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THE MYTH: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit (Amen) of God moved upon the face of the waters (Nun). (Gen1:1-2).

THE REALITY: Genesis uses the Egyptian Hermopolitan creation scheme to describe the state of the universe before creation begins. The four male deities have been omitted from the story but their essential characteristics have been retained.

The first two sentences of Genesis describe the state of the universe prior to the Hebrew god initiating the creation process. In the beginning, it says, God created the Heaven and the earth, but we know from later passages that the heaven and earth were submerged within the “deep” at this early stage, waiting to be lifted out and transformed into their present physical state.

The words translated as “without form” and “void” appear in the original Hebrew as “Tohu” and “Bohu”, and those two words sometimes appear in popular writing as an idiomatic way of expressing chaos or disorder, as in “All was tohu and bohu”. The sense of these two Hebrew words combine to indicate a vast empty space, a desolate area. In biblical context, we have an undefined space forming some sort of bubble within the primeval “deep”.

The word translated as “Spirit” in the phrase “Spirit of God” appears in the original Hebrew as “ruach” and it doesn’t mean “spirit” it signifies “wind” (The Egyptian Amen means unseen wind] or “violent exhalation”. By translating ruach as spirit, biblical interpreters have attempted to translate it in a manner consistent with their theological understanding of the biblical text, but without regard to its true meaning and original context. Lets substitute Wind for Spirit and see what we have in the original Hebrew.

The opening verses describe four things:

1. An earth and heaven that took up space but had had no form or content;
2. Darkness
3. A watery deep within which the unformed space existed; and
4. A wind (the spirit of god) hovering upon the face of the waters

These four elements constitutes what the biblical authors believed to be the four basic component of the universe before the start of creation, one of which, the wind, was identified with the Hebrew god. They correspond precisely with what Egyptian priests in Thebes and Hermopolis believed to be the four primary components of the universe at the beginning of Creation, but the Egyptians identified each of these four elements with a pair of male and female deities, something that was taboo in Hebrew theology. That the Hebrews adopted the Egyptian scheme can be seen from the following elements they represented.

1. Huh and Hauhet-unformed space the shapeless bubble within the deep, as describe in the bible in Genesis as tohu and bohu.

2. Kuk and Kauket the darkness on the face of the waters

3. Nun and Naunet-the primeval flood, The deep

4. Amen and Amenet- the invisible wind that over the waters/Nun

Although the Hebrew priests adopted this Egyptian view of the primeval universe, their monotheistic theology caused them to disassociate these four natural elements from the Egyptian deities with which they were identified, retaining only the physical attributes with which these deities were associated. Additionally, the Genesis author of this creation story accepted the Theban tradition that the primary creator was identified with the wind.They simply changed the Egyptian god’s name of Amen to the Hebrew name of Elohim, and described his as ruach, the wind. When Jesus died on the cross he cried out Eli (short for Elohim) for his losing power of his breathing perhaps? Was this a violation of what Moses wrote that Jesus would call out god by another name?

In the OT creation was Elohim. But when we turn to Revelation did it get back to Amen?
“These things said the Amen, the faithful, and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God” Rev 3:14.

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