Black Poetry : the fireworks under her skirt may explode her wet pound cake ready ate on a plate my car is nice but


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May 11, 2006
the fireworks under her skirt may explode her wet pound cake ready ate on a plate
my car is nice but far on in life wants a Cadillac my quotes best they promote progress and choke the rest just being dope is best, girl got butter and breast to further the progress and that promote competition flow dope for tradition my quotes are ammunition, boo you a twerk situation at my workstation can't concentrate on the job body dominate mind involved time for your doorknob to turn and "Take me Home" like LISA LISA and the CULT JAM, having loose luck and need to spruce up my approach try coach love words, drive a Harley scooter wise and shatter lace and use a computerized database to locate a date for cake so I'm at an advantage got stats that do damage got a butter plan and the upper hand I'm a thinker with bling wanna tinker with your thing boo //
would be done here but the sex frontier exist one true //
sincere kiss can set it off your thing wet and soft like //
cotton, I come here from a frontier called streets at night //
the freaks come out, got pride and luck but my game dried up //
with heat it's not fun to learn that you can get sunburn I duck //
the tans jump in a truck or van, wow her hot pie is the story it //
occupy territory in her wet panties, girl a VIRGINIA BEACH legit //
native and her speech creative I shout a bit then try outwit //
the competition about to git the friction out the way really need //
a date boo it 4th of July, now this is BLACK HIPHOP as I proceed //
to rock the house in shock and aroused kiss me skin brown indeed //
my car stand alone need a chick bizarre to take home that's my creed //
tonight, this could be a wrong whack affair and like long black hair //
it could hang down while I speak slang all around so look boo in the air //
is it a bird or plane do it fly like true pie? boo I try to get a date //
NAW PLAYER boys take a risk for cake and a kiss well this is looking great //
my panties are wet and boys appears here at SEARS a phenomenon my lace is hooked just read a common place book a BROWN SOUL SISTER got her hands full here in VIRGINIA BEACH have to duck or give it up I live by luck need boss math as we cross path like DIANA ROSS wrath be supreme, like "My Baby Love"


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May 11, 2006
we cross path like DIANA ROSS wrath be supreme, like "My Baby Love"
pathetic how love anoint crew with an aesthetic point of view, word impact the brain as the facts remain but you wanna shack with this dame and that could have an effect on me, got mad endurance but bad influence can slow me down and I think you wanna go down town and hound around not opening my thighs for that even though my pies are phat, close my thighs until a rose fly's to my nose, wanna sniff that mess before you lift my dress got swift breasts when we talking milk, no doubt my lips bold but my thing about to slip out of control that's jest BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH here at SEARS it appears a TARGET STORE in the back ballistic lace leads to artistic taste don't get it twisted based on belief, think you wanna move to and fro with groove and flow, oh a brown SOUL SISTA have to duck a lot or get stuck in one spot while a boy get plenty tongue and stuff, you come with vocab and class gee and that flabbergast me come with quick nouns galore try kick down the door in my mind a wall of beauty and it's all duty got wisdom boss to share and like system software click on the APP and grab a quick map look up my location, the stuff I see is large you wanna be in charge I flee to dodge words of passion and verbs of fashion mess up my ear and breasts are here so suck phat hard to duck that, you're a survivor in the street in the driver seat a diver deep when you go downtown, my lips are chocolate and you want me in your hip pocket a trip to rocket sex, jets and missiles "I jest wanna wet my Whistle" like the WHISPERS, sex can reach in the form of text or speech your love talk nice and amazes from precise phrases like glaze donuts this page will blow up if I don't close the book buy me a rose I'm hooked and my clothes are took off, you come with hot facts my mind have drop back and think about this while my thing is pink and crisp VIRGINIA BEACH BOULEVARD run hard along the side of SEARS


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May 11, 2006
another trick in mind my butter thick and fine like PARKAY this is a bizarre day he want me in his car anyway got a plenty to say doe so wrong //
he spoke but like a long cloak his words covered me his home //
not far away and I'm hot today he has a legit car and like a guitar //
it plays a tune while my body displays perfume my flesh built so far //
for fresh silk and my breast milk is grade A and boys serenade say //
it's good they rap wise and their capsize is small yall on this day //
in front of HARRIS TEETER your car nickel and dime lovely a vehicle //
is a fine buggy at your crib time for some bubbly but have get a pickle //
not pregnant props and leverage are like a hot beverage espresso coffee //
lets go softly to your whip but we only gonna talk OK?" OK he seem bossy //
kiss my lips and got my tongue body smoking galore got my tongue before //
opening the door, a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through a lot my hormones soar //
have on a green silk dress steamed milk in my breast I guess a boy can //
make a cappuccino with this, so I sit in his whip he get to kiss my hand //
and lips, this boy's script is extreme and like whipped cream it has flavor // and behavior, he said "you have a mini skirt boo plenty of work to do major //
my pager going off knowing you soft like pillow talk after we through a new //
day will arrive oh he jest wanna play and jive between my thighs are true //
cream pies is it a must that I trust you with the crust it's just us in //
the car good

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