Kenya : The kenyan bombs....

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Dec 1, 2001
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Its so sad for me to read and hear what's happening in give background to those who may not know what's happening....

A group of suicide bombers drove into a popular hotel in Kenya's Port city Mombasa. They blew up a portion of the hotel and at some 15 people have died...9 Kenyans, 3 Isreali, among the Isreali's, two young girls..THe attacks were specifically aimed at the Isreali' the same time, missiles were fired at an aircraft carrying Isreali Tourists. It missed and a disaster was prevented.. Now, interestingly enough, they've arrested a group of men this morning and two of them had American they might have been AMerican citizens.

Terrorism is really spreading across the world and its reached Africa as well. Osama bin Laden's Al-qaeda network has been blamed for this attack. Political analysts say they suspect it was the Al-qaeda because for a long time...Osama has been telling the Isreali that they will come under attack because they are killing their muslim brothers and this stage its not clear when they will strike again..but both Israeli and American CIA intelligence are working on the case...

Now, my point of concern, is who cares about the Kenyans that have died? everybody is making a big fuss about the Kenyans that died, but nobody is talking much about innocent lives that get sacrificed in the name of a cause....its the same everywhere.

Whether the terrorism takes place in the U.S, Bali, Kenya, its about the innocent lives that continue to be lost in the process..Any thoughts on it?? :( :(


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Mar 21, 2001
it's sad and a shame heart and luv reach out to many
hope it end soon da bombs of self destruction!

so sad
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