Black Poetry : The Horse talk of Paul


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

It’s a Horses race starting from a road in Damascus you see

Riding hard on that poor pitiful Donkey

Ending in the circular road in the Colosseum was a tortuous drag

With the Emperor ending the life of this 90 year old nag

A wolf in sheep clothing coming from the Herodian, Arabian Hag

Invited to Caesar’s dinner party going all in stag

When they finally chopped his neck off his blood squirted out white like glue

His manufactured horseshit of Christianity became manna from dew

So lets first back it all up to this mare’s Nightmare dream

A lie he told three times in Acts was a skit from a horse’s tail

Like Mr. Ed would say: “never take it from a horse’s mouth get out and bail”

Where on the road to Damascus he had a vision of putting Jesus on his team

This was the origin where he wanted to become a foal (fool) for Christ,

His opponents from Jerusalem all said Naw

About the one who was born in a manger, a box with straws

Paul perverted the message into a joke with a bunch of Hee-Haw’s

For them slutty Paul had only bloody hearts in his paws

James told him to stop laughing be a man and stop studding like a colt

Become the White horse judge anger comes out the Door he’s ready to unbolt

James tried to bring in the reins, bits and bridles to change Paul’s circuit and course

But they were unsuccessful in taming the tongue, the curses from this stupid Horse

So James, Jude and Peter all plotted with a Chorus conspiracy

To use Psalm 32 and Proverbs 26 to Lampoon Paul as a stupid Donkey

For this parody and others matters Paul wanted them emasculated and gelded

But this was Paul’s (“Tiny”) nickname, now a title of a eunuch that he held

A saucy fate Domitian forced upon after he rode him like pony; a Saturnalia’s Yule

Now he’s the court’s servant, an angel that was reduced to a sterile Mule

But that didn’t stop him from having a miracle birth of Titus his son

And for the Pauline letters are the victors who write history are those that won

But what’s wining if you are no longer content and being happy

And can’t find Love in Eros, Philia or the highest form of Agape

When your tuneless, cold-stone evil and lie your bound to take a fall

Look at the mighty stallion of Paul is that glue caught behind the eight-ball

God hates the ugly and he places you in a little room of gloom

And this is why I couldn’t resist the temptation to go ahead and lower the boom

This is the karma of those taking off on a road on a false vision and start

Especially those who reduce God’s laws, end up with an unbalanced Heart

A crafty wordsmith who put God’s words in total shame

How could you have ever met Jesus, then afterwards help kill his brother James?

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