Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : The word Metu Neter


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Nov 2, 2004
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Medu Neteru


The problem is...if we don't know history then we don't know ourselves. Another problem is...the need for most of us to always try to compare what we "Think" we know and use that to find a solution for understanding "Medu Neteru.

In Amerikkka we pronounce the word of G-d...Metu Neter but among the initiates this word does not exist outside of understanding what is mint by it...knowing it is a common usage among most who are seeking to find their way home.

Medu Neteru...has a U on the end of it!

Remember: We must find our own way back home...meaning just what it says. Also...we must do our own research and verify things for our self...this is the only way to know for your self, because sometimes people can make mistakes.
by over looking small details or being too much in a hurry.

Know that the first and oldest language spoken on this planet is the "TWI" language. Then it stands to reason that if the oldest language is TWI...that it is...then the so-called "Hieroglyphs" that are properly called "Medu Neteru" are in that same language as well...TWI.

Every language spoken today on the planet/Tamert comes from the..."Original" and first language that is...used/spoken by the Black Ancestors...the TWI...and it is still spoken and used....among the "Initiates" who study the secret text/mystries in KMT...still in its pure form.

It is the language used in the so-called "Mysteries Schools/African Traditions/Spirituality...taught in the temples, nomes and the Kemetic Bush. The...Medu is still spoken, taught, written and understood by those who are...Kemetic...initiated students and their instructors and guides...the "Kemetic-Priest"...who are and have always been...also...the keepers of the Kemetic...traditions, Culture, Sciences, Spirituality etc.


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Jun 25, 2006
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nibs, you have a terrific mind. You've got a good handle on cross-cultural, cross-civilizational anlysis and how what seems contradictory is not at all. Hooray! for you.

Yes he was and is a fantastic teacher mentor to us all brillant is the only way to describe him.! Unfortunately he is no longer in the physical hetep.


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Jul 14, 2014
After looking up the word Met = Sing, then Metu should mean Sings. So then does Metu Neter (Mtu Ntr) mean Sings God or because many of the worlds languages have a reverse syntax of American English, God Sings? I like to pronounce these words like many African languages are pronounced, like eMtu Tu or eMtu eNter.

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