of Afrika so call leadership, they are those who symbolize the Afrika Swamp and is in need of being cleared away to be in Afrika no more, beloved.

So, there can be no Divine Construction of A New Black Mother Afrika Afrikan United States Of Afrika Government, not until First things first must be taken care of because only the Divine Soul of Black Afrikan people are capable of seeing to know the majesty of Divine Freedom, Justice, Independence involved with the Divine Truth and Reality which is in need of having again a Divine Relationship with Black Afrikan people to be in Afrika!!!

So all of the useless talks about Community Development, better jobs, constructing an Afrika infrastructure, better education, economic so call equality, all of the so-called Civil Rights Amenities we Black Afrikans talk about in and out of Afrika is completely out of Sequence of responsibility and need of the Black Afrikans, nothing is more of a pressing need than to clear and reclaim the Soul ( Mind ) of Black Afrikan Folks before the tone and sound of seriousness can be recognized and respected such must come from Black Afrikan people who live today with an abandonment of the use of Common **** Sense, Black Afrikan Woman and Man!!!

I Know, There Are Many And Probable Most Of us Black Afrikans who grow tired of me Sharing the Divine Truth about the way we Black Afrikans have gone to now behave which is not a Divine example of the way Nature has Designed Black Afrikans with the necessary instrument that will have the Black Afrikan when living using Common Sense, representing with Divine Knowledge using Common Sense which have you to know What the Greater Good-God Is And What Your Black Behind Relationship is to the Divine Essence Of Us All, A Relationship we No Longer Honor by showing the use of Common **** Sense coming from Black Afrikan people today, beloved.

Divine Respect

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