Chief Elder Osiris : The Sacredness Of Living A Blissful Life

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

The Bliss being reference here goes way beyond the human Being state of happiness, this is Divine Bliss I speak of, that which reveal Joy and peace in the Divine Mind and Spirit.

You know beloved, our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors lived a Blissful Life, yet there are some people that become angry when told that they are being used to promote the greater acts of things that serve to prevent you from reaching a state of Bliss and that it is internal Bliss that we all should be striving to obtain and reclaim again, because in a state of Bliss, you are qualified to repel acts of parasitic behavior, and acts that come from human Beings that is the user of Godly Energy and do Lie, deceive, do all sorts of orgiastic sacrifice, using no discipline to discriminate between the ages when offering Human Sacrifices, they be both young and matured, and yes, that act of sacrificing is going on as I speak and you will not believe me ( I use believe because believer choose not to Think ) when I tell you where many of those sacrificing take place and it is all because it be those places where the invading of the inner sanctum of your Divine Mind take place and suck the electric charge away from your DNA, which is needed in order for you to reach a Divine state of Blissful Vibration, the place where the parasites reside that feed on the electric charge in your DNA, is the various places you consider to be the Holy Temple of GOD, your religious worshiping places, which is identified by several different names..

Immediately I know you are wondering, asking the question, where is he getting all of this crazy stuff from, I know so, because that is the generated reaction of people serving as victims, having their Life Line ( DNA) tampered with.

You See beloved, when you are in a place where there are those in position of having your respect, and is being the force of unacceptable ( Bad ) action that prevent you from experiencing the Greater acceptance, ( Good ) which is the Divine Energy that generate the physical _expression of displaying a feeling of Bliss that elevate you beyond the dimension where there is no such Action of Truth, Not True, No Evil, Right, Not Right, Love, No Love, Hate, No Hate, Happiness, No Happiness, Joy, No Joy, Just a Constant Inert sensation of Divine Blissfulness, such is the crown of Divine Life we must strive to obtain.

The experiences of Bliss is the only sensation capable of verifying the Immortality of the Soul, which require a Divine Mind from which only the actuality of the Soul is capable of generating a sanctified Holy Sacred Life of Blissfulness, a level of consciousness whereby only the Divine Oneness with Eternity and Infinity, exist.

The gift of Life is equipped with Life Blissful euphoria experience, a level of Divine Mental Oneness where the _expression of Life give way to the deeper level of consciousness, a level where Eternal Existence is a reality, and in such a ethereal domain, Life is capable of realizing the Joy and Peace such a level of consciousness cause Life to enjoy, some people identify such Blissful experience as the term Love, not so, Love is a Mental Emotional _expression, its term coined by the Europeans, which is connected to the senses of the body as well, but in True Blissfulness, it enable you to rise to the occasion to repel the unsavory forces that is out to dominate, cause discomfort, and destroy the Life out of you.

To be in Bliss is to be ONE WITH GOD and such a Divine state of existence is prevented from being experienced on the Id level of Life Being, because it reveal the tendencies of the want to have and prevent from having, also it cause you to hate and prevent from experiencing Bliss, to kill and be killed, which is of the sin of ego and acts of iniquity, which also prompt you to lie, which give cause to be lied to, to deceive and be deceived, all emotional behavior of this caliber is a part of the ego, which cause jealousy and to be sinful ( Selfish ) on a sensual level of consciousness, and at such a low level, it leave you to be prime prey for those that feast off of the DNA of the Divine Mind, they who are of the lesser Mind ( human ) and whose action cause such a lowly mental state to be concern with self elevation, such a Being, human by evolution, must have the Divine Mind DNA, so they construct an institution call religion and houses where their recruits congregate and feed them a doctrine that cause them to be vulnerable for being raped of their Divine DNA energy, the stuff that is responsible for the action of the Divine esoteric Mind.

Without the ability to experience the Bliss that is inherit in the ability to Think Divinely, the people do perish and there is no greater example that serve as evidence of what I say is True, than the actual condition of Afrika and Black people collectively

In a state of Bliss, only Truth and Reality is common in their presence, verifying the peace and Joy that come from being in a state of Harmony, Order and Balance, the trinity of the Universe, thus the ALL of that Divine Energy, GOD.

The Truth,The negro Afrikan Despise The Truth And Is a lover Of Confusion.

So It Is, And so It shall Be!!!

The Truth, The Negro Despise The Truth And Serve to Be a Traitor to The Black Race!!!

Beloved, Only The Devil Is Displeased Concerning This Revelation, As I Share With you The Truth, Having No Concern With What Your Behavior Will Be Toward Me, Because I Follow The Path So Charted For Me By Our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors, As I Have Only Love For You Who Know, and Know Not.

Date, Time And Place can be assigned to Truth and Lies, but Sound Profound Reasoning and Logic, Bed Down only with Truth

Remain strong and always be alert, taking no one for granted.

Free your Mind and conquer Fear and the Black Divinity will return, bringing the Liberation of the Divine Black so call Afrikan Nation, which is now divided and fearful of God in this life, because of the devil religion.

The Truth, Black folks Despise The Truth, Thus serve as a sign of how hateful we are toward the You of ourselves and how well programmed we Black Folks are.

I come sharing the Truth not with arrogance, but with the Divine
meekness so required of me by our Ancient Cosmic Dark ancestors.
> The Truth is not to be claimed, it require that it be known and
understood, relinquishing all irrational emotions, attributes of Lies
and act of deception.
> Such is why the up coming June 24-25 Gathering is so important
to the True Warriors, the Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist, such
a serious Gathering is not for any and everybody wearing a confused
Black face and a Human Being Mind, ingredients for the making of
nothing but confusion embedded in Fear.
> Quality Divine Black Minds are only welcome at this Gathering,
not the quantity of a Gathering of confused hypocritical Human beings
Minds, those rather to be known as anything but Black people.
> For further Info. regarding the June 24 Gathering, Contact: or tafari4ii@sbcglobal@net
> I Will Present The Truth Wherever I Can Get Truth An Appearance,
Even In The Midst Of Black Folks Fears and Divisiveness!!! -osiris
> Here Is Loving the Black So Call Afrikan,Even In Spite Of
> It Is Time to Elevate The Truth and Condemn The Lie!!!-osiris
> It Is The Black Fool That say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!!-
> It Is The Fool That Ignore The Truth In Favor Of a Fool!!!-osOsiris

> Run! Run!, Run Black Woman And Man, Back Into The Safety Of Your

> The Human Being Say God Command, The Divine Say God Reprimand
> All Respect and Honor to That Black Prophet, The Honorable Marcus
> Hoteph
> Chief Elder
> Sankofa Repatriation Movement
> Hierophant, Teacher Of Ancient Black Afrikan Theology

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