Somalia : The real reason why Somalians kill!


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Aug 4, 2008
Today my 74 yr old Prof gave our class a little History lesson on Piracy .. He said Piracy started b/c International Govt pushed Fish North of the Arden Ocean and as a result, it crippled Somalia .. Fish were their only profitable producer and Intl Govt was suppose to help Somalia produce other resources to make up for the lost, and they never did ..International Govt includes US, UK and any other developed nation ..As a result of Govt thief, lives will be lost...He advised us that Somalians will no doubt kill any American that crosses their water again ..

I haven't researched his claim, but I trust his word b/c he's an Historian with 30+ years exp.


Dec 20, 2004
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I believe brother oldsoul gave a class on this about a month ago. It was probably recorded and placed in the thread which contains several of his classes.

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