Black People : The Lamentation Of Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Lamentation Of Chief Elder Osiris Aklkebala

To The Greater Good- God Of Everlasting Infinite Existence

I Speak Not To The God Of Lucifer But To The Greater Good-God
Of Me, Myself, And I, Absent Of Religious Implications.

Oh Divine Essence the Greater Good of all things that live in
the physical and appear not to be physical, it is to you to whom
I forever submit to, not at your command which you command
not, but at the command of myself do I choose to acknowledge
your presence, for you, is the Divine Essence Greater Good
of all that be in the Infinite Universal Spatial Heaven, a place
of your Infinite Abode.

To you do I acknowledge your Infinite presence of Existence
and to you do I bow, not of a command coming from you
but of an awareness of you coming from me oh God of
everything that moves and appears not to move in the

You are the Greater Good, the Divine Essence, God of
everything and by your mere presence all thing at Nature
Performance, Is because of you Oh God that error not
and is perfect in all and every way of your Divine Existence.

I acknowledge your presence oh God not of impressionable
behavior, for I know you are the everlasting eternal infinite
God to not impress for you are omnipresence,
omnipotent, omniscience who is not impressed by that which
you have allowed Nature to forme to be.

So I humbly speak to you not out of want of anything from you
nor of need from you, for I know such physical expression is of
my responsibility of me and not you oh God who punishes nor
reward not, such is dictated by my own physical ability which
nature has endowed me with such responsibility to my self and
to my self alone collectively with the self of others collectively
do our responsibility reside, oh God without error, perfect in the
presence of your Eternal Everlasting Infinite Existence.

You, it is that I know is comprised of all Power with Dark Energy
being the Holy Grail of your Garment being of Divine Energy
Divine intelligence not measurable by none you allow Nature
to cause to be, the Divine Nature is the primary attribute of
your Divine existence, oh God who Command Not.

I am with Divine awareness of your presence and it is me that
acknowledge the power of your Freedom, it is the Divine Dark
The energy that is forever in performance even never has
there been a before Nature of all things

There is no before everything appeared designed to be in the
physical and appear not to be physical such be the frailty of
Mankind profane mind imagination about THE PRESENCE
OF ALL THINGS IN HEAVEN ( Universe Dark Space Energy
Existence ) when there is no before or after in the
presence of the Greater Good God Divine Essence of Eternal
Everlasting Infinite Existence.

Oh God The Greater Good Divine Essence of all things Physical
and appear not to be physical, I know you are the Greater
Good in total complete Darkness, and that you make no promises
nor do you reward and punish, such outcome comes from my own
action my own loss of my Divine Mind for I know, reward and
punishment is of Lucifer making oh God who is incapable of
being impressed.

So, I come to you with not any expectation beyond that which Nature
has designed me with an ability to provide for the self of me and
to know to love self is to protect self and where there is need of
self-protection, the lost of Universal Divinity has occurred in the
body, soul, the spirit of the physical Being nature designed to be with
an awareness of what the Greater Good God the Divine Essence
is not, which is a physical living Being.

Oh God Of the Essence of Divine presence in all things, I come to
you not to beg for anything nor am I to petition you for others, I
know that all that I have been reduced to be in Want of is caused by
the lost of divine Mind, so I ask not of anything but to acknowledge
that you are the Greater Good God who has allowed Nature of your
presence to equip me with the quality of mind capable of supplying
my every NEED, Oh God who Error Not.

My status in the Heaven of space eternal is my own doing, I ask you
not of anything for I know there is not anything you are not in the
awareness of so to you I do acknowledge the error of my ways in
your presence and I need not indicate to you that which you already
know, so I for the sake of me admit the error of my ways in being
susceptible to Lucifer the Human Being so he attacks that which wear
the code of your Divine Grail, Divine Energy Darkness, Divine
Intelligence unmeasurable force of Lucifer who carries undying
envy of your presence.

I know that there is not anything I can indicate to you that you do not
have the presence of being, so I know all that is happening in Lucifer
World, in which I live in today, is common to Lucifer and my
weakness is to abide by all that Lucifer does and tell me to do.

Yet I know to become whole again with the nature of Mind given to me
by the nature of my design, it is I who serve to be the stumbling block
to the passageway that leads to the Freedom of Me and me is the
collective of all who carry the code of Divine Darkness as I and me
has forsaken the Divine mind and no longer is with Divine knowledge
of What the Greater Good God is, so I pray not, it is lucifer way of
controlling the religious mind but I lament over the fact of me and
I, being of ignorance of your Divine presence and me and I know
to be able to change our condition, physical and mentally
is to know the nature of me and all design like me and we constitute the
The nation of the Divine Black Cosmic Universal Beings who now live
under the tutelage of Lucifer the Human Being, he who is the juxtaposition
of the Divine Black Being.

I do know that we the Divine Black Cosmic Universal Being must be our
own deliverer from the Evil now hold our Mind captive, Oh God whose
presence is everywhere.who forgive not nor punish not.

Divine Respect
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