Cote d'Ivoire : The Struggle of the People of Côte d'Ivoire


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Oct 4, 2009
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UN soldiers have shot and killed ivorians youth yesterday. This event of course is not reported by the demonic medias!

The United Nations resolved to install Alassane Ouattara in the blood of the Ivorian people, M. Frindéthié
one man's opinion out of 20 million people?

Is that the only info getting out of the nation?

Two more simple questions if one has the maturity not to resort to effeminate and infantile rage and emotionalism

1 Is it true that there were 1600 refugees from this incident seeking asylum in Burkina Faso?

2 The twelve African nations of ECOWAS are all wrong, and this one man is right?


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Oct 4, 2009
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Africa Today - Cote D'Ivoire's Elections Crisis
By Press TV
Updated Dec 17, 2010 - 10:40:41 AM

From the economic engine of West Africa to a divided country with two presidents, two prime ministers and no International recognition. How did they get here? And what will it take for the Cote D'Ivoire to emerge from its latest crisis intact? That is the topic Henry Bonsu and his guests, Anatole Ibo and Rolake Akinola, discussed during this edition of Press TV's Africa Today.

Omowale Jabali

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Sep 29, 2005
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The United States and the European Union have slapped a travel ban on Gbagbo and his inner circle while the World Bank and the regional West African central bank have frozen his finances in an attempt to weaken his grip on power.

This should be enough for any thinking AFRIKAN to recognize what role western capitalists are playing in this sham. Time will tell and the enemy within WILL be exposed.

These white boys will get theirs one way or another.


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Nov 14, 2007
The Biaffran War which cost the death of millions of people was controlled and financed by France for those who don't know. There are many documents on this but they are in french. Here is something from 1968, and i can tell you that today we know more about that.


Friday, Dec. 06, 1968

Perhaps the most important single reason for battered Biafra’s continuing survival against the attacks of the Nigerian Federal Army is a steady infusion of French military aid. Although the French will not acknowledge their role, one of the worst-kept secrets of the war is the fact that armaments are flown into the secessionist state almost nightly from two former French colonies, Gabon and the Ivory Coast. Hard proof of responsibility for the arms lift, however, is hard to come by, as TIME Correspondent James Wilde reported from the Gabonese capital of Libreville:

EVERYBODY in this shabby capital knows about it, but few will talk. The unmarked planes, however, are there for all to see: four DC-4s, three DC-3s and a single Constellation, parked on the palm-lined seaside tarmac.

Patient research shows that the aircraft have varied registration—French, German, Belgian, Zambian, Biafran and Gabonese. Each afternoon, three or four planes taxi to the nearby military airfield for loading, then take off for Biafra at 6 p.m. sharp. They return around midnight, after the 900-mile round trip. Just as predictable as the flights is the black Citroen, owned by the French security police, that follows me to the strip.

There are two sets of pilots flying the Biafra run, one English-speaking and the other French, and they are carefully segregated. The English-speaking flyers are housed in the dilapidated, mosquito-ridden Hôtel de la Rèsidence, run by a waspish French brunette named Jackie, whose sole virtue seems to be that she is able to count in English.

Eighteen of the pilots are Rhodesian and South African, all clad in the uniform of the British colonial in Africa: highly polished shoes, long socks, neatly pressed shorts and starched bush jackets. Carefully holding themselves apart are several ex-RAF types, moustached and bearded, who punctuate their clipped, casual conversation with dated bits of Battle of Britain slang like “wack-o,” “bang-on,” “piece of cake.”

At the Rèsidence bar one night, a cheerful group strolled in after, as one put it, “delivering the goodies.” Though the flyers had obviously been ordered not to talk about their employers, some relaxed sufficiently after several pink gins to joke about their cargoes of “birth-control pills”—or ammunition. “You only need one of them, mate,” a pilot chuckled. All the pilots have one thing in common—they fly to get a stake. “I’m only in it for the money,” one sad, balding man told me. “I’ve got a wife and five kids and I want to put a down payment on a house in Salisbury.” Another Rhodesian had a second motive: “That Harold Wilson is a bastard. He’s against Biafra and he’s buggering us too. This is a chance to bugger him.” Everyone roared with laughter.

The few French crews have a much pleasanter home. They are housed in the ultramodern Hotel Gamba, where they spend their off-duty time devouring expensive meals ($25 and up) and socking away wine at $15 a bottle. Clad in soiled shorts and sweat-stained shirts, their bare feet stuck into rubber Japanese zori, they look to be a much scruffier lot than the colonial swells at the Rèsidence. They are much more close-mouthed as well. All attempts to start conversations fail; their thin, long-nosed Gallic faces remain blank.

Despite serious problems in obtaining sufficient high-octane aviation fuel, the French seem determined to carry on. An abnormal number of tankers recently unloaded at Libreville. The cargo included long, rope-handled wooden boxes, of the sort France uses to transport ammunition. The cases were taken in a French army truck to the military airport, where several other boxes marked “Army Rations” were in evidence.
There are rumors that France may have decided to take over the entire mercenary show in Biafra. The Biafrans have expelled Colonel Rolf Steiner, the German ex-Legionnaire who had commanded their crack mercenary-led unit (TIME, Oct. 25). On arrival here in Gabon, Steiner refused to answer questions, but an aide admitted that the Steiner party had been escorted to the Biafran airport in handcuffs. The speculation is that Steiner was fired because the Biafran military had grown increasingly jealous of his privileged position with Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu and had done their best to see that Steiner’s troops did not get their share of ammunition and rations. The German, in retaliation, supposedly commandeered a food convoy, a deed that led to his ouster.

The French do not want publicity on their role in Biafra. But why are they so intent on keeping the war alive? A businessman here says the reason is Biafran oil: “A million barrels of oil a day, or about one-third the production capacity of Kuwait. That kind of oil production is worth gambling for, even if the odds are against you.” In addition, Charles de Gaulle relishes any chance he finds to annoy the British, who are backing the Nigerian government. A third reason may well be that a united and progressing Nigeria would be a threat to the French economic dominance of West Africa.

Seemingly, the French cannot lose. If Biafra wins, they may get a good deal on the oil. Should events take a turn for the worse, France probably will help Biafra set up a government-in-exile here in Gabon. If, as seems possible, French arms shipments succeed in prolonging the war one or two years, then even if Biafra is defeated, an exhausted Nigeria will not be a threat for some time to come. And the joy of it all is that France is not directly involved—or at least no one so far can prove that Paris is.

^^Ivory Coast at time was ruled by Houphet Boigny who was a puppet of France. Is the reason for Nigeria politics against the state of Cote d'Ivoire? I hope no, because the true enemy here is france,Nigeria should take its revenge from france, who wanted to diminish the giant that Nigeria was supposed to be at that time.


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Nov 14, 2007
Gabon is another country where that mafia called francafrique is sucking the blood of the people. This news is not really "new" for the ones who really know about the devils politrics,but it's good that the masses can see what many are telling for years!

Former ruler 'funneled' embezzled funds to French politicians [/SIZE

AFP - Gabon's late president Omar Bongo allegedly lined his pockets with money from a 37-million-dollar (28-million-euro) bank embezzlement scheme and funneled some of it to French political parties, according to a classified US embassy cable published in Spanish daily El Pais.

A senior official at the Bank of Central of African States (BEAC) made the accusation four days after Bongo's death in June 2009, in an interview with a diplomat at the US embassy in Cameroon, according to the cable released by WikiLeaks.

"Gabonese officials used the proceeds for their own enrichment and, at Bongo's direction, funneled funds to French political parties, including in support of French President Nicolas Sarkozy," the unnamed bank official was quoted as saying.

Asked who received the funds, the bank official said: "Both sides, but mostly the right; especially (former French president Jacques) Chirac and including Sarkozy."

The Bank of Central of African States holds the pooled reserves of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community: Gabon (which chooses the bank governor), Cameroon (which hosts the bank headquarters), Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Chad and Equatorial Guinea.

According to the classified July 2009 cable, the BEAC governor, Gabonese national Philip Anzembe, had secretly placed 500 million euros in a high risk investment with French bank Societe Generale.

After this investment became public, "the consequent review of BEAC's accounts had revealed even broader and more brazen malfeasance linked to a hierarchy of Gabonese officials throughout BEAC," the cable said.

"BEAC's investigations have already tracked 18.3 billion CFA (36.6 million dollars) that were embezzled in checks made out in the name of Gabonese officials," it added.

The ruling family in Gabon, including then president Omar Bongo and his son Ali, who has since taken over as president, benefitted from the embezzlement, the cable said.

The US embassy was "unable to assess the veracity of the allegation that French politicians benefitted from BEAC's loss," said the cable, signed by US ambassador to Cameroon Janet Garvey. The contents of the cable were published by El Pais on Tuesday.

Watchdog group Transparency International (TI) France in December 2008 lodged a complaint in Paris concerning what it called the "ill-gotten gains" of three African leaders, asking for a judicial probe into the French property owned by Bongo and presidents Denis Sassou Nguesso of the Republic of Congo and Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea.

France's top appeals court on November 9 authorised investigative judges to probe the corruption charges against the three African heads of state, in a ruling that was welcomed by TI but dismissed as ridiculous by Gabon's ruling Gabonese Democratic Party.

So as you can see the now president is the son of the former president who was an agent for french secret services. Also most of those traitors are mason into french lodges,Ali Bongo taking his masonic oath:


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