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May 7, 2009
From the Amazing Technology of Today to the Spirit & Opportunity of JeHovah, the Omnipresent

The Origins of Pyramids & Mound Building Complexes . . . Is it of this Earth? [3]


Picture taken by spacecraft on the planet Mars

Bosnian Mound -- much higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt


Great White Pyramid in China-- much higher than pyramid in Egypt

And Solomon loved the LORD, walking in the statutes of
David his father: only he sacrificed and burnt incense in
high places. 1KINGS 3:3.

Moreover he made high places in the mountains of Judah,
and caused the inhabitants of Jerusalem to commit fornication,
and compelled Judah thereto. 2 CHRONICLES 21:11
[Jehoram, the son of Jehoshaphat]

For the children of Judah have done evil in my sight, saith
the LORD: …And they have built the high places of Tophet,
which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and
their daughters in the fire; which I commanded them not, neither
came it into my heart. JEREMIAH 7:30-31.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the
darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in
high places. EPHESIANS 6:12.

Based upon many books that I crossed referenced with the Bible, to my surprise I came to realize that the planet Jupiter directly correlates to the time of the Great World Flood. In addition to many other scientific circumstances that contributed to this phenomena, the planet Jupiter seems to have became ‘a new star’ that came into orbit with our solar system around that time and has a direct relation to how the Creator God flooded the earth beginning on April 17, 2356 B.C. For this reason, the ancient original Greeks associate their ancestor Shem to water, creeks, floods, and to the later pagan god Zeus, ‘the thunder god’, and many ancient descendants of JapHeth who became apart of the Greek civilizations associate their ancestor to being ‘Zeus-Apollo’ and to ‘Jupiter’ for which the planet was eventually named. So it became apparent to me that although the planets can be defined as being trillions of years old, however, they were not old in respect to our solar system and this was a crucial aspect that has been carefully omitted from our educational systems in regards to the subject about the age of the planets. I then also realized that if the planet Jupiter has only entered our solar system after the Creation of Adam and Eve, then so could have Mars and the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. Could the planet Mars also become traced to an exact date for which it entered our solar system?

It was the Mayan script that led me to see that one of their major goddesses worshiped was correlated by them to the planet Mars. Therefore in addition to their worship of ‘the Earth Mother’ of which has a much earlier date of origin, the Mayans also regard another major goddess of whose point of origin revolves around the date of August 3113 B.C. and of which correlates to the lifetime of Noah’s wife, and the Mayans equated her presence to the advent of this planet Mars because of the role it played in their eastern oriented religion. The planet Mars became a major part of the theme of the ancient eastern pagan Spring festival of Easter [var. ‘Ashtar’, ‘Esther’, … ‘Ishtar’] and connects the wife of Noah to this festival for a major reason-- that has to do with certain Mayan civilizations. Her significant presence highlights another hidden aspect of the Mayan world in that they at times were a severely divided people and had major violent clashes. Although the original Mayans conformed and bonded with other major civilizations in the Americas who worshiped the supreme idol of a female, they didn’t always and sometimes they rebelled. These other eastern civilizations that bonded with the original Mayans who would initially fall under the name titles of the Mayans would always rise to dominance and then there would be a fallout because the original Mayans always had the opportunity to pull rank based upon inheritance and they always staked their claims as such when they became hostile. The original Mayans would many times claim their rights to leadership from a patriarchal format simply because they inherited that right as they originated from the Kemetic priesthood. However, it was because of their constant worship of Baal and Ashteroth with the female being the highest form, that the Mayans would constantly be exploited and trapped under the domination of the other major groups of whom were actually Canaanite Celtic people of whom thrived and existed off of the Mayans but of whom solely based their origins and rights to lead on a female deity, the Great Lady, the point of origin of the Canaanites.

