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Jul 26, 2001

Subject: ISIL

Dear Alphabet crime partners:

President Obama gave a news conference just before he went on his annual August vacation from the jackals of the media. When speaking of the terrorist group he mentioned ISIL 20 plus times. Nevertheless, the main stream media started broadcasting them as ISIS.

Nobody has given these Alphabetical Crime partners a memo that Isis is an Egyptian Goddess of a religion that’s still active. Obviously these media figures are attempting to deactivate this religion by associating it with Terrorism. Their ulterior motive is to have its followers, admirers put under surveillance.

Just because the President and pentagon officials use the word Isis it doesn’t stop them from deploying an Algorithm program that includes Isis as a key word to track in the social media. The media is being control by occult (invisible) forces trying to promote Catholic in Europe and in America. Its no accident that the media turned its Pope into a pop celebrity star and at the same time demote an ancient religion by associating its Goddess with Terrorism.

This is sad because Isis and her sister forms the basic foundation for Mary and her cousin Elizabeth. But we are dealing with a wicked crew not interested in religion but using it as a front to deploy a One world economy and Religion to suppress the mases of the people.
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