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Happy Winter Solstice
Sep 27, 2005
1. 10/04/2019
Joshua Brown Shot, SMH

2. 10/05/2019

3. ....and now that Amber "Alert" Guyger has been given a pass. Dallas police are taking what this racist, white supremist cop STARTED to the next level.

Black woman shot in her home by white Texas cop after neighbor called for check because her door was open
OCT 13, 2019 | 4:07 PM



Happy Winter Solstice
Sep 27, 2005
There is nothing strange about what is going on. It is a well planned program. The outcome of Amber "Alert" Guyger's trial set the pace.

Matter-of-fact it is a known truth that the state of Texas has always been a breeding spot for "white supremists" to fester and grow.
"Texas has always been a place where white supremist elements, violent elements have been able to fester themselves

Video Location: 3:39/3:25:58
Jason Williams/The Black Authority:

I saw this yesterday, Sad as it is the guy who called this in is freaking out because of how this whole thing played out. Now he has to watch his back from the family and the cops. Worst is how everybody is freaking out about these strange killings yet not one peep about the 7 year mass murder spree in Chicago.

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