Black People : The Most Effective Virus Affecting Black Afrikans

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Most Effective Virus Affecting Black Afrikan People At A Pandemic Stage, Is Disorganization

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Common Sense has me seeing things as they must be pertaining to Afrika and Black Afrikan People while the world has Black Afrikan people looking and believing how the world has conditioned Black Afrikans to think not and the Black Afrikans Look at what can not be seen by the use of the sense of sight, such have Black Afrikans to be blind at what needs to be seen by the Soul of Black Afrikan People, the Soul being the Divine Organic Mind of the Black Afrikan people.

Black Afrikan people no longer use the sense that uses Divine thoughtfulness the thinking process that is guided by the use of Common **** Sense and it is that nature of mind action that have you to know that the use of the sight of looking motivate you to believe that faith and hopefully wanting to serve not to the Liberation of Black Afrikan people and can't do so because Black Afrikan people believe they need not be Liberated as you believe freedom already is at the process of providing what Black Afrikans want a relationship with, and that is Jesus, the H-Bomb Of Afrika and Black Afrikans Destruction while living life in the physical.

Jesus permits not the use of Common Sense and without the use of that kind of mind, there can't be any Resurrection to take place among Black Afrikan people who today is dead to knowing the Divine Truth and Reality about what the Greater Good-God Is, the meaning of life and the knowledge of Thyself, and without that Divine awareness, the world continue to be the guardian dictator of the Living ways of Black Afrikan people, beloved.

So Hell, Yes, The Most Effective Virus Affecting Black Afrikan People At A Pandemic Stage, Is Disorganization, Body, and Soul ( Mind ) and when the mind has lost its Divinity, the body becomes subject to any and every **** Thing told to it as being the religious truth and reality about living and nowhere will you find that the important thing about living freely is organized Unity of Soul, Body, and Spirit, the three must function as one to be able to enjoy the dignity and joy of Freedom!!!

So all of the religious propaganda about God the Father, Jesus the Son, Eternal Living, Heaven and Hell, Equal Treatment, Political voting, Community Development in America, economic development for Black Afrikans and other poor folks, all is a distraction from the use of Common **** Sense when making a decision and making a choice that pertains to the way to live that has you in control of the life you live because without such control, your pay grade is no more than a child one is, do you innerstand this I am sharing with you Black Afrikan Woman and Man?

To do so require the use of Common Sense and the use of the Soul to see beyond the five senses and the evidence that you can now see beyond looking will be the fact that a Joe Biden is not the quality of company for you to be engaged with about what constitutes your Blackness, such Divine knowledge is for you to become reacquainted with Black Afrikan people and when you get to see, know and innerstand the power of Divinity of your Blackness, then will you be with knowledge of What the Greater Good-God is and with such a Divine level of Mind, the action to become a Black Organized Unified Universal Nation again will be your priority while in the act of living life, beloved.

So all of those secondary issues been given to you to believe is the utmost importance to you above all else is no more than a trick Lucifer has gotten away with in maintaining control of your soul.

So I have come to make the straight line Circular Oblong, that is the angle of Divinity that has no beginning and no end, the Perfect Night which reveals to be the energy of Divine Intelligence, which is Freedom!!!

So I share With The Black Afrikan World, First You Fight For Your Freedom When Living Without It and all that you need to know will come at the use of Common Sense, beloved!!!

Divine Respect

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