Black People : The Greatest Con Game

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Greatest Con Game Ever Played On Black Afrikan Americans, Thus, On The Black Afrikan Race!!!
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
I have noticed whenever the Divine Truth is Shared with Black Afrikan people and that Divine Truth is revealing the lies and deception about that white racist Luciferian Human Being, Black Afrikans Mind now guiding Black Afrikans will not allow the Black Afrikans to appreciate a Mind that is not under the control of that white racist but is a mind that is free to share information without conscious that condemn for being without the handicap of deceiving indoctrination about the general requirement that qualifies you to be not with a feeling of guilt if you choose to recognize with acceptance of acknowledging the Divine Truth.
Black Afrikans are so well mental conditioned not to accept any information that does not follow the educated guidelines that have you be the puppet to the educators, they who teach to you information not to be thought about just rotely remembered, being educated prevent you from becoming a well-learned Mind that Thinks in the process of using common sense in your effort to become Divinely aware of the Divine Truth about the Greater Good-God, about the relationship Life has to the Greater Good-God and about the required application of the expression of Freedom when in pursuit of the Divine Truth, which only reveals its presence to a well qualified free-thinking mind.

I have also noticed that Black Afrikans tolerance level is very short low when the Divine Truth is being shared that has to do with contrasting the Spirit of Black Afrikans with the spirit of that white racist devilish Luciferian Human Being.

Black Afrikans have been so well mentally conditioned to ignore all information being shared with them that is not with written permitted verification by that white satanic lying deceiver, that white racist Luciferian educator of Black Afrikans.
The Master Teacher, Divine Experience it is, error not in its revealing the playback acts of your past living performance, each ticking second become a reality of your past performance, so you can't manipulate the fact of your living experience.
So, what I share with Black Afrikans that be about Black Afrikans and that white racist performance in the act of living, my observation is not based on wishing believing but is on empirical observation of the fact of you displaying the spirit that reveals the state of the mind guiding you, and at this moment in real-time.

Because, the mind that guides Black Afrikans teach to educate Black Afrikans to remember to believe all that you are being educated to believe, which is consistent with the lies the mind is being indoctrinated to have you believing and not thinking about what that white racist is educating you about.

Here your Black Afrikan American behind is, having all of the past time to be judgmental about that white racist democrat, whom you now follow without question, a spirit that is without shame or self-respect Black Afrikans no longer have concerning ourselves.

From the time of our Enslaved Ancestors coming to America we have been disrespected, confuse and exploited and from the time of our being given the opportunity to vote to now, there has not been any freedom for us to enjoy in America and never will be.

So, why do you Black Americans vote when it never gives to you the motivation to organize a political party of your own to be in authority and control of, so when you make demands that benefit your Black Afrikan behind, America will sit up and listen and that demand will be for our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors to be paid to them their Reparation/Repatriation so that all Black Afrikans in America not by choice and who desire to return to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation can do so, and I am one Black Afrikans with the Mind to Return to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors and their Reparation/Repatriation and my decision is not available to be compromised!!!

Black Afrikan Americans, you who no longer use common sense anymore, you are being conned and taken for granted in America politics, with the so-called democratic party being your master deceiver and yet here you are without the motivation to be free from America in Afrika, the land the Black Afrikan American has no spiritual connection to anymore and has no desire to be in power and authority over your own institutions of governing in Afrika.

We Black Afrikans Americans have become the biggest joke on the world block, maintaining the mental capacitive that have us believing there is a responsibility we have to be loyal compassionate to that white racist Luciferian Human Being until we feel what that devil feel in body soul and spirit to the entent we feel as if we have the responsibility to be sick when that white devil is sick, to be evil toward Black Afrikans because that Satanic racist Luciferian Human Being is evil toward Black Afrikan people, in other word, we Black Afrikans have become so well mental converted to the extent that the spirit and mind of that white racist now dwell within the Black Afrikan body to the level we take our que from that white devil as to when we are permitted to feel any kind of way that white racist is feeling , which is why the common question to that white racist when not feeling well is, Massa Is We Sick, Do I have permission to be sick too, a mind like that dwelling in that Black Afrikan Body is no benefit to the Black Afrikan Race.

Because it is not about obtaining Freedom for Afrika nor for there to be a United States Of Afrika Government because such a mind in against our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors ever to be free receiving Justice with the right to be independent of thought, which is required if there is ever to be again, A Unified Black Afrikan Nation, beloved!!!

Divine Thinking is our transported way to Freedom to be enjoyed in Afrika and to be a Black Afrikan Race with power and authority, we must be living with the knowledge of what the Greater Good-God Is, What Constitute Life and who the Black Afrikans are, knowing not thyself, keep you to be a willing mark to be used and lied to by that Racist Luciferian Human Being, a people like that is no good to self, just to the people who control your Mind in a con game of make-believe, beloved.

If you are Black And Afrikan and you can not see your way to organize your Black Afrikan self for the purpose to secure your Freedom, then share with me, Why Are You Living On This Planet Earth, which is Divine And Perfect In Its Performance.

Divine Respect

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