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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

The reason the 4 Gospels were written in part to prove the divinity of the father & Son aka Vespasian and Titus. I stumbled on a biography of Nero and by inference came up with the theis and idea. Here are excerpts from the report of Roman historian Suetonius’s Lives of the 12 Caesars:

“ Two branches of the family distinguished themselves-Calvini and the Ahenobarbi were named after their founder, Lucius Domitius, the tradition being that once, on his return to Rome from the country, he met a pair of twins looking more like gods than men, who told him to give the Senate and the people the news of victory (Gospel/Euaggelion), of which nothing had hitherto been heard. In proof of their divinity the twins stroked his cheeks and thereby turned his beard from black to the color of bronze-a physical peculiarity which became dominant among his descendants” . ( Gospel=Good news of military victory or Birth”

Likewise when Vespasian and Titus returned from their military victory against the Jews in Jersalem they submitted their Gospels/Euggelion to the Senate in order that Vespasian could be declared a God and he was and Titus therefore became a son/sun of God which is still on the inscriptions of the Arch of Titus to this day in Rome.

Arch of Titus

Suetonius also reports that Vespassian spit in someones eyes to cure his blindness which was a parody off of the title “Jesus Christ” doing the same thing then him seeing men like tree’s who grafted themselves into the Jewish messianic Tree. Clearly Vespasian claimed the military victory, his miracles and Titus claim his birth from the Virgin Venus. Later on Domitian tried to claim in Revelation that his feet were bronze and that he came from the morning star/Venus but the Senate voted him down to be declared a God.

Vespasian excused himself before God because in warfare he had proposed peace at least three times before the Jews but they burnt down their own houses and resorted to cannibalism of their own infants which became the parody of the Eucharist in the gospel as the Roman military victory dinner over their enemies.

Roman Historian Tactus reports:

Flavius Vespasian, a general of Nero's appointment, was carrying on the war in Judaea with three legions, and he had no wish or feeling adverse to Galba. He had in fact sent his son Titus to acknowledge his authority and bespeak his favor, as in its proper place I shall relate. As for the hidden decrees of fate, the omens and the oracles that marked out Vespasian and his sons for imperial power, we believed in them only after his success”-Roman Historian Tacitus

This belief also included the Senate too.

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