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Sep 20, 2020
Before I speak about the being known as Muhammad Eury, living at the Days Inn Motel in Lakewood, Ohio, located at: 12019 Lake Avenue, I will first discuss great concerns for black people and the new employment rules under the New World Order. I recently spoke to blackmen and women about the employment situation in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Many say they have to work through Temporary or Staffing Agencies just to make ends meet. They also say companies like Snyder & Blake Agency, located on Independence avenue outside of Cleveland, and Amotec Agency, located at 1701 East 12th street near downtown Cleveland, are agencies that provide work but with a twist. Snyder & Blake sends nearly all black applicants to the town of Solon, Ohio, where white power freaks are engulfed with a superiority complex. Most of the companies black people are sent top work at usually work them like slaves. Its all about doing many different jobs all at once while being analyzed by either black supervisors, hispanic supervisors, or caucasian supervisors. To make a long story short, black supervisors are considered house negroes overseering other blacks. This is done so because many caucasians within the area can only tolerate the black presence for a short time. They can only put on a different face before the real person comes out and blacks in charge are set up to break down the character of another black worker under their supervision, so that should a black complain about racial discrimination the black supervisor in a position of authority can immediately dispute this. Even though Ohio has a history of disappearing files and documents, let it be known that the turnover rate for black workers in Solon are very high. Some can only last the abuse and strenuous workload for about two weeks. Others only last a couple of days. And yet Snyder & Blake female witches that recruit and run the agency continue to send more and more black people to these same locations. And because of this high system of corruption in Ohio, many blacks are unemployed. Those blacks who are employed in these type of environments are ranked based on the abuse they can inflict upon other blacks. But when this type of complaint is launched, internal bodies quickly get together and launch a counter move, so to speak. They will obstain from mistreating black workers after the victimized have departed.

In this way the present workers are treated a bit more humanely and when asked by others what do they think about working in Solon, they would reply, "its alright." This makes legtimate complaints appear frivilous. Ands by using this system they have managed to remain in business for a time. However, the agency known as Amote is a different animal. Blacks who have went inside that agency states that they were met with a black woman who forces masks and social distancing in a highly offensive manner. She is very rude to blacks and blacks only. She was overheard saying that she hates "n-word" and wishes she was white. She also bragged about her position of power over those unemployed negroes. A blackman can walk into the agency never before seeing the female and she will speak to him as if she has known him all his life in a very derogatory way. When blacks in supervisory positions, anywhere in Cuyahoga County have to answer to another race of higher supervisors, they result in dehumanizing or verbal abuse against other blacks inj order to assure their position at their job. This sounds crazy but hundreds, or perhaps thousands of blacks can confirm these facts. Several blackmen and women say they were sent to the company entitled, "U.S. Cotton", located at 15501 Industrial Parkway in Cleveland, Ohio. They were forced to work 12 hour shifts being verbally abused and attacked by female hispanics or female blacks in supervisory positions. Each time they finish one job they are forced to work another and before the shift ends they are mentally and physically exhausted. But the highly pale Peurto Ricans running the company are favored because a Puerto Rican owns the company, which is why Puerto Ricans don't do nearly half the work as black employees. And like with companies in Solon, U.S. Cotton has a very high black worker turnover rate. They rely on black workers and supervisors who have been on the job for a couple years or more to rebut abuse claims. Hundreds of people have worked at the company and many didn't last two weeks before giving up and quiting. But like Snyder & Blake, Amotec continuously senmds more and more blacks to work at U.S. Cotton despite the long history of abuse. There are no legal organizations in Cuyahoga County that would represent black people without hidden agendas. The abuse and torture of black people in Ohio continues!

