Black People : The Problem With Black Folks Is Black Folks

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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Problem With Black Folks Is Black Folks!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I Do Not Share All That I Know You Need To Know With You On This Internet, Do You Know Why, Beloved?

The Problem With Black Folks Is Black Folks, And White Folks Made It To Be That Way For Black Afrikan People.

Also, Black Afrikan people love being lied to by white folks it makes us feel good and trusting of white folks as we gladly ignore the nature of our master teacher, experience, which is what verifies the historic performance of white people spirit toward and against Black Afrikan people, not hearsay, but the experience.

If living is to become advanced in Time, which is what we refer to as old age and you live to be so, if such a fortune does not have you to be a passenger with wisdom, then you would have lived your time ignorantly which have you to be no good to the space you occupy and in our case, the Black Afrikans, we live not to experience the Greater Good-God presence in and of Life which causes us Black Afrikans today, to be of no Greater Good but of its opposition to the self of Black Afrikan people and there is no Divinity in such a living status of that Black body spiritual performance.

So you see, I know what white folks have made us be and I know who white folks perform to be and therefore I have no Divine expectation of Black Afrikan people knowing what is required in order to live Divinely, a state of mind the soul of Black Afrikans no longer is with the knowledge of.

Therefore, today Black Afrikans are incapable of living in accordance with our Natural design, which is Divine and to be Divine have you with the use of the body-mind thinking and not wishing and hoping about that which is, however, you believe it to be, which is profane.

Being Divine have you being with a thoughtfulness that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance when reasoning the fact that requires you to be thinking about, such a use of the mind that has you to know what is Divinely True and Real which produce the awareness and power of Freedom which has you to be with the mental power that has you to know and not believe about what you need to know.

Such a Mental Divine Status has you to be wise in the act of living and the use of wisdom is lacking among Black Afrikan's who is believers with a desire to emulate white folks that has Black Folks to be without the use of Divine wisdom today.

So yes, when it all boils down to the Divine Truth about today Black Afrikans, most of us, now live to be the greatest problem that the Black Afrikans face today!!!

Now instead of you Black Afrikans stealing away to your most private corner of the mind you now using and make every effort to Think about our Black self, we rather express an ignorance present that has you with discontent over having the Divine Truth shared with your Black behind concerning that which white folks have you to be to your Black self, your greatest problem..

Why in the hell do you not think to know the reason why there is no respect the world has for our Black unorganized behind, it is all because we Black Afrikans have no self-respect and when you do not respect your self then how in the hell can you demand respect from somebody other than your self, beloved, which is not wise to do.

Therefore, it is a self disrespecting Black Afrikan people who are a disorganized Black Afrikan people and because of our disrespect for self, we have lost all pride in being our natural Black self, all because we have become educated by that white racist Luciferian Human Being to believe our salvation is in becoming just like that white racist Human Being, again, such a mental display, is not wise!!!

So what do we Black Afrikans do, we spend a lifetime living attempting to emulate a race of people with historic experience in dumbing down who use to be the wisest of Nature Design, Oh, By The Way, That Is You Black Afrikan people, you who excite not over the fact of our need to be Free, not everywhere we been scattered on this planet earth but in Afrika where the Center of Black Afrikan power resides, beloved.

Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation represents to Afrika and Black Afrikans to be in Afrika, our Freedom.

Wisdom Demand That We Go Get It, Black Woman And Man, freedom, it is.

On Nov 3, Black Afrikans will make a decision for white folks involving ourselves in their political game which provide no Divine changing effect to the caste Black Afrikans live in a systemic Racist Government of the USA, such an act of participation by Black Afrikan Americans verify the lack of use of wisdom in our decision making as Black Afrikans living in America, not by choice!!!

Divine Respect

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