So the original Mayans who were known as ‘Amalek’ [Amalek-kel; Keltoi, reverse script] in the Old World, and as Celts or Mayans in the Americas, worshiped a female deity as being supreme only when it was convenient but had a constant duality to their basis and rebelled oftentimes when they found themselves exploited by the kind of Celts who actually stemmed from a Canaanite origin especially ‘the Amorites’ and who claimed a right to rule through a female lineage that goes all the way back to ‘the Great Lady’ of whom modern White historians refer to as ‘Lady Beastie’ in their corruption of interpretations of Mayan script. Other more accurate translations by earlier scholars report that the Mayans refer to her as ‘Matawil’ and equated her to the Moon, however, she became added to being a major part of the Easter theme and rituals and added to the worship of ‘the Earth Mother’ of whom began to be worshiped at least a thousand years before her time. The Mayans repeatedly correlate and mark ‘Matawil’s’ presence in relation to the planet Mars of which they inscribe as ‘GII’ but they also offer other dates around that time of 3113 BC in reference to the planet Mars as well showing that her actual date of origin and the significant presence of GII are not simultaneous. Their script about the planet stars of which they inscribed as ‘GI`’ [Mercury], ‘GI’ [Venus], ‘GII’ [Mars], and ‘GIII’ [Jupiter], of which would unequivocally represent ‘Mercury’, ‘Venus’, ‘Mars’, and ‘Jupiter’, becomes exact and redundant in their script as they were masters at Star Worshiping and tracking the movement of the planets. So many blatant mis-interpretations can easily be recognized when more earlier script of the Mayans are regarded because the planet Saturn which has sometimes been added to interpretation was clearly not apart of ancient Mayan depictions and inscriptions until way after their Classical Period began.

Matawil’s historical presence correlates with the Biblical records and again, the Mayans give her a start date of August 3113 BC, approximately 700 years [ie. 722 years] prior to the Great World Flood, and amazingly offers a deep revelation in that before she descended from out of the ark and her blood ‘touched the earth’ she was already pregnant with Canaan. Again too, even though the Mayans correlate Matawil [the Great Lady], with the planet Mars, the actual date that Mars could have entered our solar system could also have been attributed to other strategic events as well because it was around this time that there were other significant ancient people of whom rose to the forefront for various reasons, and there was a great change on the planet. Around the turn of this millennium and the point of origin given to Matawil, Narmer also rose to the top too, and a major phenomena began to be recognized as well. THE DEATH PROCESS became a shocking and unexpected reality that caused people to succumb to great changes in the way they had once existed.

The Death Process marked a beginning period of mound building [ie. pyramid building] and elaborate underground vault constructions [tombs]. As people tried to understand and cope with a phenomena that they could neither control nor prevent, many strange interpretations came about as a result of the death of old prominent people. Because many people could not accept this reality, they began to believe in life after death in different forms of interpretations. But also many eastern people that had set up in Seth lands began to blame the original Seth descendants and the other original Adamah mankind for the phenomena and soon, an evil practice of ritualistic forms of human sacrifice began. Some people came to believe that their leaders would live in another realm within the mounds and tombs, and began to practice mass killings and mass burials of ‘slaves’ along with their dead ‘gods’. But where did the idea of mound building in respect to a connection to the afterlife [continuous life, or existence] originate? Was it a transferred idea put into the psyche of the Adam mankind? Where did the supremacist form of envy and hate crimes come from to make eastern oriented people believe that Seth people should be slaves and servants to Asiatic ‘White’ Supremacist both in life and in the afterlife? Where did Color Supremacy come from? The idea of life after death and mound building that people began to contend with in concentrated efforts around the turn of the millennium would be why I began to think about the advent of the planet Mars into our solar system around that time because it became associated with the sacrifice of Rams. Could the Creator God have caused this red star to enter our solar system around this time period as a mark and a sign of hope for the original Seth and Adamah people that began to become targeted, severely suppressed and sacrificed at the hand of the eastern people who came to their lands to set up a system and then began to blame the original people for the death process? For a certainty, this was the time that Narmer rose up and warred against the Asiatics.

