Black Spirituality Religion : The Quality of our Fate depends on how we treat Black Women


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Welcome back yall. We’re taking this thesis to the next level. Also, as a reminder, please remember we’re collaborating one of our sub text categories from in the room A working definition of a “conscious” black man.“conscious”-black-man.91696/

When you have a moment, please go back and check out the groundwork we’ve been laying as we continue the present discussion.

So let’s kinda recap the theme we were considering in ‘A working definition of a “conscious” black man” room.

From the outset of the analysis, we present you, the researcher, with an image. One of the participants (Senegal) also presents powerful images as well (post # 4). The images will be discussed in detail at a later time, or, whenever someone chooses to discuss them at their leisure.

Next, we are speaking about 3 levels of awareness: 1) Insightful 2) Conscious and 3) Enlightened. All elements of the levels should be understood and accepted within "…a general African philosophy." (Senegal ; post # 8). At the present juncture, we have tentatively defined characteristics of only 1 & 2.

On the elements of a black man being conscious, although that mosaic is far from complete, I’mma be bold enough to say so far we all can agree (unless there’s an objection) there’s no way, absolutely none—with no exception— a black man can possibly be conscious if he’s calling our women bchs, bed wenches, hos and sluts.

And we don’t care who you are, right?

Doing so automatically and unequivocally disqualifies a black man from wearing the conscious title.

There are other words which may be included other than those so that list is not exhaustive and for the most part most of us can think of additional nasty words being said but the point being is that overall we kinda get the general idea regarding the forbidden labels as it relates to Black Women which are said by some black men.

To support that premise that you can’t be a conscious black man and call Black Women vitriolic names, we glean either general or specific applicable analysis from our esteem elders--- including a declaration by Dr. Wade Nobles which he says the black polity should be striving for: “High culture, deep thought.”

We are attempting to adopt elements to put us black men on notice that when you call Black Women bchs, hos, bed wenches, sluts and the like, you are hereby now not considered to be “conscious.” No reasonable person should find this behavior acceptable. Because, we are advancing, conscious black men don’t do that against any Black Woman. This is an easy conclusion to come to because doing so is not only unbelievably reckless but it’s not African and it’s not holistic and it does not comply with the ideas of love and respect for Black Women. We can’t force you to love her…but we should be able to force black men who are fixated on harming our Black Women to respect her, right?

As our attempts to further synthesize the data, our transition then moves to expediency. That is to say, because we seem to agree to not throwing the baby out with the bath water, so to speak, we can understand that there are a number of cases where some brothas are clearly not conscious, but yet they may be able to contribute on occasion some valuable information or even do noble things from time to time. If you’re drowning, do you really care who saves you?

Being non-conscious is not antithetical to doing occasional good deeds. Both can co-exist.


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I was thinking.

You know how you sometimes hear people saying how our black ancestors from times past have been reincarnated or manifested in someone else in the present time? They'll say something like "there's the new Malcom X or Martin Luther" or, they will say a brother is the new Marcus Garvey or one of our sisters may be given the honor of saying they have the spirt of Harriet Tubman.

But here's what I rarely hear from people on that subject.

I rarely hear people saying that some of the people (our ancestors) who despised themselves-- and by default despise black people-- have been resurrected in many of our modern day communities. You may hear them say they "act like" them but you rarely hear the actual re-incarnation. My understanding is the definition of ancestors does not equate to only those who we like or care to quote or those we love reading about in history.

Runaway slaves are indeed our ancestors. But so too are those slaves who enjoyed running with white masters to catch the runaway slaves.

If we believe in reincarnation or the passing of the spirits, I'm not familiar with any cosmic rules which only permit the runaway enslaved to visit us in the 21st century. Where is the spirit laws which prevent the enslaved blacks who enjoyed tormenting other enslaved, quote me a spiritual law which prevents them from being among us in the 21st century?

What stops them from emerging out of the cosmic wormhole of the past and into the 21st century so that they may continue their work?

In Boyce Watkins’ YouTube video entitled “Issa Raye’s character Doesn’t Use Condoms As Black Women Die From HIV” at the 6:53 mark you will hear these words:

“Yall may not know this…black women literally lead the f--king planet right now or at least lead the nation in new HIV infections. Did yall know that? Black women are number one on the list. It ain’t gay people. It ain’t men. It ain’t f--king one-legged midgets. It’s African American women leading the nation in HIV infection.” [Published YouTube September 10, 2018].

See, this is some Nasheed-Sotmyer shizzle but with a veneer of concern and using unnamed sources to show Black Women how come they so dirty. Don’t forget what we pointed out about Watkins. We pointed out that he’s slicker with his anti-Black Woman skills. He’s not raw and open like Nasheed and Sotmyer. As a habit, you won't hear him calling Black Women bchs, hos, sluts and bedwenches. Naw, he'll throw some "studies" and "stats" on you which basically says the same thing.

Am I saying HIV doesn’t plague some Black Women? Of course not, because it does. But it also plagues other races and genders as well. Watkins is not kicking facts…he spreading lies against Black Women because he has a problem with Black Women controlling their own peripheries.

And he never mentioned where he got his information from yet he gone say Black Women “literally lead the f--king planet” regarding HIV infections.

So what does this say, what is the subliminal message: “Eff, why would I wanna date a Black Woman when most of’em got HIV?”

This is more hatred being spewed against Black Women but wrapped in a silk ribbon.