Black Muslims : The Intersection of Science and Religion: One Way Only


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaahu The Sustainer / Lord of The Universe. And The Peace on who follows The Guidance.
If one HAD to classify human Mentality on Reality, everyone's' knowledge would fall into (having come from) one of two categories. Either your idea is That Allaah has created The world or that the world came about by itself. Your perspective is either Religious or your perspective is Scientific. Of course there is that idea that attempts to reconcile, unify both , but not without lacuna. Both religion and science ARE LOOKING at the same creation, albeit from seemingly opposite directions. One says 'God' the other says 'No God'; or at least no 'evidence' of God. So both are Observing.
One observes through a telescope/microscope AND the opinions (past and current) written on those Findings', collectively called Science. The other observes through Reading/Writing literary proofs, AND opinions (past and current) on those proofs, collectively called Religion.
No one has ever shown, taught, proved that there was no distance /difference between science and religion moreso than Al Masiyha Iysaa Ibn Mar'yam a.k.a. Jesus The Messiah the son of Mary, a.k.a. The Soul of Allaah/The Word of Allaah and these names come from The Holy Qur'aan.
...that the only distance/difference between the two (religion and science) was the ignorance an individual carried on both of them and subsequently brought to them when they spoke on either.
Recall the baby shower of Jesus.The only truth in the story are the gifts that were dropped off by the 'three wise men'. Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold and 'they' dropped it off in the city called Bethlehem, in the province of Judea, with Mar'yam, in a manger. sound familiar? The word 'bethlehem' is two words: beth meaning house and lehem meaning flesh but also it means bread. depends on how its used in a sentence obviously. but some translators and scholars use the meaning which fits the purpose of their writing,,,like what Im gonna do. Accept Im right, and their stupid. so there.
As you know, the human immune system does not develop until almost two years after birth. This is one of the halmarks of 'good mothering/motherhood'. keeping a child from sickness in any form for the first years of a childs' life is a very big accomplishment. The reward is for the child, but the mother who has/can achieve this, its really a big deal when you think about it. To purposely and with intent make sure your newborn baby is protected from viruses, bacteria, etc?? Its a big deal. There existed a science in the world that dealt with the 'immune' system of 'certain' newborn babies. The Gold that was dropped off at the baby shower was not solid gold but atomic gold, which is a catch word for powered gold, and today its called silicon used primarily for todays computers and is used to PROCESS LIGHT MOVING ACROSS STONE OR METAL. One needs it to make a motherboard and the main chip cannot be made without it. Atomic gold, powered gold that is, actually decays into a solid and this is what current day jewelry is made from. ****. Powered gold is pure and solid gold is ****. literally.
If atomic gold is introduced to a babys system, through BREAD or through the skin THAT HAS BEEN EXPOSED TO THE VAPORS AND SCENTS OF FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH WHICH HAVE CREATED AN ATMOSPHERE OF ITS OWN, a bubble, the atomic gold will bind to certain organs and certain glands. Gold is a conductor of light and an insulator of light. this is why the lights flashing on and throughout a computer 'motherboard' do not fly off into space. the gold. Gold that has been introduced to a human body, certain human bodies, binds with the nervous system and like a magnet the gold is attracted to only certain glands and organs, certain ones. It does not just go where it wants; only certain glands and certain organs hold a magnetic force to gold while maintaining and emitting the natural electromagnetic vertices innate in the physiology of the body's organs and glands. Atomic gold upon these glands and organs is like adding nitroglycerin to a tank of gas baby. Certain glands, certain organs, in certain bodies.
The science included, There is no Might and no Power except by way of Allaahu The Most High, The Supreme. The Creator of gold, the Origin of science. But Man is so ungrateful for the treasures given to his brain - laid out in creation to be observed; for observation is the nucleus of knowledge. knowledge has an anatomy, observation is its nucleic center- he claims ownership through a word called discovery.
The word is intimidating because it connotes the power of research and focus but also ignores Allaahu and is used to remove the idea That Allaahu is indeed CREATOR of all things 'discovered'. if you find something in existence that is fine all by itself works and does what it does, under your observation or not, by the laws of language and speaking correctly the word 'discover' CANNOT BE USED. if you can make metal from cookies and paint, maybe that can be called a 'dis-covery'. This is why The Holy Qur'aan reminds man to be Grateful to your Creator. Shaytaan and other Concealors of truth 'discover' and then present the discovery with no acknowledgement of The Most High. The Scientist and the religious adherent cannot be who they are without Light. That they are misled by the formation of the information within their own minds, they see no connection between their perspectives nor themselves. So the masses must choose.
The Prophets are sent into the world to make clear that there is no difference. There is a distinction but no difference. The distinction is visible yet is there only to provide scale in understanding the mental approach, so that the whole can be comprehended appreciated.
