Science and Technology : The Sacredness Of Mathematics

Marquis Davis

Dec 27, 2017

The Universal Laws are the way God thinks and creates. Truth is the description of
these Universal Laws, Principles, or functions of Creation. Thus, God-like thoughts are
harmonious with the Universal Laws – Sharka Glet

First and foremost, as I mentioned many times before, applied mathematics is science. The word science is derived from the Latin word Scientia, meaning possession of knowledge. Science explains the origins, system and functions of all things in existence. Chemistry is the study of atoms and elemental chemicals. You’ll need a basic understanding of arithmetic to apply chemistry. A chemist must know measurement, which is a mathematical branch of arithmetic. There is a system in mathematics called measurements, which consists of the Length: metric system of measurement and the Weight and Mass: U.S. and metric system of measurement. In order to properly analyze the studies and application of chemistry (Kemet mystery), the measurements must be applied to measure the chemicals. In regards, to the Periodic table of elements, the number below the symbol of each element is called the atomic weight number. In order to figure out the atomic weight of an element, mathematical computation must be applied. Look at physics, this branch of science requires a basic application of calculus. With the application of calculus and physics comes the measurement of wave, sound, light and energy. The application of Computer science brought new approaches to the studies of mathematics. From the creation of the computer, came computer arithmetic.

According to: Dictionary of mathematics Terms, by Douglas Downing, page 35; defines the words Computer Arithmetic as: Computers generally represent numbers in binary form. The rules for adding binary digits are quite simple:

0 + 0 = 0
0 + 1 = 1
1 + 0 = 1
1 + 1 + 0 with a carry of 1 to the next digit.

It is possible to connect certain types of logic circuits (AND gates, OR gates, and NOT gates) to perform the addition of two binary numbers. Here is an addition term, from the same dictionary of mathematical terms, which states as I quote:

Computer Function: A function in a computer program acts the same as a mathematical function: it gives a unique result for a give value of the input (or inputs). For example, in the BASIC programming language functions can be defined with the DEF command: DEF F(X) = X2+3*X+5
This statement defines the function f(X) = + 3x +5. The function can now be used in expressions.
For example,

PRINT F (3) will cause the value f (2) = 15 to be printed; A = 10 + F (3) will cause A to take the value 10 + f (3) = 10+23=33
(See: Dictionary of mathematics Terms, by Douglas Downing, page 36-37).

In order to construct computer software, engage in programming or do computation; one must know mathematics. The computer industry uses applied mathematics such as: Binary operation, Boolean algebra, Exponential notation, Hexadecimal number and Numerical integration. Mathematics dominate all forms of life. The result of computer science is the applications of the computer mathematics mentioned recently, and numerous of other mathematical components.

Engineers of architecture uses Geometry to construct buildings. Most homes located in the North America continent, has roofs with a common geometric pattern called trapezoid, it formula of area:
A = (b+B) h

Pi formula for the radius and diameter of a circumference of a circle is 3.14
3 +1 + 4 = 8

The number 8 represents build in the supreme mathematics, and the circle is the cipher, let build goddesses and gods.

According to the geometric branch called volume, which measure a space of a region. Volume can be used to measure the amount of liquid or juice in a container, concrete can be measured with volume as well. For a person to have a better understanding of the mathematical applications of building a pyramid, one should at least know the volume of a pyramid which is:
V = 1/3bh

Without an overstanding of geometry, a pyramid could not be constructed. When the pyramids of Giza was build, applications such as: physics, astronomy and geometry were applied. Mathematics and science is the culture and heritage of Nubian-moors.

Everything in the physical world consists of molecules and these molecules have
geometric forms. Scientists suggest that even space is made of a fabric that consists of
geometric forms. Albert Einstein’s explanation of gravity is based on the existence of this

When we experience a smell or taste we are not receiving a chemical structure but a
configuration of different molecular forms. Even sound or color comes to our sensual
perception as a frequency of vibrations. Vibrations are also forms of energy in different
stages of manifestation.

Once we receive sensual information in a configuration of forms, we name and store
this experience in our brain for future reference. The next time we receive the same
sensual information, we can relate it to our memory experiences for identification. For
example, if we received through our sense of smell a vibration which we would register
and then name as the smell of strawberries, whenever we smell the same “vibration” or
vibratory rate, it would be identified as a “strawberry smell.”