Days ago I submitted information about a powerful educated and well informed blackman by the name of Muhammad Eury. As I have stated in previous threads, Muhammad sees a bigger picture outside that of town and city prejudice, falsely called racism. Caucasians who happen to dislike blacks are part of a bigger scheme. But racism is a system dynamic, as Muhammad says, which controls every aspect of a race's lives. Black Monitors that work at the Days Inn Motel are Communists and have been seen outside of the job associating with people trying to take down the United States. Curtis Grover doesn't like Muhammad because Muhammad is above the petty tyranny that goes on at the motel and remains to himself most of the time while at the motel. Their supervisor is a caucasian female by the name of Meghan Crow, who uses the black Monitors to deliver horrible news or punishments to black people mostly. If anyone recruits enough lying informants these liars can change the truth of something into a complete lie. All of America seems to be changing based on the secret testimonies of informants which is shared only with the feds/military police in local police departments. Muhammad has brought forth some of the most thoughtprovoking information in the State of Ohio, and because there is a great need to ignite this New World Order, he is considered public enemy number 1. Muhammad and his mate moved to Ohio less than a year ago and rented from a party who they were told owned the home they ented from. Unfortunately, the person didn't own the home and they were forced to move. Muhammad then moved into the Days Inn Motel because under crisis behind Covid-19, there are several programs. But these programs mostly cater to informants and all those who care little about their fellow man. Within Cleveland, Westlake, Parma, and Lakewood, to name a few places, racism is paramount. Some blacks are caught up in the slave thing so bad that they betray their own race without thought. Many of them display hatred towards other blacks simply by looking at them The worst group of blacks that act like they can't identify with their own ethnicity resides in West Cleveland, Lakewood, Parma, and Westlake. These blacks feel its easier to run from black problems and merge in with others races with vengeance against their own. White supremacists use them as useful idiot informants, while rewarding them for their snitching and lies with peanuts. The Days Inn Motel is a place where caucasian females, who supervise black Monitors, namely Sharmane and Curtis Grover, is amongst a few who pay guests to lie on other guests. YThere is a great need to keep the people separated, and even though they push the social distancing mandate, it only applies to certain guests. And according to sources, surveillance can prove this.

Many of the people they use are either drug addicts, people who'll do anything for a cigarette, and racist caucasians or hispanics against black people who spend most of their time away from others. When they don't like specific blackmen and want to get rid of them all they do is lie on them. The owner of the motel is an Arab, and the Arabs own many apartments and businesses in Lakewood. The females are mostly undercover cauldron stirring and spell casting witches who come together with black and Arab females for a common cause. To battle against man! I say this with all respect to women, but in truth, these are very evil women who are tied into women movements for the sake of taking vengeance out on men. There have been many people who have spoken about the lectures Muhammad gave and have shared it on social media. But from the intense content within Muhammad's lectures he incorporated many enemies who desire for facts to remain hidden. So Muhammad became a target. Neighbors who stay near the motel have witnessed local police hacking into the main cell phone tower located at 1388 West 116th street at the Lakewood/Cleveland town and city borders. Ex cops in other places have stated that police are using Wi-Fiber technology against the public. Police were said to be monitoring all cell phones connected to the towers along with other devices. Muhammad is threat because he knows about the complete fall of the United States and its important to sically distance people so they won't have no idea what will happen to them. Nearly all black leaders are corrupt and nearly every black female in a supervisory position in Cuyahoga County despies educated and well informed blackmen. These men are a threat to those women sucking off the power tit of caucasian America or Puerto Rican America. The only one making it about race is those blacks that work for other races and abuse other blacks to remain employed or favored. Guests staying at the Days Inn motel are being dehumanized in a large amount of ways. For one, sewage is coming up throught the bathtub drains and the sink drains, and from photos shared on social media, just sits for days and days. It has been over two weeks since the first photo, and even at the time of this writing the drains are still stopped up and the sinks and tubs are filling up with sewage water. So why are all these foreign business owners abusing and dehumanizing Americans?