The red star came to symbolize the shedding of blood in relation to agriculture and
the sacrifice of blood was done before seeding. But the planet Mars also came to symbolize a time of war and sacrifice through war as well. Ancient people also equated the planet Mars with the constellation Aries [M’aries] of whose symbol was the Ram too and suggest that the planet Mars came into orbit marked by this constellation during the Spring Equinox and gives the basis for the Easter rituals that were observed at this time. Thousands of years later Roman coins also show that the Star of Bethlehem was also marked to have come into orbit marked by this same constellation of Aries. So even though the planet Mars and the EASTERN festival, EASTER, was observed for the agricultural aspect, there were other significant names that surfaced around this time and add to the aspect of war and human sacrifice. The father of Noah, Lamech’s [Chem; reverse script] words reveal that he might have been caught up in war and captured and forced to build up mounds because he spoke of ‘the ground being cursed’ and his prophecy of his son Noah as being ‘a deliverer’ would obviously connect him to being a captive. Therefore it also becomes consequential that like Noah [ie. Canoah, ‘Canoe’, ‘Noe’, ‘Kanoah’], his father Lamech [ie. Kanofer*] had earlier became skilled in the building up of great mastabas and ultimately became regarded as a great builder and master architect. They had to have been compelled to work in the great ancient CEMETERIES [ie. Cemet-eries, Kemet-eries] of Sakkara and more where many ancient mound complexes and tombs were constructed. Then there was their ancestor Enoch, who died around that time at an early age whose words were later retold that prove it was a time of violence, human sacrifice, great deception, and conflict. And then there was Narmer who was on the scene around this time and warred against the Asiatics around 3150 BC.

Even though Narmer, the Bull king [Amen-the-Unifier…], was an eastern Adamah man, he came up from Thebes and marks that time when Seth people were being severely suppressed and their lives came to revolve around the construction of tombs and mound complexes. So when I consider the origins and reasons behind the massive undertaking of the mound constructions, I wonder about a possible deeper connection there might have been in regards to the planet Mars, a planet that came to signify the sacrifice of Rams; the human sacrifice of the people of Seth-Kemet. The history of Mound Building on the planet earth has been extremely suppressed and only limited information has been made available but research reveals that it became rampant and spread all over the planet. I was never taught about it as I grew up under the American educational system but to my surprise, not only was I born in the very Capitol area of the ancient Mound Builders civilization in North America, but the history of mound building in the ancient Americas are associated with scientific developments that seem to prove mound building occurred at a much earlier time than when it began in the form of mastaba constructions in Egypt. What secrets this earth is holding. With respect to science and archeology, the stone pyramids in Egypt that became the focal point for this kind of history, would only be an advancement from the other kinds of constructions made from mud, mud bricks, and large massive natural stones and leads to the question of another earlier time period that had to have come before the phenomena began in Egypt in which flat top mastabas were constructed overtop of underground chambers. Interestingly, the mastabas that began to become common because of the Death Process served the purpose of the belief in an afterlife, but it would be the other numerous massive earthen mounds and megalithic stone tombs built in the Americas and so many other parts of the earth that proves it was not a new idea but an old one and that served other purposes such as sun worship as well. Like the purpose given of the eastern people who began to construct the tower of Babel, the main purpose of mound building was [1] to reach the heavens, [2] to dominate and live abundantly in the afterlife, and [3] to be worshiped in honor of these ‘high places’ and this leads to a much earlier presence on the earth before the Adamah that seems to have come from the east. Cont.

And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, …. And
they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them
throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.
And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top
may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, …. GENESIS 11:2-4.

And Lamech lived an hundred eighty and two years, and begat a son:
And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us
concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground
which the LORD hath cursed. [GENESIS 5:28-9]


he Great White Pyramid near the city of Xi’an, appears as if you have landed into a fairy land. Much larger than any Egyptian pyramid, this Chinese pyramid remained undiscovered for almost a millennium. Made of pressed clay,…

KEMET: BLACK LANDS Lamech [3138--2361 BC] ----- 777 years old
He died 5 years before the flood…

…Lamech-Seth died five (5) years before the Great World Flood therefore, he lived almost the whole time this great ark was being built.

