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Sep 17, 2012
You say "were" not safe in this country, as though they are safe now.:toast: Have I missed something? Can I relax my fears for my son's well being? Has the danger passed? Thank you for sharing this with us. Brings all kinds of thoughts to my mind. One being the fact that history shows us how black men were (mis)treated when they, for whatever reason, found themselves in the midst of a white woman.

Amun-Ra, is it their defiance that has been the catalyst for them seeking white women? My own nature is such, that if someone tells me I can't, I'm more determined to do that thing. I'm not suggesting that black men this day are choosing white women for this reason. Surely they are choosing them because they love them, but is this the root of it all?

I've gotten off topic. The state that lynched more blacks? Hmmmm ... my guess would be Texas (hoping it isn't my own Alabama).


My own nature is such, that if someone tells me I can't, I'm more determined to do that thing. We have the same spirit..:lol:

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Oct 2, 2012
I was doing a little surfing recently and came across fascinating and maddening information on lynchings in the United States. I have listed several notable ones below. I only post this so we remember that it wasn't that long ago when blacks and black men especially, were not safe in this country.

Please take note of the number of "respectable" white women who were raped. This is just scratching the surface. Can anyone tell which state lynched the most blacks?


As a Surinamese I was impressed with the news and images about US lynching, Jim Crow, I noticed the white laughing faces aND THEM BRINGING LITTLE CHILDREN ALONG TO WATCH THE SPECTACLE. JIMMY BALDWIN WROTE THAT ONLY with the civil rights movement and the amendation of the constitution some whites found out that what they considered some harmless folklore was in fact a crime.

NoW INSTEDA of us moaning and feeling sorry for ourself, I asked: why did they do this.
Why did whites get so angry with Blacks.
What did Blacks do to make whites hate them so much,
even teaching lil children to hate.


Well, its really simple, Blacks ruled whites, oppressed whites , civilized whites and brought them christianity as a means of mind control. And they did so forcefully, using the skins of these whites as shoe leather. At times they were flayed alive as a punishment.(1100-1848)

That's what whites have against Blacks, and they act as if this can happen again, which I doubt. But for this reason they menace Blacks even those in the womb.

But whites need to move on. And we need to tell and show them so.
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