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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaahu The Sustainer/Lord of The Universe The Peace on who follows The Guidance:
The Vowel system of Qur'aan. First of all the word vowel is not applicable to The Holy Qur'aan and Its science and technique of Recitation and Remembrance. The word 'vowel' in its best definition describes a unit of sound which constitutes the nucleus of a verbal sound. vowels..are what is inside of verbal and spoken language. All spoken languages have departed from their original intended purpose with the exception of Al Arabiyyatul Fus'haa, The Pure (fus'ha- foos-haa) Arabiyyah, The Language of Qur'aan, The Speech of Allaah. A sweeping indictment; true nonetheless. It may even sound as though I am just cheerleading for The arabiyyah or Islaam. It ain't so. In fact, many think that knowledge pursued within the precincts of another culture, one assumes their culture over their own! I accuse no one of feeling that way but should the thought arise, ' I dig the skin I'm in baaaybaah'. I love every muslim alive and Im not being facetious..and I too, consider myself as one intending/striving to be 'muw'min'...But I feel about the Arab nation the same way Allaahu feels about them. Ever read Qur'aan 9:97? There is no word for 'desert' in the arabiyyah of this verse. Which means the translator never figured on someone learning what he knew; examining what he (and or They) did. ESPECIALLY The 'Black' in America.
I am very upset that I have to drag my mind through all of the faulty translations and inept or broken concepts these people have been pilfering and pandering all over the world/in unison with their European brothers (conspiracy? is the yelling by someone who is not sure about what they think they are thinking about)...while we sit in huddles thinking that decoding their lies is somehow light for us or guidance for us or is in someway an
intellectual liberation; or provides cause for Revolution. My point, in this digression, is that i think We belong to Allaah in a way we have not learned to perceive and in a way that no so-called leader, elected or assumed, is prepared to pontificate to those seeking The Light (Nuwr) of The Most High ( Al Aliyyu ).

Returning to my discourse:
There is no vowel system in The Arabiyyah of The Holy Qur'aan. What has been translated as the 'vowels' has its origin in the arabiyyah word " Al Harakaat ", which literally translates to ' movement ', 'that which moves/causes to move'. The 'harakaat' are :
Kasra - " EE " sound
Fathah - " AA " sound
Damma - "OO " sound
The word 'Fathah' means to open the lips to pronounce the "AA" sound. The word 'Kasra' means to fracture the lips (i.e smile) to pronounce the "EE" sound. The word 'Damma' means to contract/expand the lips to pronounce the "OO" sound. These are the three 'vowels' of The Arabiyyah of The Holy Qur'aan. They are called 'movement ' in there original context. The sounds of The Arabiyyah of The Holy Qur'aan move light, which of course creates space. The movement of objects creates room. The movement of light creates space.
Al Harakaat -The Movement of Qur'aan , the vowels, FRACTURE (kasra -the "EE" sound), OPEN (fathah - the "AA" sound), CONTRACT/EXPAND (damma - the "OO" sound) Light. The vowel sounds of The Qur'aan, fracture, open, expand and contracts light.
and the meaning of each word describes the formation the lips should be in when pronouncing the sound.
The consonants of arabiyyah, called 'Al huruwf', are the structures around which the light folds. The vowel sound gives movement to the consonant and the consonant gives structure to the light through which the vowel, movement, is passing. The voice is the vehicle which enters into the electromagnetic field of light called vibration. one vibrates ones' vocal chords to produce voice and all of its tones. However, passing the voice through the nasal chamber sorrounds the voice in vibration connecting it to the resonance of creation itself...for all things resonate, vibrate. resonance is vibration that is heard either through the ears or through the skin. vibration be it heard or unheard is the movement of the weight of light in making up its atmosphere.
This is why The Prophet Muhammad instructed the muslimuwn to speak through the nose when reciting the qur'aan.
if you say a word right now with your fingertips in your ears you will turn your entire body into a sound chamber. if you hum, cause yourself to vibrate, the vibration and its resonance will enter into your bodily organs because your blood, which is a tissue, not a liquid, will read the vibration and carry it within itself and effect every organ it contacts. This is what yoga and chanting and mantras attempt to achieve. To reach the very core of the physical being through the organic/chemical systems of the body;through the light of the voice. However they fail for one reason. Only the blueprint of the cell can regenerate the cell. Only something that carries the blueprint of DNA can enter DNA. Only a Frequency that carries the blueprint of the DNA can enter the DNA.
Allaahu says in Qur'aan 17:82 that Qur'aan is a 'shifaaa'a. This word literally means, 'the/an ability to recover'. It does not simply mean, 'to heal'. the adverb 'ability' is present in the definition of the meaning of the letters which make up the word.
when you speak through the nose when reciting the qur'aan , the sound of qur'aan ignites a nerve that is present in the nose. this nerve courses its way throughout the body interfacing if not directly connected to every vital organ in the body. And of course, The Heart included.
when light is read by the nervous system system, the light moves through the nerve. the brain tissue that surrounds the nerve conforms itself to accomodate (and anticipate) the weight and the frequency of the light passing through the nerve. This is the brain tissue memorizing the light through the lights' Weight and Frequency. This process of memorization is called Neuroplasticity. It is why when we learn a thing its recollection is immediate; or when you learn a thing so well you say 'it is like second nature'. This process, called Neuroplasticity in English medical anatomy terminology, is called "Dhikr" in The Holy Qur'aan. Now hoping I havent bored you to abandon this read Id like to call your attention to a verse in The Holy Qur'aan which will totally contradict the rumors that Qur'aan is a hard language to learn and at the same time shows us , academically, why it is easy. 54:17. In English you see the word
'easy' . The very same word also means 'left side'. meaning the left side of anything with two sides. In this case the human being reading the Qur'aan. Which means that you could read the verse, " And WE have indeed made the Qur'aan "left side" to understand and remember .."
The left side of the human body. The nerve in the nose mentioned earlier, it is situated center but to the left. the pineal and pituitary are situated center but to the left. the heart itself is situated center but then left. The word is "yassar".
Allaah Teaches us through the language HE reveals The Scripture in. However we must learn the language and feel it incumbent upon oneself to do it. and it is easy. Some muslims, Qaari's and Imaam's and Shaykh's who have learned, will say to younger (convert) muslims that reciting Qur'aan is difficult and will take many years to learn and learn well. Don't believe none of it. See Qur'aan 55:2. It is Easy plus Allaah will teach us plus Allaah is The One Who created you and IT. Visit Qur'aan 7:204-206. Please correct and or critique your brother.
As Salaamu alaykum.

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