Since in its essence every physical creation, whether perceived by touch, smell, taste,
sight or hearing, consists of geometric forms, Sacred Geometry is an important part of
Sacred Science. Sacred Geometry explains the proportions of angles and sides in geometric forms.

In her book Sacred Power of Universal Laws Revealed Glet explains that “beauty is interpreted truth in forms, shapes, colors, smells, tastes and sounds.” Now we can simplify that statement in to “beauty is manifested truth in physical forms.”

Sacred Geometry is used in ancient and also in more recent architecture. Through
studying Sacred Geometry as well as other forms of Sacred Science, we can understand

the workings of the Universal Laws of Creation.

(See: Sacred Science/Sacred Geometry by Sharka Glet D.D., A.M page 3-4)

Geometry is all around you. Look at a clock. The clock with an hour and minute hand (lines), which rotates as the number 12 being the starting and ending point of the clock, is pure geometry. The hour and minute hand of the clock, are called geometric lines. The ending point of the hour and minute line is a geometric ray or vertex of the clock hour and minute hand (geometric line). In search for the vertex and geometric pattern of any object, the identification of the ray, geometric lines and angles must be considered. Even the radius of a circumference of a circle has a vertex. From 12 am to 12 pm of a twelve hour clock is a 360 degree rotation, when starting at 12 am, then ending at 12 pm.
3 + 6 + 0 = 9

Nine is the number of life and immortality. When the geometric lines of the clock, pointing at the 12th and 3rd hand of the clock, then the position is at a 90 degrees angle, which is a right angle according to geometry.
9 + 0 = 9

Finally, when the hand or geometric line of the clock or circumference is on the 12th and 6th hand, then this position is consider a straight line, according to geometry. A straight line is 180 degrees that is why 12:30 am or pm would be half of 1 am or pm.

Any angle from zero degrees to ninety degrees is called an acute angle. An obtuse angle is between 180 degrees to 360 degrees. Here are some examples of geometric lines and angles:
Right angle:

Straight Line:

360 Degree Angle

Ray or Vertex:

Note, you will have to look into geometry for more insight on this particular subject. A book of geometry should have examples of acute angles, obtuse angles, complementary angles, supplementary angles etc. Everything in existence is mathematics. The distance between where you are and your destination, the distance between two people conversation, the exchange of money, the beats of a person heart, the inhalation of air, the yards we walk per day and the miles we drive per day; are all mathematics.

Mathematics coincides with science, especially physics. Science is how things operate, everything operates in mathematics, such as the orbits of the: sun, moon, and planets. For mathematics to manifest into science, it will have to be applied properly. Knowledge isn’t wisdom, until knowledge is applied. Numbers don’t lie, if something doesn’t add up, then it isn’t correct. In the subject of mathematics, there are either a correct or incorrect answer. No grey colors, just black, and white. Any other subject outside of mathematics could be tamper.

Mathematics is a universal language of numbers, 2 + 2 = 4, no matter where you are on this planet. Art is an expression; we also refer to some mathematical equations as expression, in the subject of mathematics. The art of war, the art of seduction and martial arts are all expression of applied mathematics, which is science. Math is exercises of mathematical equations that are not applied. Science will not exist or manifest itself, without mathematical computation.

The most essential and logical forms of supreme knowledge and great wisdom are: mathematics, science, language, and law. Of course, with these forms of knowledge alone, comes an abundance of other bodies of knowledge such as: finance, business, precious metals, commerce, linguistic, communication, symbology, engineering, meteorology, computers science, sociology, history etc.

The history of mathematics, science, language, and law should give a person an overstanding of all things, if these subjects are studied from their origins and mastered. Mathematics been here since and before the first form of existence on earth (Geb). Language is originally a universal form of communication, and recognition, through mathematics. The History of law is important, because it is the law that governs all things. Maat (Egyptian goddess) was the first form of law, and she represents order, justice and balance. That which is above, also contain laws, the law of gravity from the universe, governs the planet earth. Law is power, the power to attain freedom.

