Black Muslims : The false gods of ancient Egypt[pharoahs]...

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I read the article you linked. First of all the title is misleading because it does not state specifically how these so-called "Black Gods" are considered false and neither does it mention them by name with a detailed analysis of each.

It reads more of a critique and rejection of "Afrocentric" assertions beginning with criticism of Dr. Clarke.

The weakness of the article is that while it asserts that the Afrocentrists relied on the works of Europeans rather than African scholars (a point I do agree with knowing the "occult" orientation of many so called Egyptologists from the 1800s), at the same time the article does not use African sources to refute the Afrocentrists, but uses quotes or citations from some of the very same Europeans!!!!


Oh...and the title is not the "false Gods"...but the "false BLACK Gods" so I find it interesting you did not include the entire title in your header.

What is that about?

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