Allaahu is Light. Some try an extinguish HIS light with there mouths blowing false words into our curriculum to train our perception and comprehension. So to free man from mans' fumbling with words and fumbling with concepts The Most High gives us the remedy :
I seek refuge in Allaah from shaytaan the cursed (and I )
Read By way of The Name of Your (MY) Lord/Sustainer WHO CREATED
The 'Reminder' focuses 'intention' and the powers of your observation i.e.Reading.
Only Light can destroy the 'barrier' between Science and Religion. And Allaah claims to BE Light. Allaah proves that HE is LIGHT by using Light. Recite The Qur'aan properly and you'll SEE.
Man tries to prove his point with words on people who really dont know his words. Man uses the same words to try and disprove Allaahu. But man is using the very intelligence that Allaah created, generated in him to disprove the origin of creation and disprove our utter dependence on Allaah. Using words like 'discovery' helps him achieve this, in the minds of the masses. By masses, I mean clergy, college and those sitting at home. By Masses, I mean all and any.
The Messiah Jesus used The Light to heal others, he generated anelectromagnetic field from the soles of his feet to traverse the water as well as to climb mountains for Salaat. The Light in his body he could channel to his hands and touch anothers skin or eyes and regenerate the tissues, OR WHATEVER HE SAID BECAUSE THE LIGHT OBEYED THE TONE IN HIS VOICE, Tone? what is tone but vibration. In the voice. The Messiah Jesus provided an example of one filled with THE LIGHT. The Qur'aan instructs us on how to achieve this same level of Faith: which the elements of creation must obey. And my brothers and sisters who are reading this, you need to know and I need to mention this. I do not proselytize nor am I just trying to pump up things. I am speaking from The Scriptures, all I have been blessed to handle and read and i am speaking from my own experience with Salaat. I'm not trying to suggest anything mystical or divine. I am saying what we may call mystical or divine is just an acknowledgement of our ignorance. ..that the Salaat is much more than a discharge of a religious duty. IT is used to assemble Light within The Body. if it was all about worship to Allaah, the salaat WITHOUT suraatul Faatihah highly glorifies Allaah. The fact that we are told to recite the Qur'aan through the nose is the gateway to control light in the Body and receive light from the Holy Qur'aan. Allaah says that HE IS LIGHT. No metaphor. IN sevearl hadiyth The Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have said: SALAAT IS LIGHT. the word Salaat its' self MEANS "connection".
the kundalini information,,,the yoga,, the tibetan ways of metaphysics ,, all of the eastern religions, the islaamic 'dervish' groups, the 'suffi' as well..All are attempts to gain control over the knowledge of light so they can teach the broken science for a price, to reward their effort in 'studying' . And allow me to offer this: The first 'suffi' in the world was named Yahyaa ibn Zakariyyah. The christian world knows this name as John The Baptist. His name properly translated : John son of Zachariah. His father is the man that brought sign language into the world. Another story; but the Deaf can thank him, for their language.
John The Baptist was so focused on his DHIKR Allah that he cared nothing for the world, luxury, comfort etc... he classified all things as futile and plus, diversions and obstructions to the ability to keep Allaah in Mind. So much so, that he refused to have anything on his skin that felt good or caused his mind to admire. Sheeps skin is extremely course and not comfortable at all. To say sheep skin in its original language is to say "suff".. a piece of it is 'suffi'. Fast forward 800 hundred and after the death of The Prophet Muhammad, muslims 'ran' into the knowledge of John The Baptist, classified THEIR understanding of the information as 'mystical' and not for the common man, the common worshipper. Now they are a sect of islaam and people assume they carry a mystical enchanting knowledge. But So does the first album of the American born Rapper who carries the name 'Mystical'. Very enchanting knowledge on sexiness and women and how he feels about them. But if you want a lesson in music, you might not pull his album to explain the academics/curriculum of music. my point, and probably failed attempt at being funny, is that a group is by definition a departure from the whole. as soon as you 'give it name' you are making a distinction a difference and Allaah says don't do that...and go away from any who does. Ever seen it in Qur'aan" 6:159? So because of the Madness and confusion in the east, Islaam has been translated to "Sunni or Shi'ite". Have you read 6:159 yet? so now one who enters Islaam, depending on the teacher is either sunni or shi'ite. See how stupid it all is? what we follow.
But fear not, a simple reading will show that the sects and the groups are not only astray....But That the knowledge of Qur'aan is only taught by Allaah.
..if you follow the Guidance from The Messenger He sent to show it, recite it, live it and benefit from it Surah 55 verse one through four will expose its meaning. By The way, The Most High doesn't just say HE TEACHES Qur'aan, The Most High also lets us know exactly where HIS class is and what Time it starts everyday. And I am not speaking in metaphor or trying to say something slick. I KNOW THE EXACT TIME AND PLACE WHERE ONE CAN GO TO ATTEND THE CLASSES THAT ALLAAHU SUBHAANAHU WA TA'AALA HOLDS, IN ORDER TO TEACH, WHOEVER ARRIVES, THE HOLY QUR'AAN AND OTHER THINGS.AND YES THE ANSWER AND ITS VERIFICATION ARE BOTH IN QUR'AAN.

The knowledge comes as a by-product with Faith by way of Allaah The Glorified, The Exalted. If anyone is so moved to fill any holes, correct any points, critique anything..please do so. If i've said something that is academically false or not clear please correct your brother. Point out typos, missing prepostions, whatever...As salaamu alaykum.


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