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Feb 3, 2001
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Before we can discuss what is the oldest science in the world, we must arrive at some conclusion as to the definition of science. What exactly is science? Buckets and buckets of ink have been used in defining the word, but they all boil down to this statement: Science is knowledge arrived at by the scientific method. Even more buckets of ink have been used in trying to define “scientific method.” The essential of the method may be easily described. They are a series of steps, the first of which is direct observation.

Of course, what the scientist observes is often the result of deliberately contrived experimentation. Contrived in some cases, as it were, to reveal what the scientist wants to see. After such a scientist has made a whole string of direct observations, he goes into a huddle with himself, then emerges and forms a hypothesis or an explanation of some kind for the things he designed the observations and experiments to reveal. This hypothesis is a guess – an educated guess, perhaps, but still a guess.

The next step is a simple one. The scientist says to himself, “I know my idea is right, and if I do some more experiments, I will be able to prove it.” The final step then, for this scientist, is to do the new experiment. If the experiment proves his guess, everything is fine. But if it doesn’t – which is often the case – he uses Finagler’s Law and introduces a constant into the mathematics, or a “fudge factor” into the experiment.

Frequently, merely “fudging” a little doesn’t really prove the original hypothesis, so he takes one other step and draws on the truly mystical realm of mathematics – the art of juggling figures. Now the hypothesis is substantiated, and it can be called a theory. The theory is nothing then, but a well-tested guess. Yet such scientists have overwhelming confidence in their own ability, and thus make no attempts to teach the limitations of science. In fact, they rarely recognize the limitations. But there are limitations to science.

Let us consider this question: Can science disprove ghosts? Many students of modern science would agree that science has found no evidence – or reason-to-suspect evidence – of spirits. Such things are only superstitions. But ghosts and spirits can appear when the psychological conditions are exactly right. Perhaps one of the very necessary conditions for the appearance of any ghost is the absence of the scientists! What then? Science could and would investigate ghost after ghost, but no evidence of ghosts would be found. And ghosts would continue to appear when the cynical scientists weren’t looking. This is a very simple case, yet it illustrates the true impossibility of disproving things by the “scientific method.”

Not too many years ago, any claim about unknown forces from outside our world affecting the lives and behavior of human beings would have thrown scientists into an uproar. To accept such a concept would have been to acknowledge a belief in astrology. To the cynical scientist, believing in astrology is like believing in ghosts or witchcraft. Paradoxically, scientists the world over consider Isaac Newton one of the greatest of all scientists. What they constantly and conveniently forget is that Isaac Newton chose astrology as his life’s work! It was with great reluctance that he took up the study of astronomy. He accused his colleagues of thinking too materialistically. He accused them of neglecting the real cause of events.

When fellow members of the Royal Society – true-blue scientists – asked Newton why he believed in astrology, he replied, “I do not believe in a Universe of accidents, and, after all, I have studied the subject and you have not.” Other notable men who firmly believed in astrology were Chaucer, Dante, Shakespeare, Cromwell, Copernicus, Kepler, Plato and Bacon. The great French seer Nostradamus based all his predictions on astrology.


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Feb 3, 2001
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Astrology is the oldest science in the world. It had its origins in East Africa, in a country called Abyssinia, whose modern name is Ethiopia. It traveled to ancient Egypt, Chaldea and Babylonia, and was common practice among the Hindus of ancient India. It had its origins in the ancient worship of the Moon and its phases. Through the long nights before any history books were written, generations upon generations of ancient priest-astrologers sat and contemplated the wondrous and orderly procession of the seasons and the shining stars in the Heavens. Man soon gave them names, and the names were those of the animal spirits he worshipped.

In Mesopotamia, archeologists have unearthed clay tablets recording astrological events that are over sixty centuries old! Five thousand years ago the priest-astrologers predicted the flooding of the rivers by watching the starry Heavens and calculating the phases of the Moon. The Assyrian priests discovered the zodiac and its twelve divisions. They learned to calculate the irregular paths of the major planets and predicted eclipses. Astrologers of the ancient world were the Chaldean Wise Men (called “Magi”) who were the first mathematicians, and who arranged the first calendars. These same astrologers were the founding fathers of the first universities, and they built the world’s first skyscrapers (called “ziggurats”) in order to observe the stars in the Heavens. And, according to explorer Marco Polo in his work Voyages, there were over five thousand astrologers living in the court of Kublai Khan, in medieval China.

