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May 7, 2009
He Makes Me SOOOooo HAPPY!

Pharrell Williams…

This song is so uplifting! I spent hours basking in the meaning of the song. I watched countless videos of different colleges and countries all over the world interpret this song in music videos. To see that it became Global made my mind go back to the days of Michael Jackson in how he sung, ‘We are the World’ and I thought about other World Peace efforts. Pharrell Williams blew it away! It’s so ironic though that this song, in my opinion, comes at one of the most violent times of the universe and a time when I feel that the very existence and survival of African people is once again in jeopardy as in the past, as if on a global scale. Is this why president Obama was elected; to set us up for another global movement of genocide attacks or what!? My heart is with the people of Ferguson and other places in the world where people are suffering and where all of us who have goodwill also have hope that justice will prevail for all people no matter what color, creed, kind, religion, beliefs, or nationality. My heart goes out to the people of Liberia and other parts of West Africa who are struggling to overcome the Ebola Crisis. It’s so ironic too that Pharrell’s ancestors are said to have emigrated to Liberia ‘Way Back When!’ during the 1830s and now, he would become so talented as to have a message of having happiness reach across the ocean during a time like this, a time of crisis in Africa. I also realize that the artist of this wonderful song, Pharrell, has faced criticism for his choice of women in his new and recent album cover, and I have read his response as well. I must say though, that in his official video, he certainly featured some beautiful Black women and that makes me HAPPY!

I was so amazed too, to find that he was born and raised in my Stumping Grounds! As a Navy Brat, I spent much of my youth in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads, and my family and I attended some of the very same schools that he attended and I reminisce over some bittersweet times. But the sweetest of all was that after I graduated from college there, I also met my husband. How many times we found ourselves on the beach strolling along the boardwalk. Strangely though, because the prime of my life was a time when the movie Roots by Alex Haley hit the screens, every time I go to the beach, even now, I always think about the Slave Ship Era. That thought has never left me, it surfaces all of the time especially when I go to the beach anywhere, and I can’t fully explain why I feel this way. However, this brings me to the most exhilarating part about this Happy song! It gave me the passion to search for how it was interpreted in my Mother Land of Africa and I was SO NOT disappointed!

After I watched videos of European countries listed as ‘recommended’ on the internet, I typed in search words for Happy music videos in Africa and saw that there are many! In fact, I realize that I am late in the realization of this Global HAPPY Video Movement! Lol! But anyway, after I saw the first music video of Africa, I thought Wow! This is the best! But then I saw the next and then I said, this is the best! Then I saw another. . . ! I cannot now say that any of them are the best, because they are mostly all so awesome and they went viral! To see the beautiful African people and the land and how they express their soulful happiness through this song is so uplifting. It gives me hope for the future of Africa and African people of goodwill. I yearned for that African beat, that African rhythm in Africa, that I knew I would love and that I just was not feeling in some of the other videos. But most of all and like in the other videos of other countries that display their beauty, I wanted to see THE BEAUTY OF AFRICA; The Beautiful African men and ultimately, THE AFRICAN FLOWERS. Like the other countries that are proud to show their natural beauty that made them HAPPY, I wanted to see the natural beauty of Africa; Black African women--the young school girls, the young ladies, the queen mothers, and the pretty little Black baby boys and girls rockin the African rhythm. The feeling is beyond exhilarating. That to me is the Flower of Africa. Now, I am so happy. I have seen more beautiful flowers of Africa than I have seen in all of the beauty pageants thus far! It’s about time.

Even though I have not watched all of the video interpretations, I just want to post the top ten of my favorites. Again, although I can’t say which ones I like the best, I will first list mainly the ones that caused me to want to look at them over and over again. I have found that the one of the videos I looked at the most was HAPPY FROM BURUNDI because they just seemingly showed a representation all of the natural beauty of their world. I mean the little fellas will not disappoint because they deliver Africa. I also repeatedly watched HAPPY FROM THE IVORY COAST because it was so colorful. It was off the scale! Then there is the HAPPY FROM RWANDA [2 of them], it was so awesome! It’s perfection. Completely top quality. But even though it’s not in Africa, I must mention Brazil because they were awesome. I’ve learned that this is the second country in the world with the most population of people from Africa, but I could not help but notice that amongst some of those afros, there was a complete absence of African women keeping that Brazilian rhythm. But because the Happy from CHINA was so BANGIN!--, it is a must to post them and show their China beauties. The China rhythm is completely OFF THE CHARTS. They straight up nailed it! Japan too, the Happy from TOKYO was completely AWESOME! They Blew me away! But as far as the pure African rhythm that I yearned for, well, I saved the best for last. THEY DEFINE RHYTHM IN ITS TOTALITY! THERE IS NO ONE BETTER--MOTHER AFRICA! Can’t Help but be Happy…

[1] Happy from Burundi ***** Oh My God! This is so Universal! Sweet Little Babies,
The Most Beautiful & Loveliest Women in the World! So Colorful! The Perfect Color of Perfection! MIND BLOWING!!!

[2] Happy from the Ivory coast***** SO COLORFUL! A TOTAL FANFARE!
They Break it Down!

[3] Happy from Rwanda*****It Just Doesn’t Seem to Get Any Better Than This! Oh! THE LITTLE BABY WAS A BOPPIN! The queens! the young flowers!…

[4] Happy from Rwanda*****PERFECTION; Pretty people all colors, Pretty boys, so Classy-cont.
[5] Happy from Kpalime***** Ode to the PRETTY BOYS! -cont.
[6] Happy from Lome [Togo] beautiful girls*****Oh My God, THE PRETTIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD!-cont.
[7] Happy from Ghana*****Does it Get Any Better Than This!? Total African Beauties--
They Belong on the Top of A Wedding Cake. This video was so SUAVE. It’s a Classic. -cont.

[8] Happy from china WOW!!! TOPS! Does China Have an African Bone! Good God!

[9] Happy from Tokyo WHEW! TOPS! I Watched this Again and Again! -cont.

[10]] Happy Again from THE IVORY COAST!!!
Good God, I feel like they Conjured Up Some Spirits! Good Spirits, I Hope!
That was Insane! Lol! The Women are so Beautiful! I Feel Like that was like the Real Zulu Dancers of Cana Island that is now called The Hawaii Hulu Dance. THANK YOU IVORY COAST! I Can’t Stop Watching This…I Need to Go to Bed! No one does it like Mother Africa! God I’m So HAPPY Now.

Thank You Pharrell Williams! That is the Beat that Stirs My Soul.

Early Life [edit]

Pharrell Williams was born on April 5, 1973, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, [5][6] the oldest of three sons of Pharaoh Williams, a handyman, and his wife Carolyn, a teacher. [7] His roots extend for generations in Virginia and North Carolina, and one of his ancestors journeyed to west Africa in 1831, prompting other relatives to emigrate from America to Liberia in 1832. [8]…
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