Science and Technology : The Illusion of Color

Marquis Davis

Dec 27, 2017

By Marquis Davis

The word color comes from the Latin term colorem, which means color of the skin. In addition, the Greek word for color is kroma, which means surface of the body. Thus, the term color originally gives reference to melanin.

The sunlight has an effect on Melanin, it has the ability to make our original melanin appear to be a darker color, while a lack of sunlight will make our original melanin appear to be a lighter color. Consequently, light dictates the appearance of what we perceive as color, which is actually an illusion.

Our retina has two type of cells that are responsive to light rays:

  1. Rod
  2. Cone
Now lets look at the term retina from an etymology standpoint. The prefix of the word retina is RE. Ra or Re who is also known as Amun-Re, solar deity from the ancient land of Khemet. The term Re gives reference to the sun. Light is projected from the sun, therefore Amun-Re is also the God of Light, and light and energy are the purest forms of vibration, which has an impact on the development of frequencies.


There are sounds that aren't senses by humans, because humans can only hear sound around the range of 19 hertz. Other entities on earth such as dogs are able to hear sounds that humans are not able to hear. Furthermore, the same circumstances applies to the human vision. There are intangible objects that are not visible to humans, because their wavelength is either too short or too long for the naked eyes to see. These wavelengths I'm referring too are:
  • Ultraviolet Light (Black Light)
  • Infrared light

Light Spectrum.gif

Ultraviolet lights has a shorter wavelength per inch, while Infrared lights has a longer wavelength per inch. The smaller the wavelength, the higher the vibration, thus black light consequently produces the highest frequency of all lights.

When a narrow beam of white light passes through a transparent prism, a band of colors (similar to a rainbow) begin to manifest, this is known as electromagnetic spectrum. The spectrum produces the following so called "colors ":

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • indigo
  • violet
Furthermore, when all the colors from the electromagnetic spectrum are combined into a physical state, blackness (so called black color) begins to manifest.

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