Black Muslims : The UFO is Qur'aan...Salaat is to board it


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitiude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe. Peace upon who follows The Guidance.
There are two things that are dear to a muslim. The Qur'aan, The Salaat. These two are intricately connected to the Perspective (i.e Faith/Imaan) a muslim has in Life.
25:30. I ask you to consider this verse..this is something That Allaahu Ta'aala has revealed to us concerning the conversations that will take place upon The Day of Standing. The Prophet Muhammad, Salutations of Allaah and The Angelic beings and peace be upon him. The last who will be called upon first. One of his statements on The Day of Standing is that HIS PEOPLE took The Qur'aan a thing to abandon " The word is " Mahjuwra" its root word is 'Hijra' to emigrate. as "mahjuwr" it means to abandon, to relinquish, to leave, to be in disuse.
Remember The Prophet Muhammad said to his companion, Who has the most amazing faith?
the companion said, The angelic beings. What need do they have for faith and they are with their Sustainer/Lord? The companion then said, The Prophets! What need do we have of faith and we recieve Revelation? The companion then said, US! What need do you have for faith, and I am with you? The Prophet Muhammad continued. Those with The Most amazing Faith are those to come after me..they will hear The Scripture of Allaah and without ever having met me and take faith in it and it is these that have the most amazing and these are my brothers.
On The day of Standing/Judgement, The Prophet will say, O My Sustainer, My People took this Qur'aan a thing to abandon (25:30).
There is not a thing on earth like the qur'aan; thus, UFO.
Through the Recitation of This Scripture from The Memory, the vision of the soul is focused. Reading The Qur'aan from the page is laudable. However The Qur'aan was sent to be memorized so that it may flow from your memory into your nervous system. From the page it flows from the page into your Mind, memorize it. Once memorized The "kitaab" becomes The Qur'aan. see it 56:77. verse 78 reads, " IN scripture Guarded ". IN scripture.." So, qur'aan is IN the Scripture.
Reciting the qur'aan from your memory is the key. and the best place to recite qur'aan is IN salaat. Salaat is Light. Qur'aan says Allaah is Light. 24:35. Muhammad said, Salaat is Light.
Allaah is Light.
Al Qur'aan is Light
As Salaat is Light.
Your nervous system is Light.
I use the term UFO, because barring sound, light is the fastest moving physical substance in the universe. since it moves , it can be ridden, it is a vehicle. not a car or train or space ship. Light in this world, is a vehicle of speed and what it touches it causes to emote, move. Light moves and causes to move. Allaah has weaved together Light and Sound to create HIS Language: Al Arabiyyatul Fus'ha. The Muslim must use his/her Memory of qur'aan (Faatihah), Intention to remember Allaah, breath and voice to access it and connect to Allaah The Most Glorified and Exalted. Through Light, Qur'aan....and sound, your voice.
The Most High has sent an object into the world that requires only things you were born with to access. You need not go there and get this... or go there and retrieve that. you merely must perform the wudu like its the last one...Glorify Allaah, recite Faatihah like you are having intimate conversation with Allaahu Ta'aala. for you are. even if your mind is weak and attention is unfocused, Allaah is so merciful that he revealed to Muhammad : " Allaah shows mercy to HIS slave... He Blesses him for offering Salaat, whether he wanted to perform it or not " Look what The prophet has shown to us about the Vision of Allaah upon HIS slaves/servants. Look how Allaah considers us!
when a muslim recites the qur'aan from memory, he/she is to engage their nasal chamber. recite the qur'aan by pushing your voice through your nasal chamber/nose.
recall the prophet said, " he who does not recite the qur'aan with a beautiful voice is not of us ". that hadiyth WAS NOT translated properly. Its proper translation reads, " He who does not speak through the nose by way of The Qur'aan is not of us ". we are to push the voice through the nose, nasal chamber when we recite Qur'aan.. why? Pushing your voice into your nasal chamber awakens the two nerves in your nasal chamber. one causes tears, Lacrimal, the other, Accessory, causes light. the light emmitted from the nervous system, into the organs of the body causes the organs to harmonize into the Qur'aan pattern of light. try it now, say, " Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Rahiym... now say it through your nose and say it on the exhalation of breath. that subtle vibration you feel is exactly what you should emoting. that is the emotion that the Qur'aan intends. that vibration is what is moving through your nervous system as you recite the qur'aan from your memory and on exhalation. do this whenever you recite Kalaamullaahi, the words of Allaah.
