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Jun 15, 2002
MidAmerica Products
**** it, im alone....that may never change so I should be prepared
I’ve been feeling so down lately, there’s nothing to which it can be compared
I even fail trying to talk to God when I pray
I don't stay on my knees long, I don't know what to say
I feel as if im failing on every aspect of my life
making bad choices, regretting it, and then go back and do it twice
I’m wasting all potential and I hate my weakness when it comes to change
I get in weird moods that even I can't explain
anger, regret, and suspicion are my favorite emotions now
I’m turning into something I don’t like, and can't slow it down
I hope I have some hope left, I’m running out of motivation
I feel like im not even living, it's more like a life simulation
I would welcome a new life with no hesitation, but I have to make it for myself
and learn to be content with my son, my thoughts and my health
material wealth is not the answer I seek
happiness seems so close, but it's just out of reach
I keep trying to trust people and keep getting burned
mistakes are supposed to teach you, but what the hell am I to learn??
that my fellow humans don’t care about **** but what’s good for them?
that when a woman gets a real man, she doesn’t know how to treat him?
that my chances for finding the love I sought has gotten more and more slim?
**** it, I don't even care numbness is returning in force
ima be anti-social and dislike humans with no remorse
only when I learn that someone can be trusted, will I open up a little bit
but in my mind I feel that most people are full of ********
even with my life so ****ed up beyond recognition
I still try and be honest and play my position
all a man has is his word, you know what’s, and his beliefs
im consistent with mine, they won't change till the day I’m deceased
I know what's wrong and I know what's right
and I won't blur the line between the 2 no matter how dark the night

Derrick H.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
hold ya head up forth da smile of a sunshine will cometh
unto u like dis here ...........keep flowin'

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