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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

Celebrities in Sports & Entertainment are now making symbolic gestures of protesting the national Anthem and pledge of allegiance because police having the blessings of operating under impunity in their abuse of black people.

Our police departments are 99% pure of all the defects and deformities of protecting and serving our community. But when you give that rotten 1% of bad apples in a barrel virtual diplomatic immunity of blasting our youth into cemeteries there will come a time these sins will be visited upon our local precincts in the form of revenge.

These are not isolated events of individual misconduct. Ever since the police system was developed from the Paddyrollers in slavery there has been an unwritten rule that the man in blue has a god given right to maim and turn you into a pulp of black& blue.

If I were a multi-millionaire, running down a field and slamming balls through a hoop, I would not jeopardize my sponsors and commercials. Everybody doesn’t need to be on the front lines. The revolution must be funded. We need invisible and visible revolutionaries to achieve progress non-violently. We don’t need a “Burn Burn” slogan but the voiceless on the streets think that’s the only time the man will listen to them. They feel like an “Invisible man” until they touch your property.

The media and the powers that be think this is all a fad and bunch of riff raffs and hooliganism and in time will past. I wouldn’t bet on this assumption and take it to the bank. As I speak, the people are growing Afro’s and donning Black leather gloves.

The people in the inner cities feel like they are being contained in a cesspool of injustice. We are virtual prisoners of war and we need to start acting accordingly. We have not supplied our homes with the ammunition of books to pass on to our troops. We are dropping dimes on ourselves while the police departments provide no “Quarter” (p.o.w status) and rush to put us in coffins.

Our Unity is our Atomic Bomb, from which we have failed to launch into operation. Our long range missiles will consist in providing supplies and reparations to ourselves and Short-term missiles will deal with the immediate casualties/disable victims of their weapons of mass destruction (Incarceration/poor schools), being inflicted upon us now in real time.

Rise up and smell the gunpowder!!!!!!

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