Black People : The Problem With Certain Believing Black Afrikans

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Problem With Certain Believing Black Afrikans Are That We "Want" The Result From Freedom Before We Do What Is Revolutionary Necessary To Obtain Our Freedom!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Wake Up! Black People, The Black World Is In Need Of Your Divine Mighty Strength Of A Mind That Does Not Lie To You About The Greater Good-God And The Black Self, Today Is The Day Of You Being In Need Of Your Reformation, beloved.

We are the only Race of people Black that we are that do not have a pot to piss in that is our own and is living without power and authority over the Life we live and is more concerned about everybody else problems but our own and we go talking vain lies absent of Rational Truths to get the attention of acceptance from the very people who live to be the source of evil acted against the very Race of people who Love our oppressors more than ourselves, Black Afrikans we are, living without a country we are not in the sole authority of and is living without freedom in this day and time, yet we Black Afrikans make claim to be an intelligent people, a people not ashamed of being ignorant about knowing about the Divine Nature of the Greater Good-God and Self of Black Divine Universal Beings, now choosing to be Human Beings like our oppressors identify themselves to be having an antinature Mental spiritual performance..,

All Independent Nations did not achieve their independence by Osmosis nor by talking about independence and not doing what is required for a Nation in need of independence must actively do to become independent, by the way, Freedom and Justice come with Revolutionary Independence which Afrika and Black Afrikan people are a long way from experiencing in Afrika the Continent and it is Afrika Continental Freedom, Justice, and Independence that is required in order for Black Afrikans and Afrika to experience, so it is the Divine Truth with Reality need be told about the status of Black Afrikan people and Afrika in the world, no wishful mental performance is needed just empirical factual Revolutionary action to have the Greater Good to be the experience of Mother Afrika and Her Black Afrikans in residence in Afrika. with independence having a United States Of Afrika Government in action Governing Black Afrikans in Afrika, you call that Black Afrikans Freedom with Justice and independence living having the power to be self-protective against all lies and acts of deception, beloved.

A well-experienced farmer knows very well what it takes to have an abundance of crops and sure as hell it does not take putting the cart before the horse, beloved.

The loss of the once Divine Mind of Black Afrikan people has now caused Black Afrikans to function with the mental performance of our oppressors who have Black Afrikans with a mind that lies and deceive all the time being only to believe and never to Divinely Think.

Black Afrikans "WANT" the abundance of crops without performing the labor required to produce those crops and to Afrika and the Black Afrikan people the crops needed in abundance in Afrika is Freedom, justice, and Independence which will not come by talking about what you "WANT", it will take revolutionary action to take back what has been taken from Black Afrikans and Afrika, your freedom Black Afrikan Woman and Man.

We must reclaim our Divine Mind and that quality of mind is what have you to Think using Logic and Rational Reasoning with a healthy dose of common **** sense, not putting the cart before the horse which means the cart goes nowhere in the process of farming and today the Black Afrikans must see ourselves as Revolutionary Farmers sowing the seed of Freedom, Justice, and Independence to come to Afrika to be enjoyed by Black Afrikan people and then we can intelligently discuss the type of economic system that is to be adopted by the people of Afrika Now Black and proud again, beloved.

Therefore, I declare to you my Sisters and Brothers, First, we must do what is required for us to do to obtain our Freedom, Justice, and Independence and then all that we need to become self Governed will be of our own doing and you ask what is it that we are required to do to obtain our Freedom, Justice, and Independence and I reply to you such is not to be discussed on this internet so all the world can see and hear when wisdom have you to know that all the world do not desire to see the Black Afrikan and Afrika Free functioning as a United States Of Afrika Government qualified to protect our own, beloved

Afrika, as it is today, has no secured sovereignty, nobody to protect the Children and the Land and to be qualified to be in such a physical and mental condition to do so, you first must have complete power and authority over Afrika with a well trained and organized Black Afrikan people who have undying respect for Freedom, Justice, and Independence and is willing to perform whatever task to make sure that the Black Afrikan is no fodder for Jokes but to be well Respected and that will only be when we show the world that Black Afrikans are on a mission to regain control of our Mother and Father Land, Afrika, which mean that we know it is going to take a well-qualified mind to let the Black Afrikan know that Freedom must be the goal of all Black Afrikans to be in Afrika with the presence of Justice and independence.

A people and the country they reside in get no respect if there is no display of Mental, Spiritual and Military might, with a mighty will to feed itself being under the control of the people of the country. being Governed by a United States Of Afrika Government and live with a quality of mind that let you know that if Freedom is taken away from you then you have the responsibility to take your Freedom back, because Justice and Independence respect only Freedom and we the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors have the obligation to secure our Enslaved Ancestors Freedom and without that accomplishment, there will be no United States Of Afrika Government to be in Afrika Governing Black Afrikan people.

Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation Is The doorway through which we Black Afrikans must enter if to reach the goal Freedom for such is the assurance of Freedom to be in Afrika for the Black Afrikan people to be in Afrika, beloved.

Only the fool debate what is Divinely True, beloved, this I share with Black Afrikan people are the Divine Truth.

Divine Respect

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