Muhammad recently gave a lecture which cvovered ground on this issue. Muhammad says that a New World Order is about to be unleashed into the United States and other countries are paving the way for whats to soon hit America. T^he Australians are on lockdown. The State of Israel is on lockdown. Spain is on lockdown. London is on lockdown. And more countries are following their pursuit. Pope Francis has now tooken this time to plead with the United Nations to use massive force and come into America, along with other gun carrying countries, and take guns by force! Muhammad says that most Americans don't know what a Communist is until they are imprisoned in their homes with their face masks while being told to seperate from other gumans. Muhammad also says that a virus was unleashed in order to kill enough people, and with proper instruction, everyone else will be told what they needed to do to allegedly protect themselves. America is the Communist Center of the world right now. Muhammad says people are now experiencing what it was like in Soviet Russia prior to old Russia. The word "Soviet" means a small group of people not elected to run government. There are now Soviets running America and small pockets of Soviets telling Americans what they can and cannot do. Their useful idiots are those calling police on people not wearing face masks or social distancing. These people are the ones who are trying to destroy America as you know it and Muhammad's lecture gets more in detail. Muhammad says every police department across the U.S. is going along with the Communist takeover of America. Muhammad further says black people are being mind controlled in a very different way. There are black Communist groups and organizations like the NAACP and Black Lives Matter who who are for the protests all across America, pretending to be interested in what black people are suffering. Muhammad says the only people keeping down black people is other black people! Anyhway, people recently listened to the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement from Los Angeles. Her name is Patricia Colors. Patricia Colors openly said that BLM is a Marxist Communist New World Order organization.

This is why members who have shot at police were artrested and charged with very petty offenses. There are some powerful people funding the BLM movement hoping to make all blacks rise up against the government for Communist takeover. Mrs. Colors also said that before each protest they conjure Yoruba demons to help them fight. These same Yoruba demons (Orisha) are mostly called upon by Nigerians in Africa, who really never cared for American negroes. As they sold blacks into slavery over 460 years ago, they are this time selling blacks into a global slavery. Muhammad says the Yoruba demons are the same as Sumerian demons who sacrificed little children and ate them. They feasted on human flesh and more. Muhammad also says that many states have passed laws protecting pedophiles. He also proved that humans were being eaten and the remains not eaten have been placed in organic foods. Hispanic stores also are involved. Arab stores are also involved. The parts of the body not consumed by the flesh eaters is burned or cremated. The ashes is then grinded up into animal feed or is placed into the soil and is used as fertilizer for vegetables. Muhammad says a specific spell is chanted amongst Druid sorts, and when a person consumes the foodstuffs a spell immediately overtakes them. In the State of Washington a law was passed for human remains to be used in compost. The remains is mixed in chicken feed, pigs, cattle, et cetera. And while Americans are under this spell they are being conditioned like training a dog to comply for whats demanded of them. In the New World Order pedophilia will no longer be a crime. Human sacrifice will no longer be a crime. Many of you can see laws changing in states all across the U.S. right now which is supporting these demonic practices. Both Arab and Spanish business owners, amongst many others, are part of this new system of global evil. People are being told that President Trump is establishing peace amongst nations, and all must bow to the State of Israel (the Beast) just before the Dawn (New World Order). And while President Trump is working his magic other forms of magic are being casted, but the leader of all this evil until NAN.NAR reigns upon the earth is Pope Francis! Every country must bow and those like Sudan will be eliminated. Trump told Sudan to bow or else!

Muhammad says that many of you term yourselves Americans. You are not Americans because there have been a system reset. You are now considered Soviet Marxist Leninists Communists. When you fill out forms or job application don't be misled because of what they say. They don't ask if you are an American. They ask if you are a U.S. citizen. Here in Soviet America there are a small group of people running everything, no matter where you go in America. You are now living under a Communist Marxist system, which is why it isn't hard to see why Black Lives Matter claimed to be Marxists. Masny of them are being funded by members of the Boule Society who are some of the wealthiest people on the planet. Every ethnicity you see in those marches there are those who are of their race who is funding the movement. The Millenials and Generation Z shall bring death and destruction upon every American being told that they will be spared during the reign of NAN.NAR. The bio-weapons (Coronavirus-Covid-19, etc) is used to scare the people and get them in order. They order you to wear a face mask, stay at least 6 or more feet from any human, keep your mouths shut about it and don't question authority. This is an old ancient New World Order thats coming which was a time when demons ran the planet. Those who are calling upon these demons like BLM and others, know what is going to be the end result. Others are uninformed or ignorant and will have to experience it without a fight. Millions will die in vain and no god or Jesus is going to save you from it. All religious leaders are part of it and they dare not tell you the truth! Muhammad say October of 2020 will be a terrifying time for every human on the planet, especially for Americans. He says you will every human will suffer a period of 18 months. In October of 2020, an event so massive will occur that it will affect every place on the Planet Earth. Nothing can stop whats coming other than an asteroid hitting the planet and wiping out every living creature on it. Soon you all will see that your Jesus, your god, your Allah, your El Shaddai, et cetera, won't intervene whats coming.

