Jails / Prisons : The Number of Innocent Black Men Being Exonerated After Years of Prison, Alarming


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Apr 21, 2007
It seems like every month over the past couple years black men are being exonerated left and right. Which is a bitter sweet situation. These men have been incarcerated for years, like James Bain who was in prison for 35 years!

Over the years, Bain, who had no prior criminal record when he was convicted at age 19, has repeatedly requested DNA testing on the victim's underwear to prove he did not commit the rape. This past July, a judge finally granted the motion to have the testing done, and it did not match Bain's DNA.
Source: http://www.tampabay.com/news/courts/dna-evidence-frees-james-bain-from-prison-after-35-years/1059473

And most of our innocent black men are being charged with RAPE.

To me the system and these "victims" are like, 'Let's grab the nearest black man and say he did it'.

Of course, this is nothing new. Even back in slavery days, white women would cry rape and blame the nearest black man. He would then be hung for a crime he did not commit.

I am fearful for my male relatives that one day this may happen to them. But of course there is now DNA to may prove someone's innocence.

While I remain full of anger for the systems, some of these men have found forgiveness in their hearts and remained happy, hopeful to the end.

Bain said he has a lot to catch up on, including his education. He's not angry, he said, "because I got God in my hands."


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May 7, 2011
I hope those same black men are going back to the court to have that charge expunged from their record.

This situation being the case, this is why more Nubians need to study law and do more to take lawful and legal matters into their own hands.


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May 28, 2010
Zombie Land
Young Black Entrepreneur
All Praises be to the Most High, that these initial steps are taking place and I pray that these Brothers execute any and all rights at their disposal, so that the lack of use thereof does not constitute the "reason" why laws are changed against our favor in counter attack to our community...

No matter what happens we still have PLENTY of political prisoners in the Penile System , within this Penile Colony....

All across the board they are putting more and more restrictions on "Appeals" including crazy time bars on crazy charges.( 2 years for example, when most people who truly need their appeals are traumatized from a 20year- Life sentence and having to adjust to a new environment that is labeled "home" but is more of a "hell" for their first 5 years of incarceration.. Trust me I have seen it...) For example there once was a day where exculpatory evidence ( DNA, Victim Testimony, Surveillance, etc.. ) was a for sure trip home from Prison..... Now a days our Brothers in the Struggle are basically "Stuck" if they are time barred on their appeals in a lot or.... MOST situations... Depending on the State....

I am from Miami Florida where it is a norm to ride the "Rail Road" if you are Young and Black. Georgia has the same problem and this whole Corporation that we call the United States is infested with this problem. Prison has to be this countries oldest Stimulus Plan... They call it "The Department of Corrections".. I guess the powers that be, feel like they are "Correcting" whats wrong with their establishment...

Which in my honest opinion is the free Minds... Of the Free People....

I join this dialogue because I feel that our Warriors.... ( Black Panthers, Moors, Nuwabians, Muslims, Hebrews, Folks, Bloods, Crips etc ) all have political prisoners within the system.. People who have literally lost it all ( including their down right good sense in some situations ) for us, either directly or indirectly and they do not get a pardon but only a hit placed on their head ( Sparky the Chair or Cop vs Inmate )...

The only people that I have really seen get pardoned, are the ones who have had their whole character assasinated with rape charges or something of the like, so that their credibility and stance in our community and in the global stage is virtually destroyed.... I Love the brothers and sisters but we need more than wrongly accused rapist and pedifiles to get free...

We need our Warriors to get free... People who ACTIVELY and PHYSICALLY endeavored and risked it all either directly or indirectly for the cause... The Betterment of Our People... We need our leaders and brothers characters to stop being assinated, we need our Leaders Free and most of all we need respect.. I feel like until we are acknowledged..... and respected with that acknowledgement...... we need to take it from the Slave Master... Not by violence but by what the brother "Shikamaru" posted above..

This situation being the case, this is why more Nubians need to study law and do more to take lawful and legal matters into their own hands.


Education ( from military to political/scientific all the way down to home training )will give us the solutions needed to solve our problems.. Once we have the knowledge needed we need to use it... The Physical portion of "re-evolution" is what Slave Master Willie Lynch taught these Brilliant Cowards how to successfully extinguish...

Once we learn to use self education without fear of ourselves and others..... We will truly see the change ( "re-evolution" ) that we make websites, t shirts, and DVD's about.. We will see more than false hopes... It is almost the main reason why they hated Malcom X's trademark philosophy.. "By any means Necessary"

Education.... Until we have all round education within a unified community... We will continue to write more posts like this one and we will keep on reading more articles like the one that follows....

I Thank You For your Time....

-Respectfully Your Brother

Appeal denied in infamous Georgia death penalty case

On behalf of Power, Jaugstetter & Futch, P.C. Successor by name change to Power & Cooper, P.C. posted in Weapons crimes on Monday, March 28, 2011

According to news reports, a final appeal request has been denied today by the Supreme Court in a Georgia death penalty case that has attracted attention worldwide.
Forty-two-year-old Troy Davis was convicted of murdering a police officer in Georgia in August 1989 and has since been on death row. Davis, through his attorneys, recently petitioned the Supreme Court for a new trial after witnesses in the case recanted testimony that helped lead to his conviction.
Davis' case has become very high-profile, sparking global opposition. There have already been three scheduled dates on which Davis was supposed to die by lethal injection. All the while, Davis has maintained his innocence.
The case also possesses racial controversy, as Davis is black and the police officer was white. The police officer was shot while he was off duty and had intervened during a scuffle between a group and a homeless man at a fast food restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.
Davis was 19 at the time, and because there was no murder weapon found or DNA evidence linking him to the crime, his entire conviction was based on testimony given by nine people. In the years since the conviction, seven of the nine have recanted their stories.
Many international figures have openly criticized Davis' sentence, including the European Union, former United States President Jimmy Carter and Pope Benedict the XVI.
Following the Supreme Court's decision, Amnesty International, a human rights organization, said in a written statement that it was extremely disappointed and called attention to "lingering doubts" that exist as to Davis' guilt.
After several failed appeals, in 2009, Davis was allowed to present exculpatory evidence that he said would prove his innocence. In June 2010, however, a Savannah judge ruled that he had not proved his innocence. Of Davis' seven alleged witness recantations, the judge ruled that only two were meaningful and credible.
Now Amnesty International has pleaded for Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles to intervene and stop the execution of whom they say is a possibly innocent man.
According to reports, Georgia has executed 49 people since 1976, the most recent being January 25 of this year.
Source: AFP, "Appeal denied in high-profile US death row case," Lucile Malandain, 3/28/2011.


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May 7, 2011
All the more reason to study the system inside and out especially law and law enforcement followed by actions and practices.

We all should be be deeply troubled by a judiciary that isn't as honorable and just as it holds itself out to be.

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