Black Poetry : The verbal is a twist energetic This is pathetic like a list of medics That carry folks and these very quotes Belong on a stretcher usually this choke


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May 11, 2006
The verbal is a twist energetic
This is pathetic like a list of medics
That carry folks and these very quotes
Belong on a stretcher usually this choke
Regular folks, he smell boss perfume
Got up walked across the room
To rap to a chick
She became trapped quick
And perhaps tricked
HE SAID: “boo I’m from a particular group
A drastic call for basketball quicker to shoot
Some clever hoop
never stoop
to nobody”
His home on fire
He has a strong desire
His blood surge complex
He has a love urge for sex
SHE SAID” I have pie to the max
And now try to relax
Have a desire to flirt
And that require work
Got a fire under my skirt
A wimp sometime
When she attempts to find
A boyfriend here online
I’m a Philippine chick
And my coochee cream quick
So juicy he dream to lick
Well anyway wore a mini-skirt
To high school
And try to be cool
Take complex looks
At textbooks”
HE SAID: “you got romance and soft breasts
And a kiss glanced off the desk
And hit you in the jaw
I want legit and raw
Sex, girl you got pie to the max
In this world try to relax
To have strange treasures out the roof
But need a range of measures to boost
My sex drive
Use text to survive”
Frequent he write deep
Need a decent night sleep
this is Black Hip Hop
and the facts drip drop
from microphones
and boo I got a love Jones
right here in class
it appear to be fast
love wanna date that's a blast
“NAW PLAYER have a phat pie with lace
that'll satisfy a boy's taste
my panties are wet as they can get
but yet the bed not on my mind
even though I get hot sometime
you lack success
now wanna attack my breasts
and suck party milk
because my body is built
for sex so I duck bed quilts
pause somehow
and cause and allow
you to kiss my lips”
she know if she give him a deft kiss
she put herself at risk
oh he ask for some her panties
stay hot a lot so its about fannies
SHE SAID “oh I'm very shook
are you gonna carry my books?”
Oh a Filipino girl go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH our bodies so hot
hope hes not a known jerk
plus she have to do her homework
ok she remain in the same place
but he came for lace
its lyrics and rhyme
for this period of time
from beginning to end
somehow winning with trend
ok they walk down the hall way
really hey can spend all day
together or whatever can't play
around he needs a girlfriend
to proceed to make his world spin
his raps are tight
HE SAID: “so boo what's on tap tonight?
How about a cake date?
Oh no is that when we make
love?” “yes, naw I'll take
the club any day
don't have plenty to say
about that” HE SAID: “may
I hold your hand?
Have bold plan
when we fall in love
we can ride to the mall hugged
up, rhymes prevail by the load
but like a railroad I bought code
and towns into being
with a menu seeing
improvement but fleeing
before I'm married skiing
on slopes of love
plenty action
and many fraction
but they don't add up
to bad luck”
SHE SAID: “naw player you wear
plenty of bling no doubt
and probably do anything for clout
gee I need to talk to CARDI B
right now my dress is down
can't afford to mess around
this could be the thriller in Manila
oh a Filipino girl can become a filler
of cups of love and strut butts in
clubs, OK you tell cool lies
but I need school supplies
not jest any fool can have these pies
now this is the center of learning
become a winner by learning
by doing maneuver on a computer
and a tutor may assist Hooters
you live brisk and nice
ready to give the kiss of life
my lips are glowing red
but we're not going to bed”
you wear hot bling
but its not a thing
newspaper articles is must
and there be particles of dust
on the headlines
we'll kiss at bedtime
and read them no red wine
in my room
just wind and perfume
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May 11, 2006
just wind and perfume”
oh gosh her panties are so wet
this is a mad write
and like bad light
it can abuse eyes
she use pies
to attract boys
they're a sack of toys
boys wanna play with
for real and manage to stay swift
SHE SAID I stay legit
never play the hypocrite
and boys pray to git it
got butter anyway
jest another day
in a girl's life at school
in high school
must obey the fly rules
wanna lead an active life
strut butt be attractive and nice”
her miniskirt spark
it's a work of art
plus she twerk after dark
and boys be alert in the park
and one good flirt could start
an affair, try dodge art
but a large part
of her remain intact
so her brain on the impact
oh Filipino girls go through a lot
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