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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Black people do not like to hear the Divine Truth and this is about any and everything that has not been sanction by those people with a History of abusing Black People, not just white people, the Arabs and Jews are included, so if something is shared with Black People and it does not have the Trinity of Evil to Black people stamp on it, then Black People, as if we are automatically are calibrated to reject what ever is being given to us and especially by Black people.

Black People behave as if we are to be naturally in a position of our lives to prove to other people that we deserve to be included in their lives action, and to prove that we are worthy to be given consideration of respect, and that Life is set on a Tier system of Class struggle, and that Life is to go to the fittest in order to survive respectfully, as if Life is not to be considerate and assisting, one to the other, without a Rank of class, such is the value of standards so constructed by people calling themselves, HUMAN BEINGS and not DIVINE BEINGS, BEINGS OF A BLACK PHENOTYPE.

Black People have developed a psychic against ourselves, been made to believe that Black People are not capable of sharing with black people, not anything of any Divine substance and of value, that is if it is not just a repeat of the things been so established to be True and what we Black People want to believe that which has been told to us by our Trinity of Evil, with White People serving as that Luciferian Crown of Evil.

Black People is as if we have fallen into a hole of depreciation and is stuck in the web of Self destruction, set on following the lead of people consisting of our Trinity of Evil, with a Spirit that come from them that associate with a Trinity of Evil Spirit, represented to be Vain Ego, Envy, And Jealousy, WHICH BLACK PEOPLE WEAR AND PRACTICE SO PROUDLY AGAINST EACH OTHER, and Black People wear that Trinity as a badge of Honor to be practice faithfully, only against Black People, as if to say, there is not one thing of a Greater good that can come from the Mind of Black People, the Belief of a people about themselves that serve as our assurance that we will remain the people upon this Planet that is without any Self Respect and is a problem unto ourselves.

Anything, it does not matter what it might be, if it is not sanction by the Trinity of Black Folks Evil Human Beings, Black people automatically dismiss it as being unacceptable to us, as if to be proud to do ourselves a disservice, as if we are locked in a mental Mode to destroy ourselves, both Physically as well as Spiritually, which we are doing, as long as we remain to function outside of our Divine mind.

Have you ever notice black people Spirit, A spirit that appear to be a Mental copy of the People who serve as the trinity of our evil, how Black People are so focus and Loyal to practicing our Trinity of evil way of Life Living, even if not on their same Level of Social - Economic and Political class, make no different to us, we have learned to just be satisfied in imitating the spirit of the Trinity of our evil, causing black people Greatest Problem to be that of Black People.

Beloved, how can you expect to rise up from out of this demeaning Hole in which the Trinity of Evil has placed us in, if we do not strive to get the desire to Know ourselves again, as long as we serve to be the people upon this planet that do not Know whom we are as Black People, the more certain Black People become to believe about ourselves in the way we have been programmed to believe about all that our Lives have been exposed to, in our present mental condition, which serve to be evident that Black people biggest problem, happen to be Black People.

Granted, we did not create the Problem that cause us to be locked in a Hole of physical and Mental despair, but our biggest problem is that Black People do not want to get out from the Hole of Self degradation, in which we now reside, pushed and lied and deceived into that hole where we have been for over four hundred years in America, but it serve no justification to our Black selves to just settle back and conform to such a strange way of Life we have been conditioned to adopt to be our Normal way of Living, which is always depending on the Trinity of our evil, for our Life direction, which cause Black People Problem to be that of Black People today.

Black people being Black people Problem, such may have not been the Truth of our Matter before our fallen time, but did occur after that Time and today, now since the Divine Truth has Risen, sanction by the Universe, and now being Revealed by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, not by our Trinity of Evil but by Black People of a Divine Mind again, sharing that which is the Divine Truth concerning God, Universe, and our Black Selves.

There are Black People now sharing the Divine truth to Black People today and such a Divine Truth coming has wiped away all excuses that use to be Black people Mental Protection, by being able to state that we did not Know the Divine Truth, because it had not been presented to us Black People, not since it had been taken away from us, but not any more can Black People use such an Excuse and now can not claim to be influenced to choose the Doctrine of those Trinity of Evil, having not the Divine Truth to Choose.

Black People have been conditioned to conform to a Spirit that has presented a Structure of Life way of Living that is not commonly Natural to the Divine Way of Life that our Ancient First Way Ancestors did Live, while upon this Planet in Divine Physical Form, A Space Of time Black People was conditioned mentally to forget.

Black people, through our Mental Transformation, we now without the ability to question the Belief System we have been conditioned to Humanly Embrace and Black People have been made to become Black People most Potent Black people Problem today, having become a people with Eyes but can not see, Ears but can not Hear, Mind but do not Think, and all because of the absent of our Divine Mind which our Ancient First Way Ancestors originally Endowed us with, a Mind that did Know What God Is, The Meaning and Purpose of the Universe and with Knowledge of our Divine Black Selves, and it is because of the Lost of our Divine Mind, that the Problem With Black People is Black People and we now have no more excuse for us Black People to remain to be our own Problem, because our Divine Truth has now come back to us again, and all Black people have to do is prepare ourselves to accept it, and that is why Black People are in Need of a Black Spiritual Retreat.

Beloved, I know you can not See the Divine Truth in That which I share with you and it is all because you are operating with the Mind of our Trinity of Evil, they being those people with a History of erasing our Divine Mind and replacing it with their Mind and they did present themselves to you as being Human Beings and not Divine Beings, clearly a Mind Difference, the Former confessing to be a Liar and Deceiver and the Latter Revealing To Be that of the Divine Truth and Reality, while the former get you to Believe in that they tell you about life, while the latter Reveal to you that you should Know about Life.

There is not one Divine Mind that bow to the fake God of the Human Beings, the Trinity of Evil interaction, an evil that get you to believe that God is a Man and His Son represent a ball Of Confusion, YET CLAIMING TO BE QUALIFIED TO SAVE YOU FROM THE CREATORS OF EVIL AND THE FAKE JESUS CHARACTER, requiring that you accept and serve them, THE TRINITY OF EVIL, with the use of not a Divine Mind, but with the use of irrational Emotional Belief, common to the Human Being Mind and all who practice such an irrational Religion, serve to be an evil against the Divine Truth and Reality , attributes of the Eternal Infinite Divine Essence, The Perfect Night, which is the Soul of Infinite Energetic Intelligence, needing not a Religion to verify Its Divine Truth And Reality To All It Produce To Be, And All That Is Not To Be, Such a Divine Essence Is The Verification Of The Divine Truth In A Divine Motion of Infinite Continuum

The Problem With Black People, Is That Black People, Is Black People Problem !!!.

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Beloved, continue to speak, recognize, and witness the Divine truth.

I Bow to you.

Be Kind to your Self, Beloved


Chief Elder
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