The Accessory nerve is a cranial nerve which just so happens to connect to every vital organ in the torso, as well as the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain and the medulla oblongata. I mention these organs specifically because they are instrumental in the conscious mind materializing within the light. The Mind becomes an access point for the soul to sit with The Words of Allaah. The Qur'aan is the Deuteronomy (i.e. deuteron) of light which governs the conscious mind (Taqwaa) and causes it to move within the light of Taqwaa. Taqwaa is the mind/heart allegiance to Allaah. to find in each thought the rememberance of Allaah , to find in each event, each place, The Presence of Allaah. Deuteronomy. Astronomy is the observable process of the movements of orbitals, things that move through space, especially through instruments, like a telescope. Deuteronomy is the observable process of the movements of thought, things that move through light : THOUGHTS! things that move through Light. The soul is a coefficient to the body. Its interfacing with the body allows the soul to use the instruments and senses of the body.. just as the fusion of sperm and ovum create Spirit, nafs..The fusion of the soul with the body and the instruments therein create thought. Deuterium, or 'deuterons', which are Thoughts. language is the deuteronomy of thoughts as are thoughts are the deuteronomy of the soul. Allaah is The Deuteronomy of The soul on earth. A station held out for The Children of Israel, The Prophet Ya'quwb, Jacob. However they " Mahjuwra The light" they abandoned The Light. The word in The Holy Qur'aan for Deuteronomy is the word " Daththar " , as in The 74th surah of Al Qur'aan. Since The children of Israel abandoned the deuteronomy of The Light of Allaah, The Most High raised up one who would and teach others to do the same, with The Words of Allaah.
The fifth book of the poorly translated King james VERSION of the bible, is called deuteronomy. Its original content explains the science of thought (Rememberance of Allaah) and how to create and use thought in the material world.
'Taqwaa'.... is the will and motivation to lean into the rememberance of Allaah...eating, drinking, socializing, being with family and friends and most especially when alone.... Taqwaa ... is to percieve oneself as being in The presence of Allaah...even if no one else does. achieve this mentality and then you learn that Allaah is Waaly, Close Companion... closer to you than your juglar vein.
We recite Faatihah for it opens the heart to The Light. The word Faatihah means ' to open". Open what? of course it is the seventh of the seals mentioned in Al Injiyl (i.e.The book of Revelation located in the bible) and that is clearly another subject, noteworthy. However, what Faatihah Opens, is your physical body through its nervous system reaching into the molecular structure of The Reciter of Qur'aan to expose The soul to The Light of Allaah, The words, the sounds of the light of Allaah which is in this world and observable, approachable. of course faatihah is a monologue between the speaker and The Listener. However The Listener is not just Allaahu As Samiy'u...what you are attempting to achieve is reciting the Qur'aan according to the instructions on how to recite the qur'aan which are found in the qur'aan and the statements of The Prophet Muhammad. they are few but if followed SINCERELY, Bil Ikhlaas, by way of Sincerity, your recitation will fall into the Light, Allaah, which Allaah will guide. Al Qur'aan means The TWO reading.. not The two readings.
55: 1-3
Ar Rahmaan - The Merciful/Yielder
Allamal Qur'aan - teaches The Qur'aan
Khalaqal Insaan - Created human beings
Allamahul Bayaan - teaches him speech

Allaah The Most Glorified and Exalted has reserved The Right to teach Al Qur'aan.
Allaah has sent a Speech into this world that we can recite to Allaah. Allaahu Al Mujiybu, The Responder. Your Sincerity in recitation and reciting qur'aan with diligence through the nasal chamber, the recitation falls into the nerve ending which is located in your nose. the vibration moves into the nerve and transforms into light. Light moves through the nervous system the way blood moves through the circulatory system. The nerve in the nose is attached or interfaces with every vital organ... the heart, the lungs, the spine, the enteric system (i.e. digestive system/tract)... in the brain it connects to the pituitary and pineal. when light strikes these glands they vibrate like a prism (i.e. kundalini, called by some) this prism like movement opens first the electromagnetic pathway for the soul within the body to elevate from the nucleic layer - while the huruwf and harakaat ( letters and vowels - of Qur'aan) open the light outside of your body in the hearing world creating an electromagnetic field within the atmosphere.