Khnum, master of the inundation Khnum was a ram-headed deity, called ‘high of plumes, sharp of horns’. His origin was the cataract of the Nile around the area of Elephantine….

Symbolized by the Ram, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and begins the cycle around the great wheel….

Aries …Its name is Latin for ram, and its symbol … (Unicode…, representing a ram's horns. … it had represented a ram since late Babylonian times.…In ancient Egyptian astronomy, Aries was associated with the god Amon-Ra, who was depicted as a man with a ram's head….

There was no doubt in her mind that March, the month named after the God of war would be the month of war. She reported that the planets and all things were aligning and as we pass through Aries we begin to see bloodshed and human life sacrificed as it was done anciently to the Gods in primitive religions. [Astrologer Dena DeCastro ]

King Narmer is thought to have reigned c. 3150 BCE as first king of the
1st dynasty (and/or last king of the 0 dynasty) of a unified ancient Egypt. .

2. 34 years, 14 months after GII, the Matawil, had been born, and then two baktuns, (800 years) ended on 16 February 2325 BC. On that day, Lady Beastie, Divine Lord of Matawil, manifested a divinity through bloodletting….

3. On 8 November 2360 BC, GII, the Matawil, touched the Earth….
. . . on 23 July AD 690, GII and GIII were in conjunction.
Commentary: Jupiter and Mars were in conjunction on this day….

Lady Beastie is called by this name because her hieroglyph, while identifiable, has not yet been translated. She is associated with the Moon but also clearly equates with the girl in the Popol Vuh story who is made pregnant by the head of Hun Hunahpu, or First Father….13 August, 3114

In Mayan calendrics, the initial date that Earth entered the Fifth World was August 13, 3113 BC, written in Mayan long count notation as…

The Maya temple inscriptions at Palenque in the Yucatan (circa AD 700) are one of only three Maya references to world history. The inscriptions place the birth of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in 2360 BC. The Moon, "Lady Beastie," is their mother. The implication is that these planets became clearly visible when half of the ecliptic no longer dipped into the Absu to be obscured by the rings. Or so I would think. The date of 2360 BC (based on the Long Count) is earlier than the start of the "flood of Noah" in 2349 BC.

…the doorways of the three temples reads as follows:
"On October 21, 2360 BC, GI, the matawil, touched the earth; "On November 8, 2360 BC, GII, the matawil, touched the earth; "On October 25, 2360 BC, GIII, the matawil, touched the earth."

GI, GII, and GIII represent Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, following their dates of birth. This does not resolve what "the matawil" is. "The matawil" also follows the naming of Lady Beastie.

…The Palenque inscriptions next claim that in 2305 BC (corrected to 2282.6 BC) the Moon crowns herself ruler. The inscriptions at Palenque were used to establish the legitimacy of the claim to rule by the Ahau of Palenque, who had attained his position through a matriarchal line.

*Note: Based on ‘the Star of Bethlehem’, with respect to the planetary alignments and the complete Bible timelines, the date for the Great World Flood would be 2356 BC. I believe that the dates given in reference to each of the planets may have been that they were sighted due to some specific occurrence on the earth for a specific event that occurred around the time of the flood, and possibly being sighted from the ark as a sign. Also they may have at one point been all arranged in a planetary alignment that would have included the earth, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter at the time of the flood. They could also be representative of someone. Additionally, if ‘Lady Beastie’ was noted here to be born about 35 years in 3078 BC after GII was ‘born’, then it prompts a question, ‘Did the planet Mars enter our solar system on August 13, 3113 BC?
’ This script too would make her about a hundred years older than ‘the first father’, the high priest of the world, and suggest that she discredited his life which was based on merit and him being a priest, and secretly strove against him not only on the basis of matrilineal rights to dominance over mankind but due to her age and of whom could have even been his older sister.

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