Black Hebrew Israelites : The reason a woman must never commit adultery.


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Sep 13, 2011
Now, I already know that you know that I have issues with this. The question is not so much that I have issues with it, but why.

The Issues Regarding This Are Historical and Factual and Are As Follows;

1. Culturally and historically, the timeline reveals that the "Concept of The Goddess Existed Before The Concept of The God" existed.

2. Linguistically or in the study of languages we find this same truth to revealed.

3. We equally find this to be true in the sense that Afrakan or Black people come from a Mother Based or Matriarchal Culture.

4. There is now global evidence archeaologically, religiously, socially and politically that men of the past purposely sought to raise themselves above the woman and erased her from the pages of spiritual documents and historical documents as best as they thought they could so as to elevate themselves above the woman and bring in a new age of male domination and control.

5. The strangest reality of this post is that "the laws ONLY APPLY to women". Why would this be so? Is the message subconsciously given that "we as men can just go around and sleep with who ever we choose to with no legal or spiritual values or constructs attached"? Isn't this what victors of war do...make laws for the defeated that they themselves do not have to follow?

6. Why do we find in the history and in the writings of Judaism, Islam and Christianity as well as with the Hebrews, them making war against the Goddess concept or female?

7. Why is it that in the history and language construct of question 6, we find the existence of the Goddess before any Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah or any other so called male given name?

8. Why is it that before the so called birth of Prophet Muhammad, that Black people carried the last names of their MOTHER and NOT their FATHER?

This isn't even the tip of the iceburg, for all of this began BEFORE ancient KEMET even physically existed!! Yes I've done my homework! In other words, this crazy stuff began with us....before there was a YT man, an Arab, a Hebrew or anybody else here!!

So no, I'm not feeling this post or the patriarchal misogynistic midset that it displays.

When did Black people begin to fall as a people? It didn't have anything to do with us disobeying any God. We began to fall the very second, minute, hour and day that we as men sought to elevate ourselves above that which gave birth to us...our MOTHERS !!!...and by extension, all women.

HTP !!!
My question is our society was a matriarchal one, who is the leader of your household you or your wife?
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