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Jan 14, 2005
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Sorry folks the pictures of the Olmec Heads are not coming out. There are sixteen of them and they are carbon dated to between 800-1300 BCE.
You can find them on google.


They have done it again! Why am I not even a little surprised? I remember the last time (Art in Ancient Mexico, at the Hayward Gallery) there was the usually distorted by omission attempt to depict the history of Mexico’s technical culture, art and civilisation.

That time we were shown a picture of an Olmec sculpture of a large (very obviously African) head (they are made of basalt and weigh up to 30 tons), with no text or explanation of any kind. Look at them for yourself if you think I’m joking (and then give thanks to our ancestors for creating such massive examples of their genius) or mad.

What ethnic group are these sculptures very accurately portraying?

Now among the illustrious BRITISH (the only thing British there is the name) MUSEUM’S exhibits in their Mexican Gallery; the Olmec heads (such massive ornately intricate artefacts are rare) are conspicuous by their absence. Bearing in mind that this Gulf (East i.e. Atlantic facing) coast civilisation is chronicled as being the earliest technical culture in the Americas; no explanation is given as to the cultural electricity that transformed the indigenous peoples from ornate stone carvers into massive pyramid builders.

The similarities between the Olmec culture and the African Egyptian culture that was dominating the world at that time (3000-200 BC) have been documented; but never publicly acknowledged.

And as always, Western historians are very focused on separating Egypt from Africa (they very obviously wish it were part of Northern Europe). Caucasians (White Supremacists) do not want to admit that Africans (i.e Negroes/Blacks not Semites); were the originators, instigators and participators in the first [Egypt] technical civilisation on this planet.

Even more crucially they are determined to prevent the TRUTH from being known to protect their ego, while preventing us from re-connecting spiritually to our brilliant ancestors, to guide us through the conflict ahead. During the last 2200 years of Caucasian/Arab domination, virtually nothing superb has been built.
On reading the Mexican Gallery’s text relating to the Olmecs the rationale behind this cover-up becomes transparent; “colossal stone sculptures of Olmec rulers”.

As if their very presence on the American mainland 800 BC is not diametrically opposed to the drivel (Africans never crossed the great oceans, apart from in white men’s ships as slaves) we have been programmed with. Why or how could our WHITE SUPREMACIST culture (both in the West and the supposedly independent African Diaspora) publicise the fact that the first Africans (Blacks, Negroes, *******, Wogs) in the Americas formed the ruling elite of a non-African people including their Kings.

I am not going to hold my breath waiting for this to happen; and I genuinely hope that you don’t. Thus even though the Smithsonian Institute dug up these heads in 1939, and carbon dated them to between 1300-800 BC; they and all of our White Supremacist academia maintain the fraud and lies.

The whole world (especially Africans) are still being taught that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, when the upper echelons know for a fact that the African Egyptians were involved in transatlantic trade 2300 years before he was born.

Professors subtly feign bafflement as to why there is cocaine (cocoa is an American plant) in Egyptian mummies up to 1500 BC, when in reality the truth as so vividly highlighted by the Olmec heads requires a total rewrite of the history books to include this dynasty.

Our own Dr Ivan van Sertima (he wrote “They came before Columbus -The African presence in Ancient America”) who has spent the last 30 years exposing these cover-ups, and highlighting Africa’s scientific legacy has never asserted that the Olmec heads were depicting “Olmec rulers”, the only people making this assertion are the British Museum, i.e. expatriate (we want to know their names) AFRICAN KINGS.


Apr 22, 2003
Thank you Orisons for this very enlightening post! I will visit the site to see the pictures of the Olmec Rulers.

I would like to welcome you to destee"s and encourage you to participate in our many discussions as well! Looking forward to reading more from you!

:wave: :wave: Welcome Orisons! :wave: :wave: I hope you enjoy yourself here!


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Jan 14, 2005
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Hi and Thank You

When you see the pictures of the Olmec Heads they will shock you because the people being depicted look like several Africans I know personally.

Is there any way of posting pictures of them on your site?


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Jan 14, 2005
London in the United Kingdom
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Thank You

PurpleMoons said:
I dont know if these are the pictures you were referring too, but here is the link below:

If you would like us to see the exact pictures of the Olemec heads, you could always post a link to where it is.

Again Welcome to Destee's! Thank you very much Brother.

I am in regular receipt of electronic harassment thus I am having difficulty attaching my pictures, so please attach the ones shown in your link as examples of the Olmec Heads in this thread.

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