Mind is able to " automatic pilot ". while your Mind is accessing memory and reciting Qur'aan from it, your soul is able to elevate from its position and perception status, and like a bird emerging from the ocean, drive itself into pure consciousness of Allaah and thus its connection to the light.. recall the words of The prophet Muhammad which he recited as much as laa ilaaha illa Allaah :
wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billaahil aliyyul adhiym, which to say :
" No Might and No Power except by way of Allaah The Most High The Supreme "
There are many words for power. But the word reserved to identify electrical power, wattage, is the word " Quwwa ", which comes from the Attribute of Allaah, Al Qawwiyyu. This Attribute in the world is the source of Electromagnetic power in the universe, the seven heavens and the planet earth. This is the power The Messiah Iysaa (Jesus) called upon to achieve all that he did.
The power of Allaah, Quwwa, acting upon the blastocyst bringing it from its state to fetus, to embryo, to baby, to birth, to walking, to puberty to adolescence, to young adult, to adult, to old age.... the same power that causes flowers to burst open and leaves to abort their branch. this is Quwwata, Allaah The Powerful. This power is in the earth, routed all throughout the earth and the sky and beyond it. This power is Eletrical power. Light that is in motion is electricity. Light that is in motion yet has information in it is electronic. your cell phone is electronic. what flows into your blender or refrigerator, is electricity.
The Qur'aan is pure electronic information. Download it.
dont let anyone tell you the Qur'aan is difficult to understand..if you think so Go and read 54:22.
Our refuge is IN Salaat. I dont mean DOING salaat like you GO to the bathroom: discharge and then keep it moving. No, Salaat is an action with a designated time and place. Dhikr is its continuum in the Heart. It is an unbroken engagement between the soul and Allaah, its Creator. The Soul seeks only Allaah, its Originator.
Your flesh (lahm), Blood (daama) and Spirit (nafsa) comes from your parents. The Spirit (nafsaa) is the electromagnetic field which came from the union of your fathers sperm and mothers ovum. That explosion created your flesh and bone; and the 'field' of energy surrounding that, is Spirit. The soul ( ruwh) comes from Allaah, 40 days AFTER conception.
The soul fusing into the fetus while it is inbetween forming out of the blastocyst, cell like, and into a fetus. This is when the soul (Ruwh), under Angelic escort, enters the pregnant belly of woman... the angel(s) then mash the Ruwh/soul into the flesh and bone. The angels making creases and variations, mashing the soul like kneading flour according to The Knowledge of Allaah, sometimes leaves marks... called 'birth marks'. No, birth marks do not occur at birth, they iccur during developement. Allaah is Most Magnificent (i.e. Akbar) out of things seen and unseen!! Creator of all things.
The soul arrives into the womb with 4 attributes/powers that no parent ever taught any child.
The power of memory
The power of Intention
The power of reading
The power of speech
Before you tell me that 'reading' is something you learn in school, which has to do with : you must have vision, light, you must have a language to read in. I ask you to define reading for what you do with your eyes, the Blind do with thier fingertips. what is it to read then? Visit your definiton of the word "read". for to exercise this power you don't need vision or physical light.
the four attributes mentioned above are gifts the soul arrives with... to express itself through the body and spirit your parents gave you. The soul interfacing with its own self, is called Mind. The Soul interfacing with the body/brain ( mukhkh), is called Mind (aqiyl/aqaal), an electromagnetic field itself. The soul interfacing with its own DNA, or trying to, is called Thinking. The Spirit (nafs) and the soul (Ruwh) are not the same, nor is the brain and the mind the same. an alphabet (abdajiyyah) is not the same as a letter (Huruwf/harf), nor a book (daftar) the same as a Scripture (kitaab). Observe the differences in things which open the mind to clear patterns of thought. The soul needs clarity.
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