Black People : The #MeToo Moment: What’s Next?


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Jan 20, 2015
The #MeToo Moment: What’s Next?

As the sexual misconduct scandals continue to unfold, our gender team is providing updates and analysis on the coverage and conversation in a new newsletter. Sign up here to receive future installments and tell us what you think at

Shortly after I became gender editor of The New York Times two months ago, the equally-new editor of the website Jezebel, Koa Beck, and I began a series of conversations on WNYC’s The Takeaway. Earlier this week, we recorded a segment about our hopes and worries for the #MeToo Moment in 2018.

Would we see a kind of Mike Pence-ification of working relationships, where men would quite literally wall themselves off from women for fear of crossing a line that seemed to be in motion?

The #MeToo Moment: What's Next? - The New York Times - - Cached - Similar pages

3 days ago ... Where does the #MeToo movement go from here? From talk to action, here's what we're hoping for the year ahead


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Jan 20, 2015
#MeToo: A movement or a moment?

After the #MeToo hashtag blew up on social media in October, it opened the floodgates on a taboo topic and provided a platform for hundreds of thousands of people to share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault.

The hashtag was born from the slew of sexual misconduct accusations leveled first at Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and then a number of other powerful men.

#MeToo was not without its problems, particularly for women of color. But there can be strength in numbers, and the sheer volume of voices around #MeToo created, even briefly, a movement against what many believe is a misogynistic culture that enables sexual misconduct to go unchecked.

Is #MeToo a Movement or a Moment? - The Daily Beast - 114k - Cached - Similar pages


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Jan 20, 2015
Is Time's Up the Next Step in the Me Too Movement?

"If you are someone who is more marginalized, it’s your right to expect other women who claim to be invested in this cause to help you, too."

Which is why it’s such a joy to see Hollywood power players like Reese Witherspoon, America Ferrera, and Shonda Rhimes have formed Time’s Up. The organization attempts to use their position to help others. Time’s Up is providing a fund run by the National Women's Law Center that will help cover legal expenses for all women standing up to sexual harassment. Thus far, they’ve raised more than $15 million. They’ve also pledged solidarity with the The National Farmworker Women’s Alliance, which shows a kind of class solidarity that we can only hope extends beyond Hollywood.

  1. Time's Up Is the Future of the #MeToo Movement - How Can We ... - 193k - Cached - Similar pages
    5 days ago ... Time's Up is providing a fund run by the National Women's Law Center that will help cover legal expenses for all women standing up to sexual harassment.


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