Nothing can stop America from going full Communism! The plan is to restrict you to your homes using Covid-19 mandates, And if they are successfull in destroying all small business (watch out for those ruthless Arabs, Spanish, and other spies also running businesses who secretly help to destroy Americans businesses in operation long before theirs) it will destroy the entire economy and America will collapse, taking every nation that fed off of her with it. Once this happens there will then be a full Communist takeover world wide and the party known as Democrats will rule over the entire world! Their rule will be under a Soviet Communist system. Beware of the tricks of Michael Robinson, now known as Michelle Obama. Beware of her husband who holds the power and rule over the Council of 13, and others, because it is he who is tied in with NAN.NAR and the demonic lost, but now found, Planet Mars operatives that destroyed that planet with their New World Order many many years ago. Right now there are 5 ways they are trying to collapse America.

1. Turning people against one another and also using mandates under Covid-19 to divide those of the same race.
2. They have ruined or destroyed the education system.
3. Pope Francis have ordered the United Nations to disarm all Americans and others in countries with firearms.
4. They have tooken away family life and made it synthetic.
5. Force people to wear face masks and socially distance themselves in order to show compliance to global Communism.

All American Governors and Mayors have been bought and paid for. They are betraying the people while at the same time claiming to sympathize with their present demise. The Stimulus checks is a last minute giveway before the takeover. It conditions your minds to trust one part of the government because they are giving you money in the time of need. Do you not know that they are the very ones who placed you in your demise? Muhammad says Ocotober of 2020 will be the beginning of a very terrifying time for humans everywhere. The event to take place will be much more catastrophic than September 11, 2001. The Demon Deity of War is about to be honored through massive bloodshed of humans. And the more humans that are sacrificed the more and more this demon rears its, for lack of a better word, ugly head. The massive event will last 18 months. You will witness events never before dramed about, and many of you will wish you had listened to your great great grandparents. Others who are too young to know their ancestors will wished that they sought to find out more about them. It will be a time of great sorrow. Americans, during these times, will realize the real purpose of the Knights Templar, the Knights of Balta, and the Jesuit operations presently speared headed by Pope Francis. Within that 18 month period everything will be digitalized and all DARPA technology will reign in the streets. Many of you will have bio-chip implants and those who refused will be at war. The latest military technology and robots will takeover the world. The reason why Puerto Ricans are so important is because the first Federal Reserve was help in Puerto Rico. The word Puerto Rico alludes to the Pirates of the Carribean (Carib is a cannibal and means human flesh eater), which is why there was a disney movie on this. The movie was masked in Illuminati symbolism which is why most couldn't grasp the true meaning of the movie. In 1868, the Federal Reserve was re-adjusted in Puerto Rico because America wasn't America anymore. It was now the United States of Corporations. Over 98% of Puerto Rican owned businesses are connected with Communism, and have their ties in the New World Order. They care very little about their own race and feel they are working towards a greater evil, but good to them. The Knights of Balta and the Knights Templar are changing the world. Whether informed or uninformed, every living creature shall experience hell!

Authors Note: I ask many of you to support Muhammad Eury by spreading and sharing his research with everyone. Many forces are creating illusions all around him but know that he is sacrificing himself daily for humans globally. The way to thank him is to inform yourself further on whats going on, and whats about to happen. Do you love your family and children? Is this not worth checking out on their behalf? With this I leave you all in peace and awareness.

September 28, 2020

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