Khasm13 : the horror...


Mar 26, 2003
sliding through the shimmering slippery shadows
hording the light like farms of cattles in the dark battles
logic and reason unravel...critical thinking shot
bumbaclot...on a jagged rock he'll split your wig and let it rot
as the whole block turns hot...cause the horror is upon you
after the unknown spun you and spliced your spleen
and spread it on a crispy cone like ice cream
and let it sit out for awhile till it got green
tainted from the splattered crimson stream
walking out to the car can be a nightmare and a messy scene
if you'e not aware of the grizzly stare and the icy demons scream
with a freddy krueger lean that leaves your eyes burning like fresh chlorine
dumped in a hellish pool of blood and bile the decent style
sliced skin left in a pile where maggots compile
the darkside's time is always now
be prepared cause the unaware get devoured like cultured cow
and how...


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May 13, 2003
Bay Area, CA
Servant of the People
I hate freddy kruger lol and if he slid anywhere near me he'd be the newest layer on my car tires, but I always enjoy your Halloween pieces. However it would seem that it skurred the rest of the poets lol Props poet!

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