The ancients discovered that each planet controlled the health of certain parts of the body, and they thought certain food plants grew best when planted during the Full Moon. William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, and the Crusaders all required the sanction of the stars. Wars, peace, treaties, coronations, marriages and operations - all these required a special horoscope. The poisoning Borgias cast horoscopes before giving arsenic to their enemies. Until just before the Spanish-American War, medicine depended on astrology. Herbs, plants and elixirs were all more potent when gathered or manufactured during the proper phase of the Moon.

During the late 19th century and the early years of the 20th century - prior to World War I - astrology fell into disrepute. The centuries of opposition by religion, philosophy and science drove it underground. Einstein’s works were in vogue! In World War II, astrology played an odd role in the management of this Great War. Hitler had a battery of astrologers, and planned his campaigns on the basis of their horoscopes. There was nothing for Roosevelt and Churchill to do but employ a special super-secret astrologer to tell them what the German astrologers were telling Hitler! Even so, the cynical scientific opinion was that astrology was nothing more than a form of witchcraft or mysticism. At best it was only accepted as a “pseudo-science.” Today, however, the climate is rapidly changing. There is evidence emerging which shows even the cynics that what goes on in the Heavens may have cause-and-effect connections with all of us here on planet Earth.


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Feb 3, 2001
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The great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) was intrigued by astrology. Astrologers have always known that by comparing the horoscopes of married couples – or couples about to get married – they can determine actual or future harmony or disharmony. Dr. Jung began using horoscopes to examine their planetary aspects in the psychological profiles of 483 married couples (i.e., 966 persons). He used a large group of single couples who hadn’t met as his control group. Of his remarkable conclusion he wrote:

“The statistical material shows that a practical as well as a theoretically improbable chance combination occurred which coincides in the most remarkable way with traditional astrological expectations. That such a coincidence should occur at all is so improbable and so incredible that nobody could have dared predict anything like it. It really does look as if the statistical material had been manipulated and arranged so as to give the appearance of a positive result.”

Even though the cynical scientists are becoming interested in astrology again, they are still reluctant to acknowledge their interest. A few though, do speak out. Dr. Frank Brown, a noted biologist at Northwestern University, has demonstrated that oysters sense the position of the Moon and regulate their activities by it. Ordinarily, oysters open and close their shells in phase with the ocean tides. Dr. Brown wanted to see what oysters would do if there were no tides. He hauled some out of the sea off New Haven, Connecticut, shipped them to Evanston, Illinois, and put them indoors in a tank of sea water at an even temperature under a steady, dim light.

For two weeks they continued to open and close their shells in phase with the tides at their old ocean home. Suddenly they changed their rhythm. Their shell-opening cycle slipped into phase with the tides that would have existed in Chicago had there been an ocean covering Illinois. His hypothesis was that it is not the ebb and flow of tidal water, but the position of the Moon itself that governs the oysters, behavior. The mystery now is: What is the force from the Moon that causes this?

It is a statistical fact that the birthdays of geniuses, criminals, and the mentally deranged tend to be grouped in seasons, e.g., persons born in March tend to outlive those born in the summer months, and geniuses are born more frequently in the spring. Physiologists explain these statistics by talking about seasonal variations in maternal nutrition during the pregnancy – or seasonal changes in the endocrine activity of the mother, exposing the fetus to differing hormonal environments. But it is also a well-established fact that the Earth’s atmosphere contains an electric current composed of ascending negative ions and descending positive ions. This field varies with the seasons and the signs of the zodiac, and could conceivably influence maternal metabolism during gestation.

Business cycles were for many years believed to coincide with sunspot activity, which occurs once every eleven years. One explanation was that the intensity of these sunspots cause magnetic and ionic storms that alter the ionic equilibrium of the atmosphere. If the proportion of positive ions increases, it would cause headaches and malaise, thus depressing morale and causing a slump in business activity. A RCA meteorologist once investigated the effect of various planets on electric storms in the ionosphere and developed formulae that were very similar to those used by astrologers in their calculations of the influences of planets on people. Although no scientist has yet determined the physiological or psychological effects of ionic storms on the individual, the problem remains open.


