Black Muslims : The Muw'min, The Kaafir, The Actions, The Seeing


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaahu The Sustainer of The Universe And Peace on who follows The Guidance.
According to The Most High Who Has No comparison/equal Says that : HE Who created all of you therefore from You are Concealers and from YOU are Secure. And Allaah by way of what they do He is Seeing. 64:2 Holy Qur'aan.
This verse is translated in English translations as : and of you are some that are Unbelievers, and some that are Believers and Allaah sees well all that you do. There is no ambiguity in this to me. The verse states that we were ALL created by The Most High and TO HIM.. some of us are Unbelieving in Him and some are Believing in Him. Belief , no matter what we think it means, it is clear that to Allaah we are in one group or the other. To Him.

One group unbelieves and the other group believes. And all that THEY do Allaah is SEEING it.
The literal and primary definition of the word Kaafir means to conceal/hide/cover.
The literal and primary definition of the word Muw'min (aliyf/miym/nuwn: AMN) means security/safety/protection.
If you notice the definitions are not in 'noun' tense but a verb/active tense. Not 'secure' but security. For the word Kaafir, Not 'conceal' but to conceal
One group (Kaafir) conceals/hides/covers that they were created by Allaah.
The other group (Muw'min) secure/safety/protection that they were created by Allaah.
So when you read these words as 'Unbeliever' and 'Believer' it 'kind of' detaches from their original literal meaning and connection to the verse, connection to the point of the verse: Allaah created all of you.
To Allaah, you conceal or hide that he has created you. Or To Allaah you are secure and safe that HE Allaah has created you.
And no matter who you are, no matter what you do, Allaah is SEEING it.
It is important to know that The Speech of Allaah occurs in The Present Tense, even when Speaking of an Event WE did not witness.
To Allaah we are as fresh and before Him as oxygen is to you. No one inhales the same breath twice. No breath is used twice. None. Allaah is THE Alive as well as The Creator of Life. And HE SEES all things that occur. He sees the actions of the one who conceals that Allaah created themselves. Allaah SEES the actions of the one who is secure and safe that Allaah has created themselves.
An individual who is secure and safe that Allaah has created them also takes the guidance of Allaah to do any actions.
An individual who conceals or hides that Allaah has created them also conceals or hides themselves from the guidance of Allaah to do any actions.

You see, no action can be committed by anything without breath, without life. And Allaah states He created life and breath (for you). So be you secure in this Reality or hiding/covering from it, Allaah still SEES.
Reality. The English words 'reality and truth' are both needed to pose the definition of Allaah's Attribute/Name Al Haqqu. The Truth/ The Reality. These words are the same in The Speech of Allaah.
But in the language of man we hate each other. We use words like unbeliever and believer. Allaah is not interested in what we believe when HE has set The Truth and The Reality and HE actually SEES what we do. what is belief to Allaah? He is your creator, so what is belief to Allaah With HIS BREATH in your body; what can you say you believe? HIs water in your body and you present Allaah with your beliefs? He formed your brain tissues and you fill it with beliefs? Beliefs of what?
Go and look at the verse. Allaah claims/states that HE Alone created you with NO WITNESSES! Therefore, who has made you have to believe anything?
Imagine presenting your beliefs to Allaah. Think of what you will say? Say it aloud, alone in a room by yourself and you listen to it. What would you say, to you? How would YOU answer someone who said to you what you wish to make your Creator believe? It is Allaahu Who has provided the very breath being used to live, breathe and exist and stand there inside of HIS Body and Skeleton and speak?
Let us visit Suwratul' Faatihah. A conversation Allaah has prepared for us to stand there and say to HIM. Out of His Mercy He has given us words of approach, means of approach. What is there to believe?
Trace the source(s) of your existence and it is certain you will not be able to tie it to another thing that breathes as you do.
I seek refuge in Allaah The Hearer The Knower from Shaytaan The Rejected/Cursed.
It is recorded that when The Messenger of Allaah, Salutations of Allaah upon him and peace would raise the Muw'minuwn (the ones secure, the ones faithful) to follow him in Salaah/Worship, he would state:
" Worship Allaah as though you see HIM. And if you do not see HIM, KNOW that HE Sees you ".
I am not sure there is anything else on this earth that should be resigned to 'belief' except this saying.
To you be peace.

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