Brother AACOOLDRE : The FBI V. NOI: Fight of the century


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Jul 26, 2001
THE FBI VS. NOI: The fight of the Century
By Andre Austin

Lets get it on. Lets get ready to rumble, Its Showtime
History is a little more than the register of crime:
I love writing poetry for all the pleasures it gives to me
This is the time I feel most relaxed, at ease and free
Using my skills to tell history or a fictional story
Or mixed the two together up about Villains and hero’s glory
Like a forgery meaning its not in its original form
Presenting the Gospel’s counterfeit story is a controversial Storm
The scribes’ scribble in the NT; but it’s a deviation from the norm
The unaware are symbolically dead; a feasting for the worm
Going back into the 1970’s for some FBI memos lost but now found
Lets take another look, for one more last round
In the event of my demise
Who did King Hoover fear would a “Black Messiah” rise ?????
This ain’t no jeopardy quiz
This is Corporate America square biz
Calling for wisdom it doesn’t take a scholar or a wiz
Hoover feared a violent Messiah drink truth but don’t get drunk off the fizz
Hoover didn’t want a repeat of the “Mau Mau” revolution
So a pacifist Messiah vs a Militant Messiah does not square a solution
A solution to the true Messianic ID
And we can go way back to the Maccabee Tree
Caesar forged the document in Luke chapter three (Mathias various spelling pop up 6 times)
This is for those who have eyes and can see
“Mau Mau” =Whitey get out of Africa you soiled our land
They sucked up the resources and left blacks only sand
Hit the road Jack not to come back no more
Au Revoir
Au Revoir
Like they say it in the French
We dealing with the wretched and the paled-skinned wench
Back to the algebraic equation of the unknown Messianic drama
The birth of another resistance movement came from somebody’s mama
The NOI says it happened to a Louis born in 1933 a star was born
Survival of three abortion attempts with his life almost offed and torn
His followers claim Louis X=X for the unknown
Farrakhan backs off of this saying the true roots of blacks can own
But like he told the panthers not to disclose who you are
Because of the enemies desire to dethrone and take away your belt stars
I didn’t believe for a minute all that Black messiah jive
Claiming a Messianic-ship would be like a boxer taking a dive
He tells his members not to even own a pistol
That’s not a militant messiah I think his mouth need some listerol
His lips resemble a toilet seat and its cover with diaherra at the mouth
You have to be in the ring to have the bout
The original Jomo Kenyatta from Kenya,
He can make a honky’s pants poot.
He gave whitey his Italian boots
And his Blue-flared eyes squint azzz tight
Now China is in Africa with all of their might
However Jomo’s eyes were so mean see through a brick wall
Almost made Barack’s father go naked and drink some gall
All true messiahs are those who take up arms
This is when the government and capitols get alarmed
And the winner can’t be crowned if not in the ring
The Referee can’t lift up your arm and say you were the Messianic King


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Jul 26, 2001
Notes: The Wick & The Wicker Chair

Stan Bernard debating Malcolm X taunted him about blacks having a revolution because they were few in numbers:

“Malcolm: I say this: The Mau Mau was also a minority, a microscopic minority, but it was the Mau Mau who not only brought independence to Kenya, but-
Bernard: within a vast Negro majority
Malcolm: but brought it –that wick. The powder keg is always larger than the wick. (The Arab spring was started by one man).The smallest thing in the powder keg is the wick. You can touch the powder all day long and nothing happens. (Police kill Black people on tape everyday). It’s the wick that you touch that sets the powder off…It’s the wick, it’s the small element that you refer to as (black) nationalist and other”- To kill a Blakman By Louis Lomaz pp.238-239
Refer back to my poem: How Delilah dethroned a Panther from his Wicker chair. Deliah was symbolic of the FBI’s last trick-The white women. Huey Newton’s downfall was more white powder cocaine than the white woman. Black youth in the 60’s and 70’s were political and social. Their clothes and hair were political/social statement now it’s a commercial market.
Excerpts of FBI memo:

“(1). Prevent the coalition of militant black nationalist groups. In unity there is strength…An effective coalition of black nationalist groups might be the first step toward a real “Mau Mau” in America, the beginning of a true black revolution.
(2). Prevent the rise of a Messiah” who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement.
(3) Prevent violence on the part of Black nationalist groups.
(4) Discredit Black nationalist in the Negro community and White liberal community.
Any black leader who tells blacks not to own guns is disqualified from being the FBI’s Black Messiah.

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