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May 31, 2004
In my continued research for what I suspect would be the original location of Jerusalem, I believe I am getting closer. With the new DNA research that is now available to all on the National Geographic web site they show the merging of two distinct tribes. At this mergence they refer to it as Adam and Eve. I suspect this to be the original location of the formulation of what is now referred to as the Red and White Crowns of Egypt.

The area in which this mergence first took place was North West Kenya. These two tribes are also the DNA makers found in most African Americans today. If one is truly interested in discovering there ancestral roots you would do well to research ancient Kenya and ancestral religions at that point.

The Meru have a fascinating oral history that just might allow you to see more of what occurred and how the Old Testament narrative of hard bondage may have truly played out.

This web page carries some Meru information that you can look over and start your gurney into Truth.

Lets talk about this…………….I find it interesting.

Look over it and tell all of us your thoughts on the subject, everybody is welcomed, even negative comments or disbelievers. Research it more and share your findings.


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Nov 2, 2005
I suspect this to be the original location of the formulation of what is now referred to as the Red and White Crowns of Egypt.

I suspect this sentence to make no kind of sense..."the original location of the formulation of what is now the red and white crowns of egypt" is such a miscalculated combination of words I don't know where to begin correcting it.

Brother, stop trying to force-fit ideas, and just admit when you don't know a thing. That way, those here who know more about the history of Kamit will be better-equipped to assess your educational needs and meet them.

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