Black People : the movie "The Help" maybe the Catharsis We Need


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Oct 4, 2009
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If you have not seen that old Spike Lee flik, "Bamboozled" please do, and watch it from beginnig to end.
It was a horror movie, made to wake us up!

And you know, we have as a people become lately so complacent to white supremacy with our facebooks and twitters, our Ipads and Iphones, our lighted rims and fast foods, and lulled to sleep with 8 years of a kindler gentler racism.

Perhaps it will tae real insults, in the form of these new 'Birth f a Nation"
like "Te Scottsborough Boys" and "The Mormon"
in theater
and television shows like "Meet the Browns"
and movies like this,

to really wae us up so we do nt simply die slowly like the frog, placed in familiar water, that has temperature risen, each 3 minutes by onedegree

We needa real catharsis of "yal wmen just maids" and "yall me just butlers" and "yall kids just hooooodlims" To get us ready and angryin ef defense for the new and improved upgraded, white supremacy that will take fullsway when the economy takes a nose dive.

Maybe our youth wil once again be like the youth of the 60s, and start shutting down theaters playing crap insulting usand our ancestos

Sometimes a person wll not think about their blood pressure until they have their first stroke, or stop smoking, unti theyare caughing blood, or think about a colonoscopy and chaging their diet unti they defecate blood

Complacecy canbe deadly;
health wise
political wise
ecoomic wise

and in this casecuture wise and possibly

it may take virently and openly racist crap like this to make us see that something is wrong and

"surgery" or lifestyle changes are necesary


Mar 26, 2003
i doubt it...the masses of black people love the buffoonery on tv and in the movies...
if maury went off the air...then it would be a

but in some respect it isn't our fault...when u have been fed this bs for so long u grow to love it just like black folks still love pig feet and chitterlings....

conscious brothers need to marry conscious sisters and have conscious children...maybe that will wipe out the ignorance that is commonplace right now...

one love


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Feb 26, 2008
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Don't Ask
I saw The Help yesterday. It was a good movie. And it doesn't make the white people look good.... At all.


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Oct 4, 2009
owner of various real estate concerns
I saw The Help yesterday. It was a good movie. And it doesn't make the white people look good.... At all.
many said Driving Miss Daisy as a good movie, but we have many impressionable minds unfamiliar with the history of Jim Crow, and like the frog slowly being cooked, are unaware of the subliminal harm such fliks perpetrate


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Feb 19, 2001
many said Driving Miss Daisy as a good movie, but we have many impressionable minds unfamiliar with the history of Jim Crow, and like the frog slowly being cooked, are unaware of the subliminal harm such fliks perpetrate


You are speaking in a vacuum. The movie is quite good. It doesnt make whites look good. Moreover, it was historically accurate. It is just those impressionable minds that need to see this film. It shows what their ancestors were up against. It shows how they were cheated and could do little about it. It shows how they were just set up. Go see the mivie. Then comment. It isnt 'Bamboozled'. It isnt step nor fetch it

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