Black People : The Greatest Con Job

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Greatest Con Job By White Authority And Professionals On All Levels Of Deceit Regarding The Issue of Racism and Unjust Prejudice In America Today!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Beloved Black Afrikan people, you who still in possession of a Mind that desire to become Free again, the again mean that we are not now at this Time and place living Life Freely, I am going to present to you the information I share with you in a way that will be an indication that I am revealing to you transparency of my Divine Mind that is not always revealed to you for many relevant esoteric reasons which many and most Black Afrikans do not qualify to be a member of such information that needs to be kept available only to serious Revolutionaries Black Afrikans Mind.

The quality of information that I share here on this internet with Black Afrikan people to whom I will be addressing my thoughts too and if you can't determine that I know more than what I am sharing with you about a given topic of relevancy to Black Afrikan people and Afrika, then you been reading not with comprehension or interest of a Mind that is not being under the control of that white Devilish, Satanic Luciferian Human Being.

As I observe the back and forth that is going on in the world concerning the issue of Racism in America and there being intentionally the most potential evil among the two issues that reference Racist in America and the spirit that is expressed concerning the treatment and opinion of Black Afrikan people as viewed by white people confessing not to be Racist never involving their rank in regard to white prejudice belief as taught about Black Afrikan people by white authoritative racist, prejudice oligarchs and their surrogates of different ethnicity pertaining to racial categorizing and classification, done so by white oligarchs authoritative position in a world they control and determine the quality and status of that world culture identity.

As I am communicating with you Black Afrikans at this Time, this Day, this year, I have a Son now serving Time of 15 years in that white racist dungeon of a so-called prison being a victim of a racist criminal unjust institution that take pleasure in entrapping Black Afrikan people into a Criminal induced act that ends up taking away the unenforced movement of Black Afrikan people and here your Black *** here contemplating on voting for Biden who is dripping with Racist Prejudice tactics that are responsible for the incarceration beyond sanity when it comes to taking away Black Afrikans Freedom of movement in a normal walk of moving performance.

As I have stated I have a Son no doubt like many other Sons of Black Domestic Family members of the Black Family Race who is now serving Time in a white racist prison institution serving a ridiculous amount of Time as an entrapped Black Man or woman enticed by that white racist enforcement criminal unjust system, there to make the Living of life for Black imprisoned people a living hell, because the nature of the soul and spirit of Black Afrikan people is Freedom and not confinement which Black Afrikans are set up to become confined by white racist prejudice authoritative Luciferians every second of the day.

There is no white racist oligarch professionals activist who gives a **** about Justice to be related to Black Afrikan people!!!

Oh yes, I know there are the white liars and deceivers going around today making claim to your Black *** that Black Lives Matter but still I see the taking of Black life unjustly by white racist prejudice minded white Americans and the same with the wanting and determine entrapping Black Afrikans into committing a so call crime so to be given the insane amount of Time-Locked up like you do animals at a Zoo, which mean that white Racist prison system is no more than a Zoo of Black Afrikan people and other related ethics are kept away from their natural habitat, the Black Afrikan Family.

Listen to me Black Afrikan people, I have shared with you the way to be used that will reveal the lying and deceiving that white racist is using on our Black ***, nothing new, that racist white Luciferian Human Being is so confident in the success of their indoctrinated education that has been given to you to be exposed too, so much until they walk freely among your no thinking Black *** telling you that Black lives matter when their zoo prisons are running over with Black Afrikans unjustly and other related ethics no longer walking and being with the family freely.

I many time shared with your Black refusing to think *** that white racist Luciferian Human Being Lies to deceive your no thinking Black behind and what you do, your Black *** ends up rewarding that devilish racist by lying to Black people that Biden is the one ******* are to vote for, he is the architect of seeing to it that Black Afrikan imprisonment remains to be a top priority in the Law enforcement campaign.

There are no two issues that reveal the true nature of how white racist prejudice Luciferian authority sees your Black ***, no more than an animal needing to be locked up in the zoo nature of their prison system!!!

Case and point of proof, ask those so call white racist oligarchs and professionals of all sorts where they stand mentally on the issue of Reparation / Repatriation needing to be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, ask them who is responsible for Black Afrikans involvement in the Drug pandemic ( CIA ) among Black Afrikans and see if their answer will correspond with their claim that Black Lives Matter,,

You know what, Black Lives Do Not Matter not even to your Democratic Loving Black ***, the party that got the ball rolling to construct the institution of Chattel Enslavement of our Afrikan Ancestors to whom today America owes Reparation/ Repatriation but you choose to follow Biden rather than to show respect to our Enslaved Ancestors by demanding from the white racist prejudice America system of corporate Governing our Ancestors Reparation / Repatriation!!!

What A Sad And Pitiful Race Of No Longer Mentally Black People that we are today.

Divine Respect

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