Black People : The Problem With Black Afrikan People

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Problem With Black Afrikan People Is That We Do Not Know The True And Real Meaning, Definition, and Purpose Of Freedom!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Now, the first thing that enters the profane Mind of Black Afrikans toward this Subject statement is to be selfish rebellious at something the ****** and Negro knows not about anymore and that is what this Missive subject is informing Black Afrikans who has no attitude with Thinking.

I share with Black Afrikans a small private glimpse of my Divine Thinking and some of you if not most of you Black Afrikans get offended at something being shared with you that you have long ago forgotten and in case you have not to notice I do not use the Term, Tell, when I am communicating with Black Afrikan people, it is too selfish of a Term that implies Self Elevation over those you are communicating with over this Internet, which is devilishly public.

I must admit that I Divinely Meditate to the Ancient Of Ancient Divine Universal Cosmic Black Ancestors about Black Afrikans people and why it is that the today Black Afrikans has a spirit that is a long way from the quality of spirit nature qualified us to display and they informed me that it is the quality of Mind guiding the Black Body that reveals the quality of Spirit that you will display and that the today Black Afrikans no longer is being guided by the Divine Mind Nature Designed Black Universal Divine Cosmic Beings with, so I can not see what is not qualified to be any more of a Black Afrikan use, which is to be Universal Divine Beings and here we are now being self-confessed Black Afrikan Human Beings, a confession of who is in control of the Mind of the Black Afrikans who do not Think Divinely today.

So, beloved Black Afrikans, My awareness of the Black Afrikan spirit has been given to me to know by those Ancients Of Ancient Black Cosmic Divine Universal Ancestors, is this, We Black Afrikans today do not know the Divine Meaning, definition, and purpose of Freedom and it is a false construction of Freedom we Black Afrikans are making claim to, and you can not have an appreciation of the Divine Truth without Freedom of Mind and Universal Freedom is Divine and is not Social Freedom which is connected to worldly precepts and example of events that happen on earth, some caused by Nature performance and some is caused by Mankind performance and Mankind performance is socially worldly which is under the control of that white racist Luciferian Human Being.

So, there is no need to wonder why Black Afrikans and Afrika are in the state of worldly condition we are in today and we display a description that does not match the Divinity of the once Black Divine Mind performance which causes the quality of spirit we have on worldly display today.

You can't appreciate the Divine Truth if you have not the Mind that knows the meaning, definition, and purpose of Freedom, hell, Freedom is the Infinite Dimension of that which is God, a Divine Reality we no longer is with knowledge of what God Is and will not know as long as the Mind of Lucifer is in control of that Divine Black Body now being profanely treated by Black Afrikans.

We Black Afrikans can talk about all of the changing stuff you want to have happened to Afrika and Black Afrikan people but as long as we do not know the meaning, definition, and purpose of Freedom, we will remain to be known as those Black Afrikand who is all talk and no action and it takes the two in relationship with a divine purpose to have those talked about changes to become a member of our Divine Reality, beloved.

Now, my point is this beloved, you do not know me, you just know of that degree of my mind I share with you on this WWW. Internet, and as I have stated I **** show do not know the Black Afrikans I see today in passing on this Internet and nowadays in a walk by in the act of living life in the physical.

Which mean that either you have been missing what I have in a roundabout way informing you about what Black Afrikans need to do to change the direction that white racist Luciferian Hybrid Being has us Black Afrikans going today, talking fast and knowing not thyself as the Ancients Of Ancient Ancestors have told us we must learn to know again, as well as has informed us Black Afrikans that the Way to our Freedom is so simple that a foolish Afrika if take time to think, will not error in knowing the way to our Freedom!!!

We Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans have sat around on our no thinking Black behind and has allowed the most strategic opportune time for us to make our demands known concerning the need for justice, freedom, and independence for our Enslaved Ancestors known, which can only come in the form of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation which represent Freedom for Afrika and the Black Afrikans to be in Afrika.

I am not allowed to share with you Black Afrikans everything that I know as is revealed to me to know and most of what I share is different from what those retreating sorry Behind Black leaders have you believing in today, which is profane information that is carrying us to our continued downfall as a Black Afrikan Nation no longe United!!!

So yes, The Problem With Black Afrikan People Is That We Do Not Know The True And Real Meaning, Definition, and Purpose Of Freedom, a condition web have no respect for and knows not the pleasure it have you feeling when active in the way you live and to be free is to be Godly and to be Godly is to be True and Real to self, beloved.

To Know the Meaning, Definition, and purpose of Universal Freedom will have Black Afrikans fighting unceasingly to collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, such is what needed to free Afrika and Unite the Black Afrikan Nation who need to be Governed by a United States Of Afrika Government that would be Divinely by, of, and for the Black Afrikan people in Afrika is where we need to be!!!

Divine Respect

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