Anyone could be a mathematician or learn mathematics, if they develop two qualities, which are discipline and patients. However, the study of mathematics itself will develop these quality. Every college degree program requires credits from mathematical courses. There are no exceptions, this should tell you something. Mathematics develops critical thinking. You need to be a critical thinker to solve complex forms of mathematics. Also, mathematics will develop your concentration to details. It could help you stay focus on problems until they are solved. Furthermore, mathematics develops our analytical ability, because we need to analyze certain equations before solving them.

It was noted by some scientists that the average human being uses no more than 10% of their brain. Most people embrace or know about 1% – 10% of mathematical subjects or branches. In order to use 100% of your brain, you would need to master all pure forms of mathematics, including mathematical science, and applied mathematics. European conquerors during the 13th – 16th century replaced the subjects of advance science and mathematics with the study of religion and philosophy. This was done to dumb down the victims of domination. Modernly, many people are distracted by plenty of subjects, besides spirituality, divinity, mathematics, science, language, and law. Therefore, many people are not paying attention to the most essential, logical, and advance forms of knowledge and wisdom.

Mathematics develops qualities such as: confidence, intuition, discipline, patients, critical thinking, problem solving, concentration, analytical thinking, and alertness. During ancient times in the land of Afaf-rayay-kaa, our ancestors were highly skilled, mathematicians and scientist. They predicted the weather through mathematical calculations, and the application of physics and calculus, such as today’s meteorologists. Since many people from other continents on geb (earth) besides Afaf-rayay-kaa, didn’t understand the mathematics and science behind the prophecy of our Afaf-rayay-kaa-u (African) ancestors, other races of people started to worship our ancestors as gods. They were fascinated by what was manifested through the application of our mathematical sciences.
Thousands of years ago on the continent of Afaf-rayay-kaa (Africa), people who were highly skilled in the subjects of mathematics and science was able to control the weather. A lot of people might view this as supernatural or paranormal ,but it is merely a manifestation of advance mathematical science being applied. The reason events such as, making a region experience rain through the application of mathematical science isn’t organically practiced today, because people doesn’t value mathematics, most think it is worthless. Therefore, people are becoming consumers at an alarming rate, and they are not producers or creators. I refer to creators or inventors as goddesses and gods, because that exactly what they are.
The spell has you living in a delusion and out of tune with Neter (Nature). The four elements of life:
Shu – Air
Geb – Earth
Nun – Water
Re – Sun

All of these elements have the power of life and death on this ptah (planet earth). The science of Shu is chemistry, Geb is geology, Nun is oceanography and Re is astronomy.
The number used to define the elements of life is the number 4. Maat or universal law, keeps the elements of life in order. Language is the method of conveying verbal messages that are not visual. It is the spell that has people out of tune with self, earth, and the universe. Religion is the old spell. Supposedly, religion was used to civilize people, but the motive of religion is colonization. The seeds of our ancestors are oppressed with religion by the seeds of our oppressor, so they can keep us conformed, and out of tune with Neter (Nature).

Everything in existence is manifested through mathematics and science. When the first molecule and physical object came into existence, mathematics and science was applied. Even without the application of the number one, there was a zero, which equal to nothing in mathematics. Therefore, mathematics existed before it was applied. To be a goddess or god, you would have to produce or create something.

Investigate the profile of most inventors. The best of them were either mathematicians or scientist, many times they were both. A human being could not produce or create anything without the application of mathematics and science, they go hand to hand, and you will just have to bring the foot to the feet. I’m not saying, mathematics and science is all you need to know. Although one cannot be a true goddess or god without the mastery of the four branches of wisdom, which includes mathematics and science. On the quest to becoming a goddesses or god, the mastery of science, mathematics, universal law and language all must be master. The point is there shouldn’t be any original or natural form of knowledge and wisdom that should not be mastered. Again, there are four elements of life. The number four represents the divine. Spirituality is drawn from Neter (Nature), because Neter is the four elements of life. The divine aspect of mathematics and science produces metaphysical results. Mathematical science from a mundane aspect only produces physical results and invisible results such as gas, depending on what substance and chemicals interacting with each other. The way for the original melaninated people is metaphysical. Numerology, sacred geometry, astrology, magick etc... are all branches of divine mathematics.

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