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Aug 26, 2003
My palms are sweaty as i take the stand
My knees are shaking and my heart is beating faster than ever
As the bailiff swears me in I began to think of what i'm going to say
This is my one and only shot to plead my case
I still cant believe i'm being accused of being in love
I've had too many heart breaks to ever adventure to this place again
But i digress and my testimony begins:
It was the summer of 94 some friends and I were playing ball at the courts
It was just a normal day with the same ole folks hanging out
There wasnt anyone there to impress, no one to make you go "D***"
until she walked in and i must admit i had to say "D***"
To make a long story short we did exchange numbers
and yes we began to hang out and talk over the phone
But thats normal when you're getting to know someone, right???
Needless to say, we began to hang out A LOT
but that was only because we had so much in common
That doesnt mean anything, right??
Sometimes i did catch myself thinking of her when we weren't together
but thats only because i was concerned about her
And yes its true that i got jealous sometimes
but thats only because i was looking out for her
So you see your honor, i'm not in love
The only thing i'm guilty of is being a good friend
As i leave the stand i'm feeling pretty good about my case
The jury goes out to deliberate my trial
I'm feeling good right about now that i cant help but to smile
The jury comes back in and they read the verdict
"We find the defendent guilty of all charges" and my smile quickly fades
I was ordered to give myself completely and totally
Now that i look back on the verdict i can truly say
I'm happy that i was found guilty of all charges..............

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