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Dr. Rudolph Tomascheck, a German seismologist, found that strong earthquakes usually occur when the planet Uranus is within 15° of the meridian. Two of the world's worst tremors took place when Uranus was adversely aspected by several other planets. It is highly possible that changes in the interplanetary gravitational field might produce a “tide” within the Earth’s molten core. This tide would place a heavier stress on a surface fault, and thus earthquakes would occur.

Throughout the history of time, man has always wanted to know and understand the world in which he lives. It has been the custom to treat many of man’s attempts at the knowledge of nature as folly and superstition, or as pure nonsense. Currently it is the custom when teaching the history of science to state that “true science started with Thales.” But man has always asked questions about the Universe in which he lives. It is far too easy – and really immature – for the modern scientist to dismiss ancient knowledge and science as crude, contrived superstition. It takes knowledge and experience to compare and judge ideas and beliefs that arise from a different mode of life than that of the world today.

The world has affected man in many ways, and has always left strong emotional imprints upon his mind. Fire, floods, crop failure, disease, defeat and misfortune directly affected man’s fate and well being. Such things as comets, eclipses, and the stars and planets were observed carefully and studied intensely. These phenomenae impressed man, and he believed they were vital to his life and welfare. Theories and hypotheses were devised for the coordination and interpretation of the sensory data collected.

Early man developed these theories and hypotheses to the best of his ability, and not because of fear or superstition. Many such theories failed to survive when time, ideas, values, tools and basic assumptions changed with man's evolutionary progress. New theories were found more acceptable and replaced the old. The old theories, however, were not acts of childishness or idiocy. In reality, these old theories were modified, expanded, and changed gradually over the years to form new concepts.

The astrological outlook was a set of hypotheses that filled a vacancy in the mind of early man. This outlook has outlasted any purely emotional or prejudiced beliefs. In spite of its repeatedly being challenged and attacked by materialistic fatalistic tenets, the astrological outlook remains important today. Astrology found its support among the most learned, as well as among the common people, and this is why it has endured for nearly six millennia. It was deep within the womb of astrology that astronomy was nurtured, and there has never been any competition or conflict between the two. They were very closely connected and inseparable for many centuries.


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From natural astrology came the calendar and the ability to predict the movements of the celestial bodies. Natural astrology advanced through the ages, and in time was able to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon, and the appearance of comets. Judicial or mundane astrology was studied as a method of predicting and foretelling the future. Not only was astrology studied to determine the character and fate of various individuals, but it was also studied to predict plagues, wars, earthquakes, and other natural and historic events. It is this astrology that is the astrology of today. It was (and still is) thought by many of the cynical to be a “pseudo-science,” and is often called “satanic” or “demonic” worship.

Yet astrology is defined as the study of the Sun, Moon, planets and the stars. It is disappointing that modern scientists have not examined this age-old science with the modern methods and tools of present-day technology to prove (or disprove) the effect of the celestial bodies upon the affairs of mankind. Astrology has never been an obstacle to progress. Progress always requires change - change in ideas and change in beliefs. Yet all change is not a forward progress. A change of ideas or beliefs can result in extreme skepticism and regression.

Science should be viewed as an aspect of human behavior and founded on a cultural matrix. True knowledge comes from deep human understanding - an understanding that is sympathetic and not critical. Such should be one’s approach to the study of astrology. It has been with us since before the coming of written history; it has survived thousands of years; and will continue to survive throughout eternity. These truths are expressed most eloquently in the Book of Psalms in the Holy Bible:

“The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line has gone out through all the Earth, and their words to the end of the world.” (Psalms 19:1-4)

Man is ever seeking ways to control his fate and destiny, and ever asking questions about his Universe. No question should ever be considered foolish, superstitious or stupid if it concerns from where and whence man came, to where man goes, or why man is...

(Taken from "Zolar's Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge," Arco Publishing, 1984)

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