Black Poetry : The Vatican The Singer The Government


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Mar 19, 2001
Archbishops and singers touching Kids
who believe they can fly who believe they
can cry in the arms of a man who is
believed to be Christian...****...where is the
sanity? see I believe vanity even that which is
supported by the vatican has gotten
everything spoiled rotten to the core,
see you might abhor what I say that the Pope
says down with dope but...we'll stay quiet while
Bishops touch kids...yet civilians do bids for
raping children...does God grant immunity for
"cloaked anointed criminals"?

and Robert may sing songs that
resonate in our subliminal 'til we sing the
hook..."I believe I can fly..."
how far can a caged bird travel other than
deep in the memories of those manipulated
by fame fortune and their name
associated with headshots?

singer selling platinum like crack on round blocks
spinning at 666 recognition
evidently mutes cranial cognition for some
offering cum as a rites of sick passage into
who's With/Out man hood? check the videos...
I don't see nuthin wrong...with locking a cat with loot up...

money is a mutha...ask the Church...

the world ain't a ghetto it's a **** mess

governmental interference in dealing with
terrorism...that is do-mess-tic terrorism
racism sexism ism ism...
creating agencies to protect the burning bush
policies on fallacies of protecting freedoms
perceived by the masses of this nation...
only the wrong will survive if the multitudes
don't speak and Isreal will continue to
coopt Palestinian land and this "land is my land, this land
is your land" if you hold enough wealth in it
we'll stand by your side even if you're the illegal tenant

my mind is overloaded with BS radioactive transmitted
propaganda ploys pitted to make me passive and my
mind pastuerized with tainted milk from the breast of
Miss lieberty..and ya'll know..

...and ya'll know...even if one eye is open...

The Vatican The Singer The Government.

(c)2002 blakverb


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BLAK!!!!!! Man this is awesome......Boy you preached this!!!! Everybody trying to cover up the sins...But there's coming a day when everything done in the dark shall be brought out in the light, and when thay day come...Who will be able to stand?


Mar 22, 2001

it already has....

Blak you have laid it down with this piece

i was wondering the same exact thing :)




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Apr 6, 2001
New Jersey
This was hot, I emailed it to my husband...this is the same stuff we talk about at night when we get home from work and our children come home from Catholic school and we have to ask if anybody tried to TOUCH them today! You touched all the bases of the sickness that is running this show today. Nice scribe.

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