Science and Technology : The Science of Positive Vibration and High Frequency

Marquis Davis

Dec 27, 2017
I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard; “Everything is an Illusion, this world is not real”, or “Everything and everyone is just light and energy”. According to science, everything has a vibration, rather it is solid or unseen by the naked eye. There are atoms that are so small that you can’t see them with a telescope, yet they have a vibration as well.

Depending of the speed of a vibration will determine rather an object or substance will appear as solid, liquid or gas. A solid object will seem impossible to penetrate, because as the vibration of a particular object is in motion they're resistant toward one another. It is similar to trying to push two magnets towards one another. The tiny particular are working as opposite forces that are refusing to collide.

To determine rather your vibration is high or low. You will have to pay attention to your energy level. People with high vibration tend to be very energetic, while people with low vibration tend to be sluggish. The quality of love, compassion, kindness and hope are vibrations resonating at a higher speed. In opposition, greed, hate, sadness and fear are vibrations at a lower speed.

The vibration of your being can be raised by doing the following: meditating, exercise, spiritual practices, energy healing, mindfulness meditation and yoga. When your vibration is raised you should fell calm, kind, joyful and confident. Higher vibration will naturally heal you, while lower vibration will gradually kill you.

700 – 1000 Hz – Enlightenment
600 Hz – Peace
540 Hz – Joy
400 Hz – Reason
350 Hz – Acceptance
310 Hz – Enlightenment

250 Hz – Neutrality
200 Hz – Courage
175 Hz – Pride
150 Hz – Anger
125 Hz – Desire
100 Hz – Fear
75 Hz – Grief
50 Hz – Apathy
30 Hz – Guilt
20 Hz – Shame

Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating current flow per second. Your vibration and frequency level correlates to your energy low. Vibration are very important, because they’re unison with the law of attraction. Are thoughts resonating vibrations, therefore we can change our state of existence, feeling and situation, simply by the way we think. Laughter, spiritual practice, and healthy foods are very essential for raising our frequency level.

Healthy Substance for Frequency Level

Fresh Produce – 15 Hz
Dry Herbs – 12 to 22 Hz
Fresh Herbs – 20 to 27 HZ
Essential Oils – 52 to 320 Hz

Frequency has a major effect on our health. To maintain a healthy body your frequency level should be at 60 Hz or above. 59 Hz is the border line between a healthy and unhealthy body. A frequency level at 58 Hz or below is very dangerous for the human body.

Frequency Level effects on Body Health

58 Hz – Cold and Flu like Symptoms
55 Hz – Diseases similar to Candida
52 Hz- Epstein Bar
42 Hz – Cancer

In Physic you were probably told that everything is energy. However, Energy, Frequency and Vibrations are the Great Trinity of what we perceive as existence. Vibrations has the power to shape physical matter. Frequency has an effect on our emotional state, body health and manifestation. Energy is sort of like the driven force behind or within all things that are in motion. High Vibration generate our energy level and cause us to feel better. On the other hand, lower frequency can drain us of energy and cause us to be emotionally disturb. In regard to the Conscious Scale, 250 Hz is Neutrality, which means that anything above 250 Hz are High Vibration (Positive Energy), while anything below 250 Hz are Low Vibration